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Thank you for writing and for all the wonderful and kind words telling us what you liked best about the CPRR Museum!

My daughter has been doing research on the Transcontinental Railroad.  Looking over her shoulder and just perusing the your site on my own, I have been so impressed by the quality of your website.  It's interesting, it's easy to use, nicely designed, updated frequently, and extremely comprehensive.  I am also impressed that when my daughter sent a question to your FAQ page, it was promptly answered and posted. I've looked at numerous sites in the course of my own work as a writer and yours surpasses most of the ones I've visited.  Keep up the good work!

Wonderful site ...  I am deeply impressed by what you're doing with your website. ... You've really performed a feat of magic on your site. ...  I am publishing a book on the first transcontinental railroad, EMPIRE EXPRESS  ...  There is an enormous amount of new information on the CPRR in it, taken principally from the heretofore underscrutinized Huntington correspondence at Syracuse University.  The big five come alive as never before, in their own words, especially E. B. Crocker.  I also used a lot of contemporary newspaper/magazine accounts.  The flavor of the period is really there.  You and your wife should be proud of her family connection. Clement, even more than Montague, was really out there.  I liked seeing [Lewis M. Clement's] picture, finally connecting a face with a well-known character.  Congratulations. ... Your family website is, in my estimation, the best RR website on the planet, and I tell anyone who's interested.  ...
David H. Bain

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum — First of the "Transportation Libraries and Museums to Explore." ... A terrific on-line library of pictures, maps, and descriptions of the first transcontinental railroad.
U.S. Department of Transportation

Suggested Web sites for research ... Click on "History" for a fabulous array of primary source material directly relevant to this project. Look especially at the travel accounts.  Click on "Chinese."
PBS - The West - Transcontinental Railroad - Lesson Plans

Golden Web Award, 2000-2001 Congratulations!  Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the prestigious "2000-2001 Golden Web Award" ... a design, originality and content award ... in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.
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Transcontinental Railroad History Sites
This site has something for everyone, from children looking for information for a school report to academics interested in exacting detail. Filled with photographs, recommended readings and an electronic archive of stories from the era, the CPRR site offers a wonderful means of understanding the construction of the railroad from California to Utah.
Promontory, online companion to the KUED documentary

... your website ... is absolutely fantastic! It's been such an amazing resource for me ... with the incredibly rich history of the railroad construction. I'm particularly delighted to find such a fantastic source with all the photographs, stereoviews and plates all in one place to view. They are spectacular, and ... a vital resource to work out what things actually looked like. ... it really is the most fantastic site! It is by far the best resource and research tool I have found ... to learn about the building of the railroad. It's quite an incredible collection — I have been raving about it to my archive researcher, and the photos and stereographs really help me build up a picture of what it might have been like at the time.
Alison Draper, BBC

Scan the massive amounts of primary source material compiled by this online museum dedicated to the transcontinental railroad's construction.
PBS - The American Experience, Transcontinental Railroad

Great Site. An absolutely wonderful site redolent of the excitement of the pioneering days of the Railroad with the added bonuses of Currier & Ives prints, Walt Whitman poems and lists of books. Thank you, this is good for weeks of absorbing browsing and interesting history both written and visual. Congratulations and many thanks.
V. Narayan Swami

Incredible, awesome, stupendous ... keep up the good work.
Wallace Claitty

Central Pacific Railroad: Photographic History Museum
Resource on the construction of the first American transcontinental rail line in the 19th century, supported with an extensive image gallery comprising of stereographs, engravings, maps, and photographs. Provides articles on railroad and postal transport and the photography of the time. Also includes images and notes on related collectibles such as stamps and letters, and features a list of readings and links.

Lewis Metzler Clement
Biographical details on this pioneer and engineer of the first American transcontinental rail line built by the Central Pacific Railroad.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2004
Central Pacific Railroad Online Content

Wow! Your web site is AWESOME! We are planning a trip west, to follow as much as we can, the route of the Transcontinental RR. Is there a physical museum we can visit to see some of these photos and artifacts? If so, where?
Joe DeMarinis (engineer)

I love your website and find it complementary to mine, because of all the wonderful images.
David Parker, Digital Camera HQ

... one of the best historical sites on the Web.
Dennis Hogan, Railroad.net - Ferroequinarcheology Forum

Just learned about the museum this morning and visited your website ... Wow! Is it possible to visit the CPRR Museum in person ... ?
Harrison Ransom

Thank you very much! Your website helped my daughter tremendously with her project!
Julie Pate

Lucy Stover with her award winning Quilt Lucy Stover winning a ribbon for her transcontinental railroad quilt.
Lucy Stover and her award winning quilt project.
Courtesy Claire Stover.

I thought you might like to see the results of my daughter's quilt project - which used as a pattern an image you allowed us to use from the CPRR Web site.  Not only did she get a good history grade, but the quilt and her report won a ribbon at the school district History Fair.
Thanks again for your help,
Claire Stover (and daughter Lucy), Ontario, CA

A great archive site illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad.
The Railfan Network

Thanks for all you do! ... You are wonderful!
Katie Wetzel, U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon

Dear CPRR volunteers: Thank YOU all for your time and dedication to the history of the CPRR. I am finalizing a live 1 hr. presentation, with a professional storyteller friend, of the Chinese immigration to the US beginning with the lure of "Gold Mountain" in 1849. Of course, the Transcontinental RR is an important part of that history and your website was indispensable in honoring the Chinese workers role, a role many history books and certainly school textbooks ignore. That they were present and acknowledged at the Golden Spike Ceremony has been absent from the majority of the accounts I've read. Your historically accurate website is appreciated! It is also a joy to do research on, with the fascinating first hand accounts and primary source documents. Please keep up the good work!!
Joyce Yamane

Just wow!
I'm a volunteer at the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum, currently working on signage for artifacts in our Exhibit Hall. I just spent the last several hours traveling through your website. Of all the websites I have visited in my pursuit of information over the past several months, your website is by far the most comprehensive and entertaining. Thank you so very much for making all that information available. I doubt there isn't anything you haven't covered regarding the Central Pacific Railroad and the early history of railroading. ...
Laura Emerson

Very large and impressive site dedicated to the Central Pacific Railroad. It contains much more than just photographs! This site has an amazing amount of information on the Central Pacific Railroad!
Peter J. McClosky's Southern Pacific Railroad Web Resources

Lycos Network most popular "transcontinental railroad" Web Site.

Direct Hit Five StarsDirect Hit most popular "transcontinental railroad" Web Site.

Thanks ... this was so easy to find and it had enough info. for 500 people to do homework

Congratulations to Grant Burkhardt and Derek Brouwer of Peters Township Middle School, McMurray, PA, for winning bronze medals and a $250 check in the 2004 National History Day competition for their "Coupling a Nation: The Transcontinental Railroad" project which included content from the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum. The Washington Observer Reporter – Washington, Pennsylvania newspaper reports on July 21, 2004 that they "placed third last month at College Park, Md. The nearly 6-foot tall display was produced through 'exhaustive primary source research, which included 19th century government documents, as well as diaries, speeches, letters, telegram and newspaper articles form the 1860s and 1870s,' said Vaughn Dailey, social studies teacher at Peters Township Middle School, where the pair recently completed eighth grade. ... Before competing on the national level, the boys earned first place at the regional competition in Pittsburgh and second place in the statewide contest at Penn State University. ... Dailey, faculty adviser for the many Peters Township students who participated in History Day competition at various levels, said more than 700,000 students nationwide prepared historical papers, exhibits, documentaries or performances pertaining to the theme of this year's competition 'Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History.'"

Thanks – it was very exciting to win! We would like to ship the exhibit to the National Park site in Utah where the golden spike was driven in to complete the transcontinental railroad. It's going to be on display at our school this fall. It's a wonderful story to share.
Derek Brouwer and Grant Burkhardt

Hi, I am a 6th grade student doing a school project on the Transcontinental Railroad. You have lots of great pictures under your Homework Page. ...
Thank you for finding the picture for me and for all of you help. You have been very nice. And thank you for the other picture ideas in your other email.

i am a young girl in school doing a project looking for information and all of it is from this sight so i just wanted to say thank you because you gave me an A

I am in seventh grade ... I'm doing a History Day Paper on the First Transcontinental  Railroad.  If you could please, I would like you to  send me any information on this topic.  Any information would be very helpful, Thank you for your time and effort.

Re: I've got less than 7 days to finish my assignment!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm doing the history fair project in the junior division on the Chinese and the Transcontinental Railroad and I don't have enough sources, and I can't find any more info on the subject than I already have. The fair is in 7 days and I need help ... BAD! ... HELP ME QUICK PLEASE! ... If you could really help me you'd be greatly appreciated, thank you! ...

I REALLY appreciate this alot and thank you TONS! ... I am so glad I can actually have a website that I can get answers to my questions ... you guys rock!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you see, all I need is info on the Transcontinental Railroad and the people who built it for a thing that I and 2 others are doing in Social  Studies. We are making a cartoon movie thingy. I don't need any pictures I just wanted the info on the workers. Thank you for your time.

I want to use all of your pictures for homework and i need them by tomorrow. But i know i shouldnt hold my breath for you to approve this in time. [Actually we did provide the pictures he needed with time to spare!]

what is a transcontinental railroad and what is it made of?

I am not sure which pictures I want to use because I need this for a History project and I may need probably 4 pictures from this sight. Thank you very much.

Im have to find [homework] pictures of the transcontiental railroads the routes it was built which railroad was which and what states the railroad went through

I just need the information for my home work. please let me use it. This is errgent!

i would like permission to copy all your pictures. i need them for a school project due wed.

Minitrain's Train Site Award of Excellence 2002
4 stars - Minitrains Train Site AwardMinitrain's Train Site Award of Excellence 2002
CONGRATULATIONS!! We have reviewed your site, and believe it deserves the Minitrains Award 2002. It has been decided that your site deserves 4 stars. ... your website will be added to the list of winners 2002.  Thank you & Congratulations,
Marc Humphreys, Minitrains webmaster

Great web site ...
Your site represents the very best of what the internet can be.  The clearly organized information coupled with a wealth of wonderful photographs can only help to keep alive the remarkable achievement that the workers and directors of the Central Pacific played in our nation's history.  A life long resident of our East coast, I may never visit the sites firsthand, but your "virtual" tour is just amazing.
David Huggins, Ballston Lake, NY

Dear CPRR,
... Last year, I taught the interactive RR game to the 4th grade class at St. Raphael School in San Rafael, CA ... They loved it! ... I would like to use the game to teach again this year ... Last year I developed some additional materials to go with the game ... I am attaching a math sheet I put together to use with the game ... I also developed some questions to go with each class we did so the kids wouldn't just speed through the web pages. ... Finally, the kids from last year wrote thank you notes to you for letting them use the site. I would really like to send those, along with a $100 donation for this fantastic site. ... Our school really loves this site, and the parents have raved about how much their kids enjoy it. We also have one parent who works at the San Francisco cable car, and brought in ties, a rail section, maul and spikes so the kids really get a feel for what back-breaking work building the railroad was. Thanks again for making the whole lesson possible!
... Thanks for doing this ... We finished the railroad project today and the kids had loads of fun once again. We finished off with the skit for the last spike ceremony. ... I have the ghosts of Judah and Lincoln having a say in this. I debated about having their wives speak instead .... Thank you again for letting us use the site. ... Keep up the good work!
Jeanmarie Alo

[P.S.] ... I've also sent you the questions I used for 2 days of the project. ... please feel free to use them! Another activity we did was to have the kids pretend they had a friend working on the other team and write their friend a letter about the hardships and events their team experienced. For the last day of the project, I wrote a skit for the golden spike ceremony ... I'm happy to share it with you ... Thank you again for letting us use this wonderful site!

... Here ... are the thank you letters from last year's 4th grade class:

April 10, 2002

To the Central Pacific Railroad Museum,

My son is in 4th grade ... He chose the Building of the CPRR across the Sierras as his final project, since we often drive past all the snowsheds going to Lake Tahoe several times a year and have seen the RR exhibit at the museum at Donner Pass Park. He has to write a 3 page paper, do an oral report, and is building a small model of the mountains, a tunnel, and a snowshed. ... your site is great!
Jill Erickson

Thank you so much for the tips!

Site du Jour of the Day February 11, 2002
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Turning a journey of six months into one that lasted a mere six days must have changed the world. On May 10, 1869 the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad connected not far from the Great Salt Lake at Promontory Summit, Utah changing forever the distance between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Much has been written about the events leading up to that day, with construction of the lines and the business aspect of crossing the continent. The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum looks at the history of the Central Pacific Railroad through eyewitness accounts, thousands of photographs, and even outside pointers to things like the Transcontinental Railroad Lesson Plans from The West Film Project and PBS. A fascinating site.
Edward J. Pelegrino, Visit the Site du Jour of the Day Archives

The Great Railroad Race Game... This is a fabulous resource ... !
Linda Weaver, Riding The Rails! An Adventure on the Transcontinental Railroad designed  for third graders

My 5th grade class is working on a westward expansion project and these images will make it all the more real to them. Thank you.
Deborah Cheney

Compliments: You have one of the best web sites I've seen. Very comprehensive and interesting. I know this took a lot of effort. Congratulations!
John Hauck

You made my day when you made me belly-laugh while reading your disclaimers on the ordering/permissions page: " ... and I agree not to feign shock and surprise when the bill arrives." Now, THAT was funny ...
Kim Glemboski, The Center for Anti-Slavery Studies

... I LOVE your web site and have learned so much from reading all of your materials on the web.
Katie Wetzel, Recreation Planner, Medford District, Bureau of Land Management, United States Department of the Interior

... Thanks very much for supervising this highly informative [discussion group].
Glenn Willumson

I think your site is the most professional and educational I've seen, including what is available here in Omaha. ...
Richard L. Baumer

Your CPRR website is most comprehensive and very educational. There are so many Jackson, Russell and Savage stereo views that interest me and the documentary information is invaluable. ... Thank you for all your work in creating such a wonderful website. I use it quite frequently and find it most useful. Your work is a great success!!!!!
Susan Williams, former Curator, Oakland Museum

... highly recommended that CPRR.org is a great source on the history for the role of Chinese labors in the Central Pacific Railroad construction, and very happy to know that you contain a great deal of detail contents, photos and pictures reflecting the history of Chinese labors work and life in building the Central Pacific Railroad. ... Thank you very much ... The images are so great ... really appreciate your kind help.
Tiantian Qin, Editor, China Intercontinental Press, Beijing, China

Wow!  What a spectacularly thorough and beautiful site!  I can't think of anything that even comes close in breadth, depth, completeness, scholarship ... I can see it will take many return visits even to begin to comprehend & explore it, and I will be happy to make them.  ...  gorgeous project ...
Steve Delibert, President, Ulster and Delaware Railroad Historical Society

"The Song of the Train" artwork and photo by Wyman Brent © 2000 It was with great pleasure that I found your site.  Train travel has always been my favorite way to go.  I have traveled the rails both here in the US and in Europe. 

Last year I made an art piece relating to trains. 
It  is called "The Song of the Train." [see photo] ... 

Keep up the great work on the best train site on the net.
Wyman Brent

WOW!  What a fabulous web site you have put together!  I am blown away.  I am just now reading David Bain's incredible book, "Empire Express." ... It's just like being there.  My interest in the CPRR is that my grandmother was Ada West, and her grandfather was Chauncey W. West.  He was the Mormon Bishop whom Brigham Young asked to handle the construction of the CPRR through western Utah.  Thanks again for a terrific web site. ...
Ted Steele, St. Louis, Mo.

... great site.  ...  What a gold mine  ...
Carter Pawlus

This award-winning site, from the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum, tells the story of the Central Pacific Railroad with photographs and colorful period illustrations. Brief captions and explanatory notes accompany the photos. Since the site is extensive, you may want to preview it and then guide students to specific photos and links.
MacMillan/McGraw Hill Social Studies

We love this website.
Ivy Simoff

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
A documentary and photographic history of the building of the transcontinental railroad, this online museum pays particular attention to the contributions of Chinese Americans during the construction of this watershed transportation system.
Becoming American: The Chinese Experience, Bill Moyers, PBS

I would like to complement you on your website. The comprehensive historical record of Chinese Immigrants in American history was profound. Thank you. ... I [was] fortunate to work with Aki Aleong, on the movie Chinaman's Chance ... as ... Art Director. I enjoyed your site. I studied it for months. It was a great source of knowledge and historical facts.
Dusty Webb

I LOVE your site. I LOVE the old photos! and the ads. They are GREAT!
Melita V Podesta, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Thanks for your efforts to preserve this significant part of American infrastructure history.
Eliot A. Keller

... fantastic source of early CP/SP photos and maps
SP Pages Website

... very impressive website ... I enjoyed seeing President Lincoln's signature and the handwriting on the 1862 [Pacific Railroad] act.
Jan Buckner

I have enjoyed viewing your website and have increased knowledge and awareness ...
Kathleen Garton, High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon

... beautiful and stunning website ...
Patrick Keeler, Art Director, CMagazine

... The museum's collection is great! I've been reading it for years. ...
Darwin Roberts

We ... were enormously impressed with the depth, variety, and resources you have included in this website. What a fabulous resource! Thanks to all of those who have contributed to such a wonderful historic resource; the librarians here have enjoyed this ...
Salem Public Library Reference Staff

... The CPRR website looks great. ...
Dale Nielson

This is a wonderful site! Thank you so much for putting this all together. I could spend days pouring through all the excellent articles, and especially the fascinating pictures. It would be nice to be able to download the pictures, but I understand the legalese involved. I am a college student in Oregon, and would someday like to reinvigorate the American passenger rail network. Our government spends billions every year bailing out the airlines while our passenger rail system is rusting away. With the right amount of investment money I believe one could reap enormous profits on high-speed passenger rail service. Thanks again for an excellent site, I have truly enjoyed it!
Chris Sherland

... I love your virtual museum. It is very informative, to say the least. ...
Terry Graf

This is the most outstanding web site I have ever visited been on the internet since it first started. ... I would like to support your efforts in continuing this wonderful web site. ... Please keep up the good work and I will send others to your web site. Thanks.

Great Site! ... Just dropping a note to say great site ... lots of wonderful info. Excellent work. ...
Mike Devlin

Wanted to thank you so much for the photos, I got an A on the poster ... for a college presentation on Chinese railroad workers. ... Thank you for your wonderful web site.
Shannon Bogart

Thank you for providing such a wonderful website with an enormous amount of information about the CPRR. My husband and I have been doing research on the on Pullman sleeping cars and I appreciated being able to read about some the history which you have provided. My husband, Roy Koch, has acquired some marquetry wood panels from the old Pullman sleeping cars. These came to him by way of his grandfather Koch who was the owner of the Koch Brothers Foundry in Harvey, Illinois and turned (machined) the wheels for the railroads. I have attached a picture of one of the wood panels. ...
Rosemary Koch


Pullman Sleeping Car Wooden Door Marquetry Panel, c. 1880.
Courtesy Rosemary Koch.

Pullman Sleeping Car Wooden Door Marquetry Panel, c. 1880.  Courtesy Rosemary Koch.

This incredibly comprehensive collection of visual and print resources focuses on the Central Pacific. Included are 19th Century newspaper and magazine articles, stereograph pictures, chromolithographs, first-person accounts, and much, much more. You can view the history of the railroad in stamps, see original railroad pictorial guidebooks, read an 1884 railroad construction manual, or learn about the general history of photography during that era. This thorough site is a must-see for anyone studying any aspect of early railroad history.
Searchopolis Education Resource Center

Your site is so resourceful!  ...  We are linking to your Web site from a site we are constructing [for the] ... "PROMONTORY" documentary, produced by Ken Verdoia.
Joey Marquart
KUED, Utah Public Television [University of Utah]

You have a wonderful website! ...
Diane Wilson

... You have an excellent site that has made our research [for] the exhibit much easier. ... Thanks again,
Bonnie Walstrom for the Franklin Institute

After reading Stephen Ambrose's book and having just purchased David Bain's, I found your site.  Incredible!  Thank you for all the work, I look forward to exploring it in the coming weeks.
Russel Hopper

A great page!
Loren, California History

Oh my gosh!!!!!  This is terrific!  ... marvelous site ...  fantastic online resources ... will make this classroom learning experience so much richer for teachers and students ... collaborative opportunity.
Leni Donlan, American Memory Project, NDLP, Library of Congress

I want to thank all of you who were kind enough to send in a quote that you have used to motivate others to make changes or to create new policies, if you will, about how investing should be done. And this is one of my lists of 80 I'm preparing for October when I'm celebrating my 80th birthday and I've got enough [laughing] I've got at least 200 to chose from. I had a lot already on my list of favorites. I really want to thank the folks who sent those and one of the people who follows our work, also is involved with building either for himself or for others lists of quotes and once I was able to dig into all of those quotes — it was an amazing two hours of fun to look not just at investing quotes, but quotes that have to do with all parts of our lives. Anyway, thank you for all of that. ...
AMAZING! ["Investing Notes"] I had to go take a heart pill when I saw what you provided. Wow! Touchdown! Home run! Thank you so much. ... I have thanked a lot of people for the help they have extended our [financial education] foundation. This is one of the biggest [educational content] contributions anyone has made. ... You not only saved me a lot of time, you introduced me to the largest source of quotes I've ever seen. ... I'm sorry I don't know who to personally thank but I promise to send a donation to CPRR.org. ...
Paul Merriman, The Merriman Financial Educational Foundation

Geography World Gold Award Congratulations!  Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum has qualified to display the Geography World Gold Award.  I really enjoyed the Maps section.  You have obviously spent a great deal of time working on this site.  It is quite impressive.  Keep up the good work and I wish you the best on your Website efforts.
Brad Bowerman

This is an interesting and well-designed web museum of the Central Pacific Railroad.  It has pictures and description of the building process, biographies of the owners, a timeline, news articles and much more.   This is a wonderful site ...
Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE)
Connecting California's Classrooms to the World
SCORE rates the CPRR Museum:SCORE rates the CPRR.org Museum "AWESOME"

... your Central Pacific Railroad site has been extremely helpful in providing information for my project ... for my ... High School ... AP United States History class ...

Your site has been a tremendous help to me in researching ... views.
Michael Croke, Poor Warren's Antiques

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

Building a railroad across mountain ranges was an enormous feat of engineering. The engineer who masterminded the first transcontinental railroad, joining the rails of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroad, was Lewis Metzler Clement. The biography of Clement discusses the blasting and tunneling through mountains, his invention for bending railroad ties, his design for sleeper cars, and the first electric control system for railroads. In addition to stereographs and other photos, the online museum offers several exhibits of railroad maps, engravings, and other historic documents. A special collection covers the Chinese-American contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad. A Chinese crew was chosen to lay the final ten miles of track and was completed in 12 hours.
PBS TeacherSource, Recommended Web Sites

Central Pacific Railroad Museum. For resources and discussions about the construction of the transcontinental railroad.
Union Pacific Railroad Museum

I can not thank you enough, I am thrilled to see [our family's story about the first through train of the transcontinental railroad] on your site. My Aunt Ida had sense of history and what they did and I am proud to share their story. Thank you.
Sheila McCloud

... thank you for allowing students to have access to this wonderful site. ...

Thank you. What a magnificent piece of Americana!
Larry Mullaly

... I always enjoy visiting you. ...
Kondo Kiyotaro, MD, Japan

... a premier online resource on the transcontinental railroad ...
The Writing Company

Chinese-American History:
Chinese-American contribution to Transcontinental Railroad. An interesting look at Chinese labor in building the railroad with photographs and lots of links to other sources. Presented by the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum.
Highland Park Public Library

Recommended ... a marvelous compilation ...
Antique & 19th Century Cameras

What an outstanding site!!!!!!!  ... I didn't know much about railroads and railroading (and still don't) until I read Stephen Ambrose's new book and then on to Bain's 1999 book. The story of the CP and UP is extraordinary, the people fascinating, the task completed monumental!  This site should be used in every high school American History class.  Some college graduates could use it as well.  Thanks again for producing a great site!
Joe Heater, Palatine, IL

What a fantastic website! I've already learnt a lot about CPRR and its history ...
Nicole Grün

... very interesting! I got interested in the first [transcontinental] railroad from tonight's episode of INTO THE WEST on TNT.
Marge Greene

"Best of the Web" ranks the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum as #1 in "Central Pacific Railroad" search engine placement on AOL, Hotbot, Lycos, Excite, and MSN.

... Your site is terrific! ...
Sue Lee, Executive Director, Chinese Historical Society of America

Stamp Site of the Week Award WinnerWinner of the Stamp Site of the Week Award.
Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad
A site of the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum.  The Pony Express still gets all the glamour - but it operated for a very short time.  The transcontinental railroad story is much more fascinating.  A site with lots of large illustrations so it is slow to load, but worth the wait.
Garry Law

... great article ...
Fred Lamont

This was a really cool website & stuff!
I really like when you make the stuff move and stuff and when the train goes by!!!!!It's like I'm riding it!

A ... great photographic history.
Bill Murray

A fantastic collection of historic railroad images from the American west. ...
Fine Art Photography Galleries: The History of Photography

The family efforts and research during the past 15 years have been amazing.  Lots of information and historical photos of railroad construction, plus excellent maps and documents of the period.  I highly recomend this web site. ... Excellent Work ...
Lawrence K. Hersh, author
The Central Pacific Railroad Across Nevada, 1868 & 1997:  Photographic Comparatives

... many thanks for your speedy and gracious response ... my compliments to the chefs at your excellent website.
Mark Leff, CNN Atlanta

Thank you very much! ... an interesting reading experience. Thanks for offering your further help.
Jakob Boersch

I wanted to let you know that I have been really enjoying the material on your website.
Jeff Roche

Thanks.  Your site http://cprr.org is the coolest website I've ever seen.  The fact that I can sit here in Pennsylvania and see what I read about in Stephen Ambrose's, "Nothing Like It In The World" is just too cool!
Neil Sardiñas

Thank you! This was done very quickly and is beautiful work. I understand the difficulty of the project and want you to know how appreciative I am. ...
Phillip Thurtle, University of Washington

... First let me say what an outstanding website, simply awesome. I can not begin to imagine the time spent to put all this together. ...
Jerry Kirkegaard

... Yours is a wonderful site! ... has a slew of information about not just the Wedding of the Rails (as the Transcontinental Railroad joining ceremony is often called) but lots of resources about train and US commerce history. I was especially impressed with the links offered to school kids who may be doing reports about the subject. Check it out!
Sue O'Shields, Brighton, CO

Many thanks for putting these [transcontinental railroad books] on-line! ...
John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania,
Editor, The On-Line Books

I enjoyed your informative site! ...
Margriet Ruurs, writer, Oregon

... Your site is really great and extensive. ...
A Junior

A terrific on-line library of pictures, maps, and descriptions of the first transcontinental railroad. ... Great website.  We linked you to our grades K to 5 section.
Russ, United States Department of Transportation.
Garrett A. Morgan Transportation Wonderland

Busy Educator Award, image copyright  © 1998 by Marjan Glavac. Congratulations on your wonderful site.  ... Congratulations!  Your site was chosen among  thousands of web sites reviewed for The Busy Educator Award. ... You did a great job on this site. Well done!  ... pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award. 
Marjan Glavac
The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web

This is a great site and I love it!  It was so helpful for me and my Transcontinental RR history paper.  You all should feel very proud for preserving history in such a grand manner.
David Brashler
-The youth of America that is obsessed with trains

Great CPRR site with lots of Alfred Hart stereographs and other great images and information.
Stereoviews.com, from " ... the best antique photography links page on planet earth!"

Love your history on railroad. ... I wish I had all the knowledge that you have with your history. ... Keep up the good work.
Robert Martin

I am a student in 7th grade and right now we are doing a project on the Transcontinental Railroad. I discovered your site last nite and found a really impressive map. ... I found a bunch of wonderful pictures and maps that I am going to use on my brochure ... It fits the requirement perfectly. Thank you so much your your time! I really appreciate it, you have been very helpful!

Magnificent work! Thanks. I just finished Stephen Ambrose's book: "Nothing like it in the world". Thought I'd look online to see if there was anything I might find. Amazing. And, I notice, that your work is relatively recent. It is exceptional. Someone really should think about preserving the original line - it is such an important part of our heritage. Also, now that the summit tunnel is no longer used, it really should be returned to its 19c condition without the concrete snowsheds - making it a living history museum in effect. ... incredible work on the CPRR ... the current photos with the topographical maps indicating locations ... We are ... enjoying the information, pics, topo overlay, etc. - immensely.  This site is truly an incredible work!  Many thanks for the wonderful enjoyment that your family endeavor has provided to many other families!!
Ray Pronovost, Los Angeles, CA

... thank you for that superb CPRR website. You have done a LOT of work.
Carl Rodolf, Railroad and Locomotive Historical Society, Pacific Coast Chapter archivist and treasurer

What a wonderful site.  One could spend hours looking through the different segments.
Frank Yeamans

Thanks for adding ... one more piece of the puzzle.
Bob Spude, Historian, National Park Service

... Articles and exhibits with ... historic images including much primary source material of interest to educators and historians are available to view online. There is also an elementary education simulation game included on the CPRR Museum website designed for grade 4 and up. The Interactive Railroad Project/ elementary education simulation game is located at: http://CPRR.org/Game
The Busy Educator's Newsletter by Marjan Glavac

You've got a great resource tool, keep up the good work.
John Williamson

... we promote Chinese American history and are a volunteer group. ... We really want a wide audience to know about this important history and the great website you have. ... Your CPRR website is amazing.
Sandy Chan

... impressed with all of the history involved.  Marvelous!!!

... nice selection of online articles and historic reports.
Academic Info

Best of History Resources Worldwide
Honest Intellectual Inquiry:  History

great website

... many thanks for the great photos and information that you have shared with everyone. My family (Great Grandparents in 1880) and (Grandparents in 1924-1925) all travelled to California via the Railroad. ... Your information, maps and photos are super!
Jeff Roche

Some great old photos and good information about the building of the Transcontinental RR.
The Overland Trail:  Railroads West

The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum exhibits stereoviews, engravings, maps, and documents illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad. Detailed discussion of the photographic processes used to create the images are included. There is also discussion of the contribution of the Chinese workers who helped build the railroad.
     Author: CPRR.org (museum@CPRR.org)
          Sciences & Technology--Transportation--Trains
          Arts & Humanities--Fine Arts--Photography
     Keywords: railroad; construction; Chinese
The Internet Public Library, Trains Reference

A very nice site. ...
Ron Kohlin, Ferroequinologist
(Ferroequinology is the study of iron horses;-)

Net-Mom approved -- best sites for families on the Net! "Net-Mom Approved" slice o' pie — best sites for families on the Net!
I'm adding [the CPRR Museum] to ... my book  ... The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages  ...  Only the top sites make it into this book as I am very picky!  Congratulations!
Jean Armour Polly
Author, The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages

An awesome site.  I actually have a stereo viewer which enabled me to view some of the stereo photos.  I never thought a 19th century product would work on the web at the dawn of the 21st century!  May many a train/ history/ photography enthusiast visit you, both in person and vicariously (like me) through the web.  Best wishes,
Kevin Mizner

Thank you for all the things you have done for me.
James Barkley

Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and advice. ... I had never given any thought to the railroad and our family history until I saw [my grandmother's railroad land deed] and started reading your website. I admire all those who have researched and taken the time to write your website. It must have taken years to recover such a long history spanned over miles and miles of country!
Kimber Ingle

I was just looking at your [BMLRR] historic photo pages and was very impressed with the absolutely great information, drawingsand photosyou present. Terrific!
Frank L. Carbalan

... all I can say is WOW! You certainly have done a lot of research on the B & ML. ...
William Rogerson

... thanks for the narrative on the photos, you put alot of time and effort into restoration and I'm very greatful. Again thanks.
Joey Feero, Brooks Maine

... Very interesting website! Thank you for sharing that with us. ...
Helen and Peter Frusetta

This is a truly remarkable website, thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs and histories of one of America's most outstanding achievements. The building of the transcontinental railroad was simply a magnificent accomplishment, a chapter in itself, in the building of a nation. This website is a spectacular way to remind people of the blood, sweat, and tears needed to accomplish this Herculean feat. I haven't the vocabulary needed to express my thanks for letting me see this museum on-line. Some people think your User Agreement is harsh. Too bad for them! It doesn't take a three digit IQ to see the value and the cost of these exhibits. I do not understand the mentality of those people. Do they expect to take home exhibits from a real (as opposed to virtual) museum, like the Smithsonian Institute? Why should this be any different. .... As it is, I can visit whenever I like and if I desire to share with a friend, all I need do is send them the URL ... What could be simpler? That I can visit all the exhibits for free is a wonder in itself; for that I am humbly grateful. At the risk of being redundant, Thank You! ...
... you [are] due a great deal of respect, admiration, and gratitude for all the work and effort involved with assembling such a massive undertaking. It is like, on a much smaller scale of course, the original building of that railroad. ... I loved the stereo pictures! I'd look at them and set my eyes such that I got both sides merged and into focus, realizing the full stereoscopic view. Wow! Some of those picture were taken by true photographic pioneering geniuses as well. They went where the pictures were, even at the risk of great personal danger. I particularly loved the one taken from the top of the locomotive cab, looking down on the boiler and smokestack of the moving train. That was truly magnificent!
Aimé Watts

Wow, what a site ...

My name is Debbie and I'm a teacher. I came across your [Great Grandfathers] page while searching for information about genealogy for an upcoming student project. The [genealogy] resources you have are very helpful! I just wanted to thank you and thought you should know how useful it is as it's made collecting information a lot easier. ...
Debbie Reynolds

... Terrific site.
Max Zimmer

First of all, I'd like to thank you for being so generous in displaying these pictures. They really helped me find a sense of tradition in my culture as a Chinese American in the United States. I am a high school junior writing a research paper for my final. My research topic concerns Chinese immigrant labor and underrepresentation in the 1850-70's.... However you also have a photo that is worth a lot to me. I found out that the A.J. Russell Stereoview #539–"Chinese at Laying Last Rail UPRR," may be the only photographic record of the Chinese role in the Last Rail ceremony. If ... my teacher can make out the Chinese faces, I will be able to prove that the Chinese were in fact working at the Last Rail Ceremony and in fact had been asked to leave while taking "Meeting of the Railroads."... Thank you for making my junior year that much more enjoyable.
C. S.

Wow! Thank you. ... This is terrific help.
Mary Chen-Johnson, Tacoma Community College

... absolutely fascinating ... wanted to thank you for the depth and accuracy of your efforts. ... You have my admiration and appreciation.
Guy Daugherty

The Great Railroad Race Game
... This is a fabulous resource ...
Riding The Rails! An Adventure on the Transcontinental Railroad designed for third graders by LindaWeaver

... I am in the 7th Grade at High Point Academy in Pasadena, California. My friends and I are working on a group history research project. We have decided to film a documentary on the Central Pacific Railroad that we will submit to National History Day. ... I was cruising the internet and I saw your wonderful site. ...

Thanks for your quick and fantastic response. I'm really impressed. [You are] to be congratulated for a job well done!
Erma Olsen

Thank you all for your wonderful and detailed answers. They were just what I needed. ...
Charlie Smith

... the CPPR Museum ... is the absolute best site on the Internet. ...

As a research historian I was beside myself when I found your map of the "Railroad along the Old Emigrant Road From Wadsworth, Nevada".  This was done in February of 1869 ... I am a member of various emigrant trail preservation groups and this map is one of the most accurate I've seen in years, and its value in accurately marking sections of trail is of immense historical value. ... As you may recall, you gave me permission to use some of your Horn's [1852 Emigrant Guide] information. ... "Emigrant Shadows" was released last week [Sept., 2002]. Released on the same date was "The Emigrants Passed This Way." That was a fun project also. Written by the late Dr. Everett W. Harris, I had the pleasure of pouring over his notes and initial manuscript, material that the Harris family had found boxed and forgotten for decades. Included were photographs and negatives. Dr. Harris studied the emigrant trails from the 1920s through the 1970s, passing away in 1983. A consultant on this project, I also compiled, organized and transcribed his notes and manuscript for publication. Emigrant trails and iron rails are inter-married in the pages of history, so I thought you would enjoy hearing that more pages linking us to the past have now been printed. The CPRR site is the best on the Internet, trust me! Everytime I visit, there is always something new and exciting! I always have a "rail good time." It keeps me "on track." Keep up the outstanding work! ... your website ... is already the best on the Internet ...
Robert Joe King

Thanks ... a wonderful website ...
Steven Steiert

... I loved the pictures on this website ...
Mandy Murawski, Austin Peay State University

... really wonderful site because of so much information. ...
P. Burean

... Thanks ... What a great website. I hope you always keep this available. School kids should use a computer for this sort of information and fun ... What a great note. I am so impressed by your response and efforts to help me in my search ... Thanks so much for your help. I will pass along the address of this site to my many RR colleagues and of your efforts to be a source of help and inspiration. ...
William Buss

... I love your restoration [of] ... CDVs of Early Locomotive Engineers.
Jody Sorenson

You have a WONDERFUL site ... thank you so much for all your work and dedication in putting it together and maintaining it! ...
Joan Merriam, Nevada City, CA

Congratulations on your excellent ... wonderfully comprehensive ... web site, which I have explored with great interest (especially the FAQ kindly mentioning my book!). ... full of great information.
John Pitt, author of the guide book USA by Rail

CPRR Photographic History Museum - In Memoriam
View an original copy of Leland Stanford's memorial written to Theodore Judah.
From LookSmart World - Theodore Judah

Chinese-American Contribution to Transcontinental RR
Central Pacific Railroad museum offers a collection that details the laborers' efforts. Also find references and photographs.
From LookSmart World - Chinese Laborers

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Discover the magnificent history of the early railroads in America. Provides photographs and historical references.
From LookSmart World - Central Pacific Railroad History

History of the Chinese in California
Report published by the Chinese Historical Society looks at the contributions made by the Chinese to railroad construction.
From LookSmart World - Chinese Laborers

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Peruse an exhibit of photographs of the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s and link to numerous essays and articles about the railroad.
From LookSmart World - Museums of American West Photography

I like your site so much I've decided to feature [your Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad] on my new front page. ...
A. J. Ward, Encyclopedia of Stamps and Philatelic Links

Outstanding!  ...
Dwane Aldrich, Univ. Washington

... Thank you for your kindness. ... I think it is wonderful that you can trace your ... family to such ... a historical event as the building of the CPRR. My best wishes to you as you continue this endeavor.
Vanessa Prouty

... congratulations on a magnificent site. This is a spectacular array of transcontinental railroad photographs. You should be justly proud of your efforts. ... Many thanks for all the information you and your associates have provided regarding the possible identification of the individual depicted in the Bradley & Rulofson Carte de Visite.  ... Congratulations again on a wonderful web site.
Cliff Krainik, Warrenton, Virginia

The [previous] comment [by Cliff Krainik] about how great your website is, is understated.
Donald D. Snoddy, Historian, Union Pacific Railroad
Museum Director, Union Pacific Museum Collection

Critical Mass Award CPRR Museum, winner of the "Critical Mass Award".
Congratulations!! ... A very nice site, excellent design, tasteful original graphics, great photos, and you provide your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy tribute and a positive contribution to the Web.  Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, educational and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site ... posted on the "Winners List" ... a little well deserved recognition and a small token of appreciation for alot of hard work ... You've done a great job on your site!
Bill Darling, Critical Mass

... I remember receiving a question over a year ago from someone looking for information on whether Chinese used any engineering methods from their homeland during railroad construction.  We were unable to find a resource at the time, but I noticed the statement on your page, which on the topic: "To conquer the many sheer embankments, the Chinese workers used techniques they had learned in China to complete similar tasks. "  Nice to have a referral for the future.
Irene Rutledge, Pro Bono Webmaster, Chinese Historical and Cultural Project

Excellent site! ...
Scott Rhodes, WHEELS Museum

Your site is absolutely, positively, one of the finest I have EVER encountered on the web.  The amount of research necessary to construct the site must have been staggering.  As I live in Dutch Flat, I have an interest in not only the transcontinental railroad itself (which runs about 750' from my home) but the CPRR and local history as well.  Congratulations on such an outstanding website.
Mark Alley

Again, thank you for such a quick response. I was amazed!
Janet A. Dustin, National Geographic Society

Just viewed your web site and found it to be extremely informative and well designed. ...
Harlan Hansen

This is all extremely helpful. Thanks again.

This is a story I wrote about a year ago about some experiences with my son on the Transcontinental Railroad. ...
Wow, that is incredible! I had no idea you were doing something that nice. I am humbled and honored to be a part of your site. I love the history of the Transcontinental Railroad and it is a big thrill to have you use my story.
Mike Green

great website!!!...Thanks for sharing the Clement story...
James E. Murphy

... what an awesome website.
Lee Adams III, Downieville, CA

I'm certainly impressed with your web site. You did a great job with the Stereo World photos, they look much better on your site than they do in the magazines. ... Please feel free to let us know if we can help with any of your future projects.
Don Gibbs, National Stereoscopic Association

... one of our favorite Museums ... Enjoy what you are doing for the interest of the history of the CPRR.  Keep up the great work. ... Your work has more credibility than any other source so far ... Thanks for the opportunity to further comment. I just finished reviewing the Bowman paper ["Driving the Last Spike"] and commend you for all your work in not only adding this treatise to your web page but tying all the related information, photos, bio sketches and the like to the story. I think what you have done is great. I only hope that the folks that review your web page appreciate what you have done.  ...  It is my opinion that your CPRR.org is fast becoming the source of ACCURATE  information for serious students of history  ...  thank you for all you are doing for all of us who are interested in the truth of history of the Central Pacific railroad. Your source material has certainly made it possible for everyone to have ready access to heretofore unavailable contemporary documents and photographs. ... A personal note of thanks to the [CPRR Museum for all it] has done to promote these discussions on the history of the Central Pacific Railroad, 1863-1869. Copies of much of the contemporary documentation for the ... research can be found on the excellent website "CPRR.org" which makes it possible for many interested researchers and students of the First Transcontinental Railroad to view much of the original documentation and photographs previously only available to researchers who were able to visit, or better yet, work at the various historical Libraries and Museums. Personally I owe ... a debt of gratitude for what the CPRR Museum has done, and for bringing together those serious railroad historians who have shared their expertise with us all. ... With warmest regards, and thanks for all you do,
Edson T. Strobridge

Railroad Artists Award Congratulations, your site has been reviewed and will receive the recently established railroad artist award ... given to only the best of railroad related sites. ... I will be featuring your site in my winners column.
Roger S. Gilbert

Great web site ...
Jim Wade

Best Website in the World:
Hello, just wanted you to know how much I like your web site. I am a history buff and a librarian and see lots of web pages but yours is the best I've ever come across. There is so much wonderful information, so many links and pictures, all I can say is WOW. Keep up the good work :)
Sue (GoldRushGrl)

... what a great website you have. You have done a great job putting together this information. ... Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help ... not to mention the quick reply.
Jeff D. Pieros

Nice design. :-)

Fantastic Site
This site is unbelievable. It is fabulous. I thank you for all the effort that went into this project. I wish I was still teaching school as I would have my students working on this site every semester. I found you by accident. Thank you for a great job, keep up the incredible work.

The maps are great.
William Brock

Thanks again for the great job you did of putting together the Summit Tunnel picture page and associated elements!!!  [The exhibit of engravings from the book "Our Native Land" is also] excellent.

I am a computer professional in Sunnyvale, California.  I manage large computing infrastructure including web servers.  I just wanted to drop you a note and say that I found your site one of the most professional and entertaining sites I have seen.  My 3 year old son and I visit often and he loves to hear about the trains and see the pictures.  I have just finished a book about this subject and equally enjoy all the information you have collected.  Thanks for putting up one of the best web sites I have seen.
Steven Ruggiero

... a very nice Web site ...
Susan Snyder, columnist, Las Vegas Sun

Congratulations on an excellent and most entertaining web site. Thank you for doing this.
Greg Koyl

... wildly successful web site ... I would suggest the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum as a source for a great deal of contemporary info on the Chinese building the Central Pacific. There is an internal Google search engine on the site. ... extensive web site ... a major reference source of information on the Transcontinental Railroad ... The CPRR Museum has been very careful to protect copy rights and interests of individuals and organizations who make images available to them ...
Kyle Williams Wyatt, Curator of History & Technology, California State Railroad Museum [from the R&LHS Newsgroup]

... Thank you for your help. Your website has been a very valuable tool in our exhibit research.
Rachel Bradshaw, Registrar, The Flagler Museum

Thank you for the great information. ...
Janet L. Kendall, UC Berkeley

... I am always amazed at the depth and quality of the Central Pacific Museum. ...
Larry Mullaly, Central Point, Oregon

FABULOUS RAILROAD PICTURE SITE!! (My Favorite) ... such a grand website! ... Your website impressed me because the pictures are so big and you can really get a feel for the images and the details! Great job!! ... It was very interesting to learn about all of the hard work and endurance that contributed to the railroad project! Your ... great great grandfather really had his work cut out for him over those mountains! ... Continued success with the museum website!!
Alicia Reese

I just have to say it What a wonderful and comprehensive site, it has gone straight in to my Favourites! Thank you.
M. Middlehurst, Tynewydd, Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK

... I am a sophomore in high school and your site is the best I've found.
Rie W

I am writing to tell you that I find your site very interesting and useful, and will be providing the URL as a resource to my students ... for study and research purposes ...
Jennifer Turner, Avon Maitland Distance Education Centre, Ontario an online learning initiative which offers Ontario high school credit courses through electronic distance education.

... I love your site. I spend hours on it every week. ...
Eduardo Sanchez, Motion Picture Writer/Director ["Blair Witch Project"]

... a vast collection of online materials documenting the history of the Central Pacific Railroad and rail travel, including more than 400 railroad and travel maps. Maps range from tourist guides to land office maps to summit contour maps.
David T. Stephens, George Mason University, History Matters: Making Sense of Maps

... my chinese forefathers ... helped built the railroad. ... Your website is so exquisite ... beautiful pictures ... I thank you for this beautiful website. ...
Kimberlina Chi

Your website is incredibly informative! ...
Kirby Plessas

Extensive collection of photographs related to building the Central Pacific Railroad, as well as its early years of operation. Includes some now (1997) and then (1868) comparison photos.
Library of Congress, American Memory Project, Development of the Industrial United States

Exciting, colorful, reflective of a lot of hard work. I am recommending all of your pages and links to a friend who is adopting my deceased father's O gauge train collection. I know he will be thrilled to explore all the great information you've offered AND he will be annoyed with me at the same time while he loses many hours exploring and relishing your site.
It's all wonderful!
Judy Sabo, Ripon, California

... Thanks for having a fantastic site!
John D'Angelo, Associate Editor, Virtual Railroader

... a wealth of information, photographs, and links related to the Chinese-American laborers who built the railroad.
Enslow Publishers

Solano Ferry Model
Greetings! I finally had some spare time to look at the Solano website. Wow!! It is wonderful!!! I was fortunate enough to see the model on display at the train show ... You guys have definitely done a superb job!! ...
Ken Kusano

What an awesome web site!
Scott Havener, CubScout Leader, Strasburg, Colorado

... your website ... is fabulous. ... I have been using your website as a resource ...
Constanza Berger

Just a quick note to say that I have just viewed your ... CPRR Sierra Grade Images Exhibit ... photographs and that I think they are fantastic. Well done! ... it's obvious right off how much work and love has gone into the project and wanted to briefly pass on my admiration of your work. ... It must have been an incredible experience for you to actually be standing at those sites for the first time.
John van den Akker, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

... I was really impressed to see this and the work that you have put in it to make a Good page ...
Peter Burrowes

I have visited your site many times and ... I'm glad I'm able to contribute to your already impressive archives. ... I was gratified to see the stereo ... A. J. Russell Stereoview #539. "Chinese at Laying Last Rail UPRR" ... featured so prominently in the section on the Chinese. It really does confirm the eyewitness accounts of the activities that morning as well as filling a missing hole in the Russell catalogue. ... Zooming in on the hi-res scan is an experience too ... The area showing the workers can really be "blown up" to where the viewer almost feels like he is in the scene. ... Keep up the good work!
Phil Anderson, Hermosa Beach, CA

Great Site  ...  Loved your site.  I found it via Stereo World magazine.
Chuck Lauby

Wonderful history here.

This is a great site with lots of information. ...
Alice Jackson

Very helpful to me ... thank you very much. ...
Dan Free

I just want to take a few seconds to thank you for all of your help.  I truly can't imagine doing the research for this project [for a motion picture screenplay for a major Hollywood movie studio about the building of the transcontinental railroad] without your assistance. ... I'm currently transcribing all of the newspaper articles.  They are absolutely fabulous.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ...
Mara Levy
Bill Wittliff

[BBC Entertainment News reports that "Movie titans Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese are to join forces on a future film project about the American railroad. Spielberg's production company Dreamworks will produce and Scorsese will direct the film, titled Into The Setting Sun, according to Hollywood trade paper Variety. No script yet exists, however it is reported that Bill Wittliff, writer of Legends of the Fall and The Perfect Storm, has been handed the script-writing reins."]

Your web page ... is a terrific tool! ... Nice to have this [CPRR Discussion Group] vehicle for a sounding board.
Bob Spude, Historian, Cultural Resources Management, National Park Service, Intermountain Region

Chinese American Contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad — Extensive site from the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum that pays tribute to Chinese contributions to the building of the American transcontinental railroad.
Library of Congress, American Memory Project, U.S History, Ethnic and Multicultural History Learning Page Resources

... a great deal of information, and many images, online.
West Web, Crossing the Great Divide: Transportation in the West, College of Staten Island Library

Thank you so much for sending the addresses of the Mormon-related materials on your site. However, I simply went to the opening page and used the "search the site" feature to locate those and more. Quite a site and a remarkable number of hits in five years! I looked at a lot of the graphics and read many of the articles. I especially enjoyed John Stewart's article on the role of Utahns in the building of the railroad and the one on Clement. Because I am a retired newspaper editor, I usually notice little errors in spelling and grammar in anything I read, but on your website I noticed only one problem - two words that were not separated by a space!! And the graphics are phenomenal. I have worked with web pages and graphics with limited success so I have some idea how difficult it must be to achieve the artistic qualities of your pages. Congratulations. No wonder you have so many visitors.
Velton Peabody

Great online museum!!!!
John and Liz Wear

... wonderful website.  ...
Celena Cipriaso, Iginition Point Studios

Gee, I got so many offers of help from so many people that I don't know where to begin the "Thank You's." ...
Ken Morrow

A fantastic website!  I'm also a collector of Hart, Pond, Houseworth, etc. and  live in Sacramento.  My goal is to photograph some of the old locations such as Cape Horn, etc. in 3D as they look today but trying to be as close as possible to where the [original] photograph was taken.  ...  That is a fine exhibit of the tunnels and good information to keep.
Herb Milikien

An incredible treasure trove of historic photographs relating to the development of railroads. Includes pictures of Chinese immigrants laying track.
The Guilded Age WebQuest: Documenting Industrialization in America

You did an awesome job with the [locomotive exhibit]! ... lol your website addition is awesome. ... so exciting. It's amazing what you've created!

... I have found the information on the CPRR Museum site fascinating. ...
Tom Comyns

Wow ... What a wonderful site! I love the gigantic images. Sure it takes forever, but if you're looking at a railroad map and can't read the words, whats the point? ...
Umm ... wow again. I'm shocked. In a good way. THANK YOU!!!! I've been hunting high and low for a map of railroad routes and stations before 1869 for ages and have never been able to find one. Thank you so much! You folks are really incredibly nice. And thanks for taking the time to write a personal reply.
Sandra Olsen

Love the summit pictures ... I dream of having the same adventure as you someday. ...How I wish I was back in that area now. Perhaps I shall be so lucky to get a tour sometime.
Matthew Hall

... you have a Wonderful and informative Web Site. ...
Bruce Delorme

What an outstanding use of the technology the internet provides us. This web site is a remarkable compilation of an even more remarkable achievement in our nation's history. Thank you for providing this historical information to millions of people.
David Huggins, Ballston Lake, NY
(only a few miles from the Saratoga Springs to North Creek, NY RR built by Thomas Durant in 1871)

Great pictures of the building of the transcontinental railroad
Ginnie Daniel, Camino Pablo School, Moraga, Contra Costa County, California

What a wonderful site.  One could spend hours looking through the different segments.  ...
Frank Yeamans

Thank you for the info you sent to me. It was perfect!
Bonnie R.

Thank you for your help ... I've found exactly what I was looking for.
Laura Jane

An absolutely outstanding website!! I learned more from this website than I did in my Bachelor's program in the early 60's majoring in History of the West. ...
Duane Chism, San Antonio, TX

I found your website very interesting and informative. ...
Patrick Ruane

Thank you ... —fantastic site!  I will ... do a short article on it for our next newsletter ...  I just did some research for a client interested in the SPRR and will also refer him to your website for the research sources you have links to.  Keep up the great work!
Mary Beth Fay, MLIS, Historical Researcher, Arizona Photographic Collectors

I'm just getting in touch to thank the members of the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum ... your Railroad, Photography & History websites have come in handy! My name is Mrs. Farmer and I'm the program coordinator for our K-12 STEM Club here in Colorado! ... You included some great information on trains and early railroads to incorporate into our lessons! Thank you again! I really appreciate the help! ...
Carolyn Farmer

Chinese American Contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad – Extensive site from the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum that pays tribute to Chinese contributions to the building of the American transcontinental railroad.
Library of Congress, American Memory Project, Learning Page

Thanks ... You railroad guys are really into this stuff! It's fantastic that you all are keeping the history alive. I'm duly impressed.
Noah Belikoff

I have enjoyed your site immensely. It is exceptionally well done. I am an amateur RR historian and RR collector and have an interest in the CPRR and its successors. On your site is a display with three of the four known CPRR Railway police badges in existence, dating from the early 1870's to about 1900. I happen to own the fourth one (it looks exactly like the one on your site numbered "57" but with a different number) ...
Gene Lewis

I pulled up your web site and found it very interesting.  A lot of work went into producing this.  Congratulations !!
Robert Lynn, The Franklin Bookstore

Kudos from SF City guides:
....I have emailed [the location of your Palace Hotel history page] to all of the Palace Hotel guides. In fact it was on our agenda again last Saturday, during our regular meeting. I was also very excited to scan the rest of the Central Pacific Railroad site because it contained a number of other pictures of the original hotel. Coincidentally I found the same pictures in the History Center of the Main [San Francisco] Library. They had a copy of the promotional brochure that contained the photos, and I'd made photocopies for the Palace guides. I much prefer having [your] electronic copies available! ... The next meeting of the Palace Hotel guides is ... If you can make it, we'll make you our Guest of Honor! ... the group is voracious for history in general, and especially history related to the Palace Hotel and San Francisco during the late 1800s.
Rob Spoor, San Francisco City Guides

Folks, this is wonderful.  So much information.  I will be back!
Carl Rodolf

Thank you very much for the permission to use the photograph of Locomotive 29. It is essential to my project. Thanks again.

A lovely site of railroad history. In addition to lots of photographs & stereographs, they have scanned or reprinted much 19th-century writing about this railroad's construction and ancillary topics. You could get lost for hours here, reading about tunneling through the Sierra Nevada or train robberies or overland travel or just looking at classic pictures.
Mike Gunderloy's Weblog

Central Pacific Railroad: Photographic History Museum
Resource on the construction of the first American transcontinental rail line in the 19th century, supported with an extensive image gallery comprising of stereographs, engravings, maps, and photographs. Provides articles on railroad and postal transport and the photography of the time. Also includes images and notes on related collectibles such as stamps and letters, and features a list of readings and links. ...
Essay on the methods of developing and printing photographs with emphasis on stereographs: double pictures used in landscape photography.
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We'd be delighted to share Dr. Milgram's article ["By Train and by Stagecoach, Transporting the Mail along the Transcontinental Railroad"] with your readers. ... I took the opportunity of visiting your website and must say that, as a railroad buff, I enjoyed it very much.
Bonny Farmer, Editor, The American Philatelist

Your Palace Hotel web page is phenomenal ...
Michael Jawitz, Palace Hotel

... your site is a great boon to us all. ... Many thanks, [the locomotive exhibit is] a wonderful page, like the entire museum. ... Thanks for your note, and especially [the CPRR.org] website. ... Because I helped draw up the "new" color schemes for the Jupiter at the Golden Spike National Historic Site, I have an ongoing interest in early locomotive color schemes ... the Savage photo [is] especially valuable for comparisons to the "as built" appearance of Jupiter. I can't tell you how good its been to have seen this for my research work. ... The photo of Juno has been immeasurably helpful to establish that the paint scheme on the Jupiter was also used on other Schenectady built engines on the same road - and that Jupiter was not unique, but rather standard; in other words, the Savage photo helps provide a context for the Jupiter.
Jim Wilke

You have a great page!!!
Carol Dean, Wyoming, The Cowboy State and Utah, The Beehive State

AWESOME web site.
Chuck Carrig

Your site is wonderful! It's richly described and fascinating. ...
Aileen Ghee, Leen Productions

... I'm an avid railfan and rail historian.  You have a great site with lots of information.  I especially enjoyed the maps page - as that is another hobby (and source of income) of mine.  Our MapServer ... provide[s] free online viewing of ... USGS Topographic maps ... an invaluable service to railfans, rail historians, and the like.
Ed Lecuyer, Manager, Quality Assurance & Technical Support, Maptech, Inc.

... you have a great site! ... Keep up the good work.
Paul Rascoe, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin

What a WONDERFUL web site!
Tom Philp, Associate Editor, Editorial Pages, Sacramento Bee

I am an eighth grade social studies teacher writing curriculum for using the Internet with my classes.  ...  From an historian's point of view, your site is fabulous.  There are a lot of great multimedia primary sources here that students will find fascinating.  ...
Jennifer Brown

Thank you SO much! ... I've been trying to sort out all the seemingly contradictory information, and your website has been of utmost value. ... Again, many thanks!
Sara Hudson, Yale University

Outstanding! Thanks very much.
Jon Thompson

... keep up the good work of providing the information that is on your web site.
Jack Duncan

Outstanding website.  Thanks ...
Al, Sun Mountain Books

The publishers of the virtual stamp exhibit EXPONET ... the largest philatelic project in the world ...greatly admire your exhibit ... "Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad." ...
Milan Cernik

Thank you so much. You have a wonderful site!
Cheryl Guglielmo, Saint Martin's University

That is quite a nice website!  Terrific job!!  Knowing how much work goes into maintaining a website, I can appreciate your efforts.
Dave Cramer, Railroad Paper Collectibles

I have to say first of all, what a fantastic site CPRR.org is. It's amazing. ... The map images are incredible ... Thank you very much for the reply. The information was very helpful. I realize reading people's e-mail must be a thankless job sometimes, people demanding information and never saying thanks. Well I just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate your time.
Chad Carter

... it seems like your website (Wow!) covers every aspect of railroading ...
Robert Frenchu

You have a great site.  I have added links in several places on my web site ...
Tom Crews, Pony Express Home Station

Thank you so much! [Your answer to my question] was very helpful. ...

I found your marvelous website, and have been searching through its masses of information! Incredible stuff!
Ethan Blue

... Your website, by far, has the greatest images which will help me demonstrate the role of Chinese-Americans in the construction of the transcontinental railroad ... for a class I intend to teach ...
Jason Gilmartin, West Springfield High School

... I must commend you on your website and the wealth of information available. Thank you for such an exciting site. ...
Lorna McKenzie Xixis, Hawaii

Thanks for all the info.

I really like what you are doing with the Central Pacific Railroad ...  You have one of my articles on the CP already in your web site ("RRs shipped by sea") and have another you might be interested in: "Iron Horses along the Truckee" from the Spring 1995 Nevada Historical Society Quarterly.  It deals with the details of the constructed isolated section of railroad along the Truckee River.
Wendell Huffman, Carson City, NV

... fantastic pages of photos and history of Maine RR. ...
Colette Zingale

I've been kind of a rail buff since the sixties ... The CPRR site is great ...
Craig Bell

What a great tribute to the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad. It's been awhile since I heard the train whistle blast the air as it made its way through brooks. I live in Thorndike, but am actually closer to Brooks and it's sad to see the "broke and mended" pass by into neglect. Still we can't reminisce about the old days too much, makes you feel too old yourself, and I have to admit I am only twenty nine. In any case I have been meaning to take some pictures of the BMLRR as it sits now. There is an old snowplow down on the siding in Thorndike and I am sure that with 33 miles of track that are other worthy images to be captured as moments in time. ... it still might benefit you to know that a young person can still support a family by working for the railroad in the 21st century. ... Again thanks for sharing your historic knowledge of the BMLRR on-line. ...
Travis S. Johnson

That's a great job on the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad web site. Thanks for preserving a piece of Maine history.
Larry Smith, formerly of Presque Isle, and now living in Colorado

Nice design of blog.
Alex Ray

The pictures on your site are amazing and ... help to portray the Railroad in the truest sense.
Mary Welsh

The locomotive exhibit is great!
Vincent Coli

... brilliant and beautiful reproductions on your website ... I want to create a scale layout of the overland route from Omaha to San Francisco circa 1871. ... Research and reading, especially on your vast website, will help ...
Gary Knerr

... pictures on the Central Pacific Railroad ... are really amazing ...

... fine set of digital exhibits ...
University of Wisconsin, Internet Scout Project

Thanks very much for your quick and informative response, which was much appreciated. ...
Eddy Goltz, Lisbon, Portugal

There are about 15 of my history students looking at the mid to late 19th Century in America. The students are putting together a little video production that chronicles the growth of cities during this period. ... Thank you ... for your assistance. Thank you as well for maintaining an excellent resource on American History for my students. The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum is an excellent site!!
Kelly W. Elder, Fergus High School, Lewistown, Montana

Great site!
Francis L. Post, retired Santa Fe Hogger who used to work the Cajon Pass

I have enjoyed looking at the fantastic web page your organization has created.
Mark Elledge

... I wanted to thank you guys for allowing students to access these great pictures of the workers and the railroad. I am doing a project on the transcontinental railroad and my US History book doesn't have that great of pictures and all the pictures online were okay, but these pictures are great. So again, I just wanted to thank you for providing these pictures.

... a huge collection of historic railroad photographs about the CPRR. This one is wide and deep so plan to visit for a long time ...
Don Bryant, Southeastern Photographic Society

"i need to copy your central pacificrailroad please fooor a history project for a state compitition. please let me use it."

... thanks very much for all of the great info. I really appreciate it.
Ron Bentley, Noble Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am an eighth grade student participating in National History Day Contest. I have chosen The Transcontinental Railroad for my topic. Your website and the accompanying links have valuable information. I would like to use the website for my research and to include it in my bibliography. ...

Thank you very much. The information and map you provided are of great help in my research.
Dean Munroe

I am an 8th Grade American History teacher in Kansas City, Kansas. We are studying the history of the transcontinental railroad. Your website is an excellent resource for my students to reference. ... Thank you so much for making such a great resource available.
Linda Englis

Thank you very much for your generosity. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your website.
Peggy Mooers

The CPRR Museum is included in the Proquest Learning Library links database giving schools "the very best resources on every curriculum subject. ... the most informative and accessible ... web resources currently available ... [so] that more people will be aware of its value and usefulness as an internet resource."
Peter Wrapson, Editor, ProQuest Information & Learning (formerly Chadwyck-Healey Ltd), Cambridge, England

I have seen your site, and enjoy it very much.
Mick Needham, Needham Studios

I just finished reviewing what you have done to enhance my original manuscript and think you have done a remarkable job in including all the links and the improved images. It makes all the time spent in developing the story of the building Cape Horn worthwhile. I hope your readers now will find all the information necessary to determine for themselves what is fact – and what is fancy. Thank you for all your interest and help.
Ed Strobridge

very interesting topic and graphics ... looks fine with the sepia toned photos, text, and links ... I sent the page to my 10 year old grandson ... a couple of nights ago I watched a TV show about the construction of the transcontinental railroad — what a cast of characters and schemers — imagine having a survey that, in effect, moves mountains — imagine being there while ten miles of track are laid at a walking man's pace —
Dick Uguccioni

... Your website is the most important source of the Transcontinental Railroad history and is viewed worldwide. ...
William F. Chew

I am so grateful for your friendly and helpful response. I hope the information on [CPRR Surveyor, Butler Ives] is useful. ... I am hoping that there might be some photographs of surveyors at work in the field ... that might include him in a group ...
Kay Atwood

Great website!
Rev. Dr. Alvin Louie

... I have recently come across your file of Western newspaper clippings for the years 1865-66, relating to the visit of the Colfax Party, on the "Central Pacific Railroad History Museum" Web site. That Web site, as you must often hear, is FULL of wonderful things. ... Thank you for all your help. ... You all do great work!
Richard Bucci, Editor with the Mark Twain Project (University of California)

Wow!  What a terrific job you have been doing!  Thank you.  I love all of the things you have added.  The new photos are super.  ...  Just fabulous.  I can't say enough.  You have put hours and hours and hours into this ... Thanks again.
Meg Deppe

Very interesting web site! Very informative. ... Keep up the good work.
Allen Farrington

Your website is very elaborate and contains a great deal of information. I particularly like the old photos. I found the site when trying to get some information in connection with a 1871 CPRR schedule (actually part of a schedule) I found in a collection of letters and other documents that my great-grandfather had retained and stored in his home in Nova Scotia.
Newton Darroch, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

... your virtual museum is quite astonishing.
Christine Scriabine, Ph.D.

Many thanks! I will pursue the leads you sent ... about ticket prices in the early years of the railroad. ... The service you provide is most worthwhile. Thank you again!
Alpha Quincy

You have a fantastic website. Thank you.
John McCracken, Levi Karney, Abdi Mohamed, and Bashir Mohamed, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

I appreciate you processing our order so quickly! ... Thanks much! ...
Christy Steele, The Education Matters Company

... WE LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!!! The photos are great. Well done!
Penny Greenwich

A retired mechanical engineer with a background in steam power, a "train nut," as my wife calls me, a native Californian, and a "just finished" reader of Empire Express, I have just accidentally wandered into your website.   What an incredible find!  What a massive, yet fine & detailed piece of work!  I do not have time now to go through it all; I must make an afternoon with no disturbances, to properly peruse your magnificent site.  What can I say?  I'm overwhelmed!

I really like your site! ...
Kathryn Swim Cummings

I wanted to thank you for all of your help on my Transcontinental Railroad project. The finished project was very nice, and I received a good grade form my teachers. Thanks again!
S.F. :-)

... I like your website! Thanks for this info.
Christina Fa

You did a great job of posting the payroll document and I hope that seeing the workers names will excite many descendants. Your museum site is first rate.
Thomas Gregg

Great site! ...
Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers

Fascinating site ...  it is very well written. ...  I loved the stereo views.  Because of the hidden image craze, I got good at seeing them without needing a viewer.  It's amazing how much more you see when the images are in stereo.
Jef Raskin [best known for having invented the Macintosh computer at Apple and for his book The Humane Interface (which reached 36th on Amazon's list of its top 100 bestsellers, received 3 printings in its first year, and will soon be available in 6 languages)]

... thank you for such a fantastic site. I inadvertently stumbled here, and it is now after 2AM! I'm not even a history or train buff, but I find the detailed answers fascinating. ...

I had a great time exploring you museum today.
Gary Bosket

Your site is a wonderful example of how to find absolutely incredible information over the web. Thank you for hosting such an informative site. ...
Matthew Mossbarger, Vice President, Woodhouse Publishing

You have a great site for the Central Pacific.  Those beautiful American style locomotives are my favorite. ... Great pictures! I'm an American style locomotive fan. They are real beauties.
Father Jay A. Finelli, RingMaster, "Live Steam Web Ring"

The [Theodore Dehone Judah] article looks great on the website. It is interesting that the photographs look better here than they do in the original magazine! ...
Lori Peterson, ASCE Publications

Hi Folks you have one of the best if not the best web trains sites.  I love to read all the history about the laying of the golden spike.
Vernon L. Condon

How interesting!  I never thought I would see a photo of the UP's first tie treating plant!
Jeff Oaks, Associate Professor, University of Indianapolis

... your digital restorations....very impressive. I also enjoyed the photos in your gallery from the old Sierra grade.
John Noltner, Minneapolis

Many thanks to you and all of your contributors for the outstanding website. I enjoy history, especially as it pertains to old time railroading. I would appreciate more technical information about the locomotives and other machinery.
Kerry Stiff

Great site ... I just found your site, there has been a lot of effort put into it. Thanks. ...
Harrel Doughty

WOW! What a great site. Thank you for sharing this ... !
Lin, Mr Donn's  U.S. History Lesson Plans & Activities for K-12 teachers & students

... terrific Museum ...
Mathew R. Stevens

Thank you very much indeed.  Very nice [map] site.  Today I have added it to Oddens' Bookmarks [The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping].
Roelof Oddens

... great stuff ...
Tom Latos

you have a very good website ...
John Kelsey, the great great grandson of Judge E.B. Crocker

You are most welcome to use any images for your fine site ...
John Saddy, Jefferson Stereoptics, Stereoview and View-Master Auctions

... Your [J.B. Silvis] web exhibit helped a great deal. I appreciate the thoroughness and especially the footnotes providing documentation for the paper. Thanks for putting this on the web. ...
Paula Fleming

Your site is full of great information, and I plan to use it in a list of Web sites I'm compiling for a teacher. ... Thanks for all your help, and the tip about changing the background color! You've been a great resource.
Suzanne Myers Harold, School Corps Librarian, Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon

... I am writing a book. And yes, your site is getting top billing in the credits. It has already helped me immensely with much of the information I require. ...
Lela Gallentine

I just found your web site, it's great! ...
Michael Green, Off Road Experience – Railroad Adventures and Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

I have enjoyed perusing your CPRR Museum website. You have included so much information and many links to investigate. What an awesome resource. ... Your endeavors at honoring your ancestor and telling his story are superlative. Thank you so much for adding my information to the CPRR Discussion Group. Grateful for your expertise.
Saundra Middleton

Many thanks for the info. I spent quite some time last night scanning the web site(s). Certainly sets a standard.
Charlie Jenner, Los Alamitos

Peruse an exhibit of photographs of the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s and link to numerous essays and articles about the railroad.
Zeal, "a community of enthusiasts and editors building the world's most widely used Web directory."

... great site ... Thanks
Joel Norman

I am a tenth grade student at my high school, and our class was recently assigned to do a Powerpoint® presentation on the railroads of the nineteenth century. ... I really enjoyed your website.
Thank you very much,
Chad J.

I ... wanted to thank you for your momentous work ... I'm pleased to see that Ted Judah appears in Hill's painting, next to your 3grand-dad– I've always seen [Judah] as the tragic hero of the enterprise. What would have happened tho' if he'd successfully completed his attempt to buy out the Big Four makes for difficult speculation. As things ultimately worked out, the energy and credit of all these "worthies" was necessary to the ultimate realization of the CP – who can guess what others might have done? Judah was one of those great men of the 19th century, who conceived and moved mighty works. It's fortunate that he and your ancestor, and Montague came together and did so much of the indispensable work on the ground. Thanks again for your great work and for connecting me to it. ...
Don Kirkpatrick

Outstanding [B&MLRR] railroad website. Great content, great look: the winning combination.
Ralph William Hawkins

I very much enjoyed the great pictures of the Cental Pacific Railroad.  It must be a labor of love and a great deal of work to find those pictures and record them.
Very best regards,

Golden Web Award, 2000-2001 Congratulations! Central Pacific Railroad Museum has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.
International Association of Web Masters & Designers

Boy thanks for responding so fast. I appreciate the information [about Dr. Hartwell Carver self-proclaimed "Father of the Pacific Railroad."].
Mike Hankinson

Your site is absolutely fantastic.  Thank you and congratulations.
Mark Fabiani

Your photos are great. ...
Julie Weiss, City of Palo Alto

... Awesome Website – I love railroads.
Chris Elliott

Steam train and railroad history buffs will thoroughly enjoy the online Central Pacific Railroad (CPRR) Photographic History Museum. The site chronicles the completion of America's first transcontinental railroad, running between Sacramento, California, and Omaha, Nebraska. ...
Stan White, from an article "Historic Central Pacific Railroad pictures" in the Reno Examiner, February 3, 2011

An outstanding website! Thanks for your work.
Robert D Shannon

... I would like to commend you on the wonderful site CPRR.org has become! I've been watching the site develop for quite a few years now ... wonderful photograph. Your collection is absolutely priceless! ... Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work! ...
Michael Keteltas, Member, Board of Directors, Largo Central Railroad

Thank you very much for your quick reply! Your website is a great resource and I was very happy to come across it. With my regards,
Peter Sealy

I have visited your website and I applaud your effort. I am a California history buff and a collector of early California stereoviews, and a map buff to boot, so I was pleasantly surprised to find your site ...
Phil Anderson

Wow!  I'm impressed, especially with the added track in the morph.  Great idea.  Glad to see that one of my ... Summit Tunnel ... Then & Now ... shots so accurately matched one of the old [A.J. Russell] shots.  The web site updates look good in general.
Peter Epstein

Thank you for the large and informative web site. ...
Richard Marks

... You folks are a wealth of knowledge ...
Stephen L. Des Jardins

I am teaching a course in the history of the west, including a lecture on photography of the west ...Your site ... is great.
Ron Tyler, Professor of History, The University of Texas at Austin, and Director, Texas State Historical Association

I love all of the beautiful pictures ... Thank you.
Marshall Newman

My topic is the ... Chinese laborers working on the CP Railroad. Your website has been great in my research ...

Just wanted to thank you.  Your information helped me alot in my report ... about what was it like traveling west in first class on the Transcontinental Railroad and dining at railroad stations ...  Thanks a million,

Your CP site is terrific. It's obvious you put a tremendous amount of work into it with admirable results. ...
Jim Lyons

I am amazed by this site! What a wonderful collection of articles and images! ...
Betty Yee

I am teaching a free class of Cantonese in NYC and wanted to describe some of the contributions Cantonese people made to America. I found your site very informative ... The text in Fusang and the picture called "Wood train and Chinamen in Bloomer Cut" Houseworth Sterview #1351 were particularly moving ... I also told them of your website and many of them saw it. ... I do the class because I feel we must pay tribute to the Cantonese people who suffered and died for America. Thank you very much,
Kityee Mui

I really appreciate there's somebody out there that might even be able to answer this question. ...
Paul Quade, Conductor on the Disneyland Railroad

congratulations on your millionth visitor! ...
Glenn Willumson, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Program in Museum Studies, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Florida

... great site ...
Jeremy Rowe, Vintage Photography

Great website - you guys are great! ...
S.H., 8th Grade, Las Flores Middle School, Capistrano Unified School District, Orange County, California

Thank you ... the homework page seems perfect ... the pictures are great ...
Barbara Mccolgan

I checked out your web site – very nice!
Bonnie Miller

Admiring the time and effort you put into your site and in depth information you present. ...

Great read! Thanks,
Jim Sanders

I am a Docent at the California State Rail Road Museum in (Old Town) Sacramento, California.  I have picked up a number of pointers and information that I use while working in the Museum.  You are a great resource.  The recreation of some of the scenes that you have photos, are located in Old Town Sacramento.  There is the dock on the Sacramento River where the steamers tied up.  The Delta King is presently moored at this site.  Some of the signs in the area are the same as depicted in this site.  Again thank you for a very interesting and informative site
Donald Motter

Your website is spectacular. ...
Stephen Hales, M.D.

In searching the internet I came upon your website and have to honestly say that it is fantastic. The vast wealth of material that you have, its layout, the thoroughness with which you present it, your generosity in your willingness to share it and your forthright and honest manner throughout make it a wonderful experience. You offer a rich educational experience to anyone taking the time to stay awhile. It is a site to return to over and over again to explore and review in order to soak up the intense history in this chapter of our American history. Many years ago I saw the silent film THE IRON HORSE and the intensity of its imagery keeps if fresh in my mind to this day. Your efforts in the creation of this site makes the material you present equally as memorable and I know that I will recall material on it for years to come. The contemporary newspaper accounts of the laying of rail alone are enough to make one actually feel as if they were there and burn deep into the mind.

We came upon your site when researching ... a ... National History Day ... project on "Chinese Participation of the Transcontinental Railroad" ... and felt that it was gave very helpful information as well as many primary sources.
Jennifer Li, Kelly Sharpless and Sophie Soo, Rising Sun High School (2006 winners of Maryland History Day)

Your website was amazing!
Mrs. Voelker's fifth grade class - Edgar, Raul, Kinzie, Stephanie, Justin, Lainee, Haylee, Joey, Taylor, Heidi, Chelsea, Ava, Macie, Kord, Jared, Rem, and Tianna. J

I love it! Thanks for including the map and links.
Barry Ruderman, Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc.

... Thank you ... for your excellent work in documenting the role of Chinese-American railroad builders.
Scott Lothes, The Center for Railroad Photography and Art

Your website is very informational. Good job! ...
Sarah Lim, Museum Director, Merced County Courthouse Museum

Thank you. I appreciate your help!!
Thomas Borton

Thank you again for your lovely website.
Amy Goldsmith

What a generous offer to host our website on the transcontinental railroad. I am constantly awed by the kindness that I encounter on behalf of my ... 4th grade ... students! ... I'm investigating the prospects ... My students will be using your wonderful site as a resource site regardless. Thank your for all your resources and the links you sent me. (I'm an English and ancient history teacher, so your help is doubly valuable.)
Gretchen Lee, Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Staff Development, Old Orchard School, Campbell, California

... I found your site to be the most helpful because I have to get ... pictures, ... and other ... source documents such as the bond of the railroads and a map ... I need to and use ... for my poster. ... Thank you for your help and consideration.

Thank you for your beautiful web site. ...
Axel Bieringer

I have seen your website in the past, but now it is even better and more educational with all the research and pictures. I personally enjoyed it and appreciate all the work you put into it. ... keep up the good work ...
Thank you for sharing the Judah material. The eulogy was most touching and it appears to be an original item from the service. One forgets sometimes with all our modern antibiotics and immunizations how devastating disease could be in those days and how fate plays a role in history. ... Thanks again ... for your website which I find both educational and enjoyable. ...
The museum's new additions are excellent and I really appreciate the wealth of information available and the fact that is made available for kids to do reports, projects, etc.
Henry Nigro

Central Pacific Museum recommended with many links to original documents and photos ... Constructing the CP ... bibliography ... books on the Transcontinental ... Chinese construction crews in California ... Pullman & other cars ... western RRs excellent maps ... CP 1869 map ... how many workers killed building transcontinental? – the number is fewer than 1000 but often exaggerated.
Professor Richard Jensen's On-line Guide to Railroad History

I just want to alert you to potential increased use of your website as a result of a lecture I will be doing at Syracuse University in early September [2002].  I am demonstrating your website as part of a lecture on anti-trust.
Denise M. Davis, Director, Statistics and Surveys National Commission on Libraries and Information Science   

Oh what great websites!! ... thank you for sending on, enjoyed both ... and thank you for adding my [postcard dating] links for reference ... good to have people like you documenting for all these wonderful old items and information ...
Sharon Kopina

Thank you so much for all of your information. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me. The information will be a great help for me through out my project. ... I have ... visited your museum and enjoyed it very much ...
Julia Reese

Your website is incredible ...
Brian Norris

Thank you for creating such an excellent historical resource on the web. ...
Margaret Gordon, Reference Librarian, UC Santa Cruz

I just came across your website whilst looking for maps of the Central Pacific railroad.  Congratulations on such an nice site!  I found the map from Hart's book particularly interesting, especially as it shows all the small towns along the route ...
Ian Walker, University of York, UK

... your online museum ... is amazing. A lot of information and valuable resources. ...
Thank you so much again for your wonderful help and amazing museum. ...
Wong Wei Xiang

... Love what you're doing. ...

I am honored that you have added a link to our [Wyoming Tales and Trails featuring Photographs and History of Old Wyoming] website from the CPRR site, which I have regarded as exceptional.
Geoff Dobson

... wonderful website ...
Jason Franklin

Good work. Now all RR historians will benefit ...
Frederick C. Gamst, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Boston

My son is doing a cultural project on the Railroad and our family. My parents have been in the SP, UP, WP for over 35 years. Mom still works for the GWRR as a dispatcher on their WP branch and my husband is a conductor with the WP as well (my father is a retired dispatcher from the SPRR/UPRR). ... Your site has the BEST photographs we were able to locate ... OH Bless you!!! ... Has anyone ever told you what a prince you are?!?!?!? Thank you again, so much!!! ... [our son] is very, very excited and we can't wait to share our final project with you too.
Oh the project came out beautifully!!! ... It looked fabulous! ... You spent a great deal of time helping me and my son and [we] are truly appreciative!
Alicia Langlois

What a beautiful website! ... I am currently writing a novel set in 1871, just after transcontinental rail travel became possible. ... Thank you so much for your incredibly generous and specific assistance. ...
Ellis Avery

Absolutely outstanding site.  We are going to link ...
Robert H. Lloyd, Chief Investigator, The Crow Law Firm

A killer site!
Signature Press

Thank you for your timely and informative response to my query ... Thanks for EVERYTHING
Verne R. Walrafen

Great resource! I wanted to shoot you an e-mail thanking you for compiling so much great information and links on your website.
Cooper Brimm

REMARKABLE!!!!! ... Very helpful!
John Hutchinson

You have an interesting website ...
Jim Dittman

... I just love those pictures you guys have on your site of [ Cape Horn] and others.  ...
Brendan Compton, Donner Rails Videos

Thank you very much for responding so quickly to my request.
Marilou West Ficklin

a very nice website ... for those interested in the railroad and photography ...
The Photographic Historical Society, Rochester, NY

New York Times Crossword Puzzle recommended website, Transportation

... love the site, really helpful. ...
Matt Wahlgren

Re: Ambrose error list URL [from the R&LHS Newsgroup]
The web address for the list of errors in Ambrose's book is:
It's part of the CPRR (online) Museum project, which is well worth browsing in its own right.
Kyle Williams Wyatt, Curator of History & Technology, California State Railroad Museum

What a wonderful website with a wealth of information. I have been perusing for days! ...
Holly Bute

A marvelous site!!! Thank you!
Becky Sims, Library Director, Offutt AFB, Nebraska

Thank you so much for your quick reply. ... That is a fun site. ... the map and pictures ... were a good way to encourage speaking and writing in English. The Chinese students ... [in ESL] class tonight ... were very interested.
Kathleen Newton

Thanks for the incredibly detailed website. It is a rarity to find such important information on the web.
Rick Rowlands, Executive Director, Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation, Youngstown, Ohio

What a wonderful site you have; Im grateful its there and you maintain it.
Dr. Jon Peddie

... Congrats; CPRR.org is an awesome site. ... a great resource for learning about the history of the Central Pacific Railroad ...

I've been enjoying perusing your website; very informative. Thank you so much!
Amanda D.

Your amazing site was such a help in understanding a few photos I was trying to identify and date.
Barb C.

... really enjoyed your website very much so much information and so many pictures. It is really interesting and I am happy you created the website.
Rafael Torres, Solano Community College

Sincere thanks, this will help us in our search! [for] My great-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw [who] worked on the Transcontinental RR back in 1865-69 ...
Dr. Kevin Bradshaw

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again ...

Your article about health care ["The Central Pacific Railroad's Lesson for Today's Health Care Crisis"] is one of the best I have read. ...
Robert McManigal

... If it wasn't for your and other detecting sites, I wouldn't have known anything about [the baggage tag's] rarity or historic value. ...
Carl Johansen

... worth everyone's attention. ...

Thank you so much for this service! ...
Linda Borromeo

Your website is amazing. I get lost in it for hours and hours and love every minute. Thank you!
Kasey Thomassian, Reno, NV

We just viewed the [Alonzo Russell Guppy] page on the RR Museum website. It is magnificent. What a tribute to our ancestor. Thank you so much ... We are so proud to see Alonzo being recognized as part of this historic event. ... thank you for including Alonzo Russell Guppy in your CPRR history. ... Alonzo was, indeed, a part of the building of the railway. ... we were able to learn so much about my husband's great-grandfather. Your website is the most interesting that I have ever visited. The fact that our ancestors can be remembered, and their stories become a part of history, is the very best tribute we can pay them. Thank you again. ...Our best regards to you, and keep up the great work on the CPRR Museum.
Dick and Pat Guppy

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your site. I have spent hours on it learning about what is probably the most important event in modern history. I have also just purchased [the RIDING THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILS: OVERLAND TRAVEL ON THE PACIFIC RAILROAD 1865 - 1881] book which I hope to receive in the mail very soon. Again, thank you.
David Escobar

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Thanks for the tribute to my great grandfather. ... everything looks very good .... You have done a wonderful job with those pictures as well as with the letter.
John E. Charles, Great-grandson of Alonzo Russell Guppy

We're ... awed at the detailed historical scholarship involved!

... Lots of nice stuff on the website ...
John and Inez Bergquist, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Very nice website. ...
James Cross

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Maurilio Emanuele from Pescara-ITALY

I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a helpful site for my research!
Kelsey Grimms

... a marvelous compilation ...
Rob Niederman, Antique & 19th Century Cameras

... filled with really great photos, and the story to match. Very enjoyable. ...
About.com Guide to American History

I have really enjoyed looking over the Railroad history on the web site. ...
Mike Bentley

This article is nice and I really like, thank you for sharing!

Great website!
Pam Meeds Williams

... Your site has the most abundant and quality images ... great assistance and ... learning ...
Amanda Corinne Neff, Marketing ... University of Phoenix Online

Central Pacific Railroad’s Photographic History Museum contains examples of Muybridge’s stereo photography and materials on railroad entrepreneur Leland Stanford, who funded Muybridge’s initial motion studies.
Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Curator

Some great, historical old images here from the time of the building of America's first transcontinental railroad which was completed in 1869.
Lycos Zone

... visited your web-site the other night and I must say, you guys should be commended for an excellent and well rounded site.  Very interesting and informative. ...

Best of History on the Web!
Project History Site of the Day

My student ... is working on a National History Day project dealing with the Chinese Workers and the Transcontinental Railroad. The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum has been very helpful to him.
Vicki Chase, Teacher at Clair E. Gale Jr. High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho

I visited your site and found it very interesting and very much down the line of our own work. You might, e.g., go to Hypertexts and look at the electronic edition of Henry Nash Smith, "Virgin Land" which might have materials of interest. And these are a few projects that bear a little more directly on ... railroading:

Alan B. Howard, American Studies Program, University of Virginia

Thank you for the quick response.
Tristan E

Great pictures of the building of the transcontinental railroad
Camino Pablo Elementary School

STANLEY, John Mix [1814-1872] - American artist ... a spectacular collection!
Genealogy, et Cetera

... very informative and helpful ...
Laura C.

Thank you so much for this personally valuable information.
Mike Killian

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You and Edson [Strobridge] are wonderful. Thanks for all of your help. You responded so quickly in finding a copy of the prayer and putting it up on the web site. I really appreciate all that you have done. My friend, ... is a railroad historian and engineer. He loves railroading so much that he is buildinghis own backyard park train railroad complete with two trains: one old s-16 steam profile engine with cars anda newer style diesel type engine with cars. He and his friends are nearly finished laying the track will be having a dedication ceremony complete with a golden spike ceremony. A priest, will be offering a prayer of dedication and blessing and they wanted to use the prayer from the Golden Spike Ceremony in Promontory Utah. My friendand I have been searching for the text of Dr. Todd'sprayer and neither of us could find it anywhere on the internet, so when I found your wonderful site on the Golden Spike Ceremony, I took a moment to write to you. Now, thanks to you and Edson, the prayer is officially available to everyone who visits your site and my friend's Golden Spike Ceremony can be complete and authentic, just the way he wanted it to be. Thanks again to both of you for your help and for all of your efforts to preserve the history of the railroad in this country. It is wonderful that you are making it available to everyone with your wonderful on-line museum.
Robin Paulson

Very interesting article on Lewis Metzler Clement! ...
Jim Lynd

I've been referencing your great-grandfathers page for the kids' genealogy projects that they'll be working on after school in May. So I just wanted to say thanks for all the help from all of us. :-) Julie

Thank you very much for your help ... and for keeping up this great website!
Anja Habermann, Heidelberg, Germany

Your web site is very interesting!
Sandra Seabold, Keokuk Iowa Public Library

Peruse an exhibit of photographs of the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s and link to numerous essays and articles about the railroad.
Excite Guide

This is stunning, to get such detailed and informed identifications. ... Thanks for everyone who has generously made these suggestions!!
Larry Gottheim

... I am impressed with many of the maps you have on your website. ...
Christopher Etchechury, M.ED, Social Studies Subject Area Lead Teacher, Sterling Middle School, Virginia

I am a 9th grade student of a private school on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. My friends and I are doing a project on the Central Pacific Railroad. We found your site extremely useful ...

... thanks for a great website on railroad images. ... Thank you for sharing ... all those historical images.
Steve Szumowski

... Glad to see the [1898 CPRR Land] document will be well preserved.   Your web site is amazing and wonderful.  I will be spending countless hours looking at it, that is for sure!  ... I looked at the scans of the section lands maps.  Terrific!  I have seen similar maps before at SP.  ...  I worked for Southern Pacific's (as successor to Central Pacific) real estate department for much of my career ...  [starting in] 1985, when the SP and ATSF real estate was merged during the failed merger attempt.  I left the combined SP/UP at the end of 1998 ...  Much of the land I worked on was not Section lands or Congressional Grant.  My experience was the opposite of the land agents in the late 1800's who were acquiring properties.  I was in the disposition mode, selling off much of the surplus land no longer needed for rail operations. ... What a great history your family has!  Amazing.  I recollect before all of the SP archives were sent to Omaha to UP, SP's Corporate Secretary and PR person were going through the SP vault on the 8th floor at One Market Plaza (SP Building).  They invited me in to take a look at some of the items they were taking an inventory of.  One was a book of stereographic photos of the building of the rail line through the Sierras!  It was absolutely amazing and I felt privileged to see these photos.  I believe they were done by an official photographer who worked for the company at the time.  There were photos of Indians, the Chinese laborers, etc.   Very cool stuff!  I am pleased that you have had such a great response to your web site.  It must be gratifying.
Robert M. Krantz

... thank you for the work you've put into this great Internet site ...

Thanks for the fast reply.  ...  fascinating topic.  I told my daughter that I hope she is learning as much as I am!  ...  Thanks again and thanks for your site, it really is wonderful!
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Bradley Hodge

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Hans-Jrg Siepert, Germany

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I really enjoy your site and return often to read and learn more about some new aspect of this grand undertaking! My great great great uncle Bengt Johan Johansson, 1837-1915, worked as a railroad builder for the Union Pacific. ... Keep up the great work!
Joe Mirabella, Jr.

... You have a wonderful web site.
Joe Ward, Baraboo Historian, Baraboo, Wisconsin

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Bob Forer

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Jerry D.

Excellent site: The site is a real treasure for us SP'ers! ...
Gary T. Rushworth, Sr.

I commend you on your outstanding web site on the [Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad]! It is awesome! From a modeler's standpoint, you have just about everything you'd need to model the railroad. ... do you have any pictures of cabooses* the BML used?? ...
Roger Whitney, Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum, Alna, Maine
*Bruce Cooper responds that "The only two cabooses that I am aware were owned by the B&ML were #24 & #25 which were acquired from the Boston & Maine in 1927 but I have never seen any pictures of them. The B&ML had one other caboose which was used in the 1980's on excursion runs and was then converted to an ice cream shop used in the park, but the last time I saw it a few years ago in the Belfast yard it had been vandalized. It was no longer there in July, 2003 when I was last in Belfast, however."

This is simply amazing. ...
Jay Richardson

Love the website ...
Cindy Ainsworth, Historic Reno Preservation Society

... the site is wonderful, filled with great information and photos. Congratulations on the achievement. ...
Joyce Strand, University of California, Davis

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Bill Shippen

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Thank you so very much, for everything. Already you have helped out so much. When published at the end of Summer [2005] my book will most assuredly carry a mention of your museum, and also urge for donations. ...
Michael Farrelly

Thanks for the informative resource. ... Your site is fantastic and I've been using your page as resource material for my class.
Keri Evans, Social Studies teacher

... You have a wonderful web site. I wish there were more sites such as yours dedicated to preserving and sharing such historical images.
Matthew Hanzel, Forest Grove, Oregon

Facinating photos. Thanks
Paul G. Hurley

I am researching travel from New York to California. I love your website and enjoy the maps and scans of original documents. ... Thank you for maintaining a great site with so much valuable information. ... Thank you for your email. I have spent more time poking around your website. There is so much information there! You have done a good job putting it together. ... Thank you for your time,
Dorene Paterson

I like the search feature on your site, it makes it easy to use! ...
Connie Gray

This web [site] is AMAZING! After searching the web for endless hours, nothing even compares to all of your information. ... for my AP U.S. History term paper I am asking: How was the route of the Transcontinental Railroad selected? What role did the surveys play along with politics? I will be reviewing the surveys of the proposed routes and examining congressional debates, newspapers etc. We are only allowed to use primary sources which makes all this extra hard, but your website has helped me sooo much in terms of writing my proposal and including my sources. ...Thanks,
... wow, thank you SO much for your help!!! You have no idea how much time that saved me. Thanks again,
Becca Wenner, Washington, DC

What a magnificent, evocative, panorama. It brightened, an otherwise grim day ...
Larry Mullaly

I looked at your CPRR website with great interest and pleasure.  You have, without question, some absolutely stunning views — extremely well done!
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I am a UPRR man's daughter!!! and have enjoyed all the work and info! ... Just what I needed. I am also going to use your site as part of our home school study this year. Couldn't ask for better!!!
Kathy Lin Eggleston

I've been gearing up for the new school year trying to find some updated teaching resources for my own class page. I found many of your railroad history links helpful, thank you for putting together this great list. I also wanted to share this page I liked that you do not yet have listed. Thanks again for the great suggestions and enjoy the rest of summer!
Kelly Buckley, Mrs. Buckley's Class

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Jaymi Seely

Your website is wonderful, and I have spent many hours here doing research for a historical ecology project I am working on for Monterey Bay. The amount of information that you have compiled in an easy-to-search area is inspiring ... thanks again for the great website!
Andrea Woolfolk, Stewardship Coordinator, Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, Watsonville, CA

... thank you for helping us bring this important part of our history to life! ... You have been so helpful and pleasant to work with. A sincere thank you!
Bonnie Rogers, Curator of Education, Utah State Historical Society

... Thank you for your wonderful site! ... Thank you again for the beautiful work you have done on your web site. ...
Amy Goldsmith, Daves Avenue School, Los Gatos, CA

Enjoy your site tremendously!! Very informative and, by my observations, well sourced for facts. You have a very intelligent and astute group of providers, both photographically and informationally. ...
Morgan J. Gayvert, co-author of Three Feet on the Panhandle, the history of the Waynesburg & Washington Railroad.

... I found the website very useful.
Carol Coleman, Nevada Historical Society

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Rasal Khan

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This was my first time to get on this web site and I want to tell you I think it is great! I'll be back to look at this site again. My great grand father & my grand father worked on the railroad in Ark.& Okla. in 1860's? - 1900's ... Especially the one that ran through FT. Smith, ARK. Henry Nye & William T. Nye is who I am talking about that worked for the railroads. When I was growing up in Okla. we lived very close to a railroad track, maybe 185 feet or less from it. So I spent many a nights listening to the train whistles. So seeing this site brought back memories. Thanks,
Martha Harris

... Thank you for such a comprehensive web site. The amount of material is almost overwhelming. ...
Lou Henkel

As always you are incredible. Two views in one day that I didn't know existed ... Thanks again,
Don Snoddy, former Director, Union Pacific Railroad Museum

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Gary S.

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Mark R. Alley

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Love it. Thanks!!!
Glen Sheehan, Photographer
Redsam - Vanishing Nevada

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I recently ran across your web site.  It is EXCELLENT!!  Keep up the good work. ... I happen to be deeply involved in 19th Century locomotives as I own and operate Eureka & Palisade locomotive #4 "Eureka" which was built in 1875 by Baldwin.  It is an American 4-4-0 narrow gauge.   Occasionally I take it out for public exhibition, such as at Railfair 99 in Sacramento.  Our next outing will be on the Durango & Silverton ...  Even though I'm involved in the operational end of this old equipment, I thoroughly enjoy the historical images you have made available on your website.  Such efforts help keep me inspired to keep the 19th century railroading alive.  Thanks again for a great site.
Dan Markoff, Las Vegas, Nevada

... Your site has such great photos and information. I have included ... a short history of the Chrysopolis as it relates to Benicia and the Pony Express on my [Benicia, California] site. ...
Susan Erwin, Editor, Benicia Living
What a great explanation of rail wear!  I never really had any concept of how it worked before. ...

... your web sites with rail things is just great ...
Louis R Zarowin

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Kevin Byrd, South Johnston High School

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Jeremy Hemenway, High School teacher in Cheyenne, WY

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Sybil Bates McCormack

Great Web site Links ...
Ray Robinson, Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railroad, Deadwood, Oregon

... Impressive
Brendan Nee and Preston Theler

... very nice website ...
Kim Viner, senior docent at the Laramie Plains Museum in Laramie, WY

Got it. Thanks so much!
Lee Aronsohn

I enjoyed browsing your site today ... especially the old pictures.
Leah Olson

I took a look at the CPRR Railroad Photographic History Museum and was quite impressed!  A great site. ...
Bruce M. Powell, Superintendent, Golden Spike National Historic Site, National Park Service

I am so glad someone thought to preserve the history on film, and that the pictures have been preserved.
Edna Marnette Hart Click, Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter of UPRR Construction Contractor Lewis Carmichael

Remarkable! It's genuinely amazing piece of writing ...

Thanks for your additional help. ... Again, I would like to thank you for your support and quick response to my request.
Bernard Bachmann

I am a student ... working on a project about Chinese immigration to America during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. I have used your website to get a lot of really helpful information and I loved how it was constantly backed up by primary source documents....

" ... As I investigated further, I was able to visit another web site dedicated to the history of this little gem of a railroad, The Railroad Photographic History Museum. Written by Bruce C. Cooper, this online history is chock full of historical information about the B&MLRR and the Central Pacific Railroad. Mr. Cooper has amassed photographs, copies of schedules, tickets, maps and other items in addition to something I wish every historian would include in a history of a railroad. He put in lots of legwork and included the detailed track plans of just about every station stop and siding along the way. These details were invaluable to me when I laid the tracks for my model of the railroad. ... "
John D'Angelo, A Short Line of Distinction.

Thank you for hard working in this helpful website.

Hossein Basi

... rich in history of the steam engine railroad, its important role in our nations history and contains great photographs for the train enthusiast.
Cyber Patrol's CyberGuide

You have a great website! ...
Pembroke Herbert, Picture Research Consultants

I certainly enjoyed your very extensive site. I am a teacher in Moorpark, California. ... Thanks so much,
Cathy Peters

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You have some great pictures ...  I will recommend your site to others I write to.  Thanks again.
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Fantastic site ... You have a grand website, I have learned a lot of new things here ...
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I took time this morning to navigate your CPRR site.  Very impressive.  I have sent it on to other interested historians.  ...

Hi, I have a presentation to do for my East Asian Studies history class on "Chinese Immigrants working of US Railroads." You have great pictures on your website! ...
Thank you so much, great website!
Caitlin Lashnits

... The Curator who has designed and developed one of our ... History Gallery ... Interactive pieces has sourced many images for this piece back to your website. ...
Oakland Museum of California

I won't waste your time by telling you how great your site is - shoot, I just did! ...
Harry R. Jordan

I visited your museum this evening.  Wow!  It has to be a labor of love. ...
Jan Hanna, Old Ink Books & Maps

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Anne M. Stjern

I had just run across your website. Very Nice! I have the ability to view stereographs without a viewer by looking at each picture with each eye. Your section of these is quite enjoyable! Keep up the good work.  ...  I have a piece of dated rail with this lettering: "Moss Bay Steel 1882 50 lbs. CPRR."  ...  Very nice section on the rails.
John Zentmyer

I have just finished spending some time at your web site "Eastward to Promontory." Well done! I have taught a class entitled "Iron Horses to Promontory" and am always looking for new sources of information. (I also am on the look out for mistakes in such sources-sorry, I didn't find any in yours!)
Bruce Hendrick, Brea, California

Thank you for putting together and maintaining my idea of a website!
Chester Hartwell, Saugerties, NY

Your site is indeed very beautiful. ...
Maya Lessov, Screaming Flea Productions, for The History Channel

As a high school history teacher I have found your photo museum to be a fantastic resource. Thanks very much. ...
Steve Totheroh

... I learned so much from your web site. ... Thanks for all the helpful links to other web sites and to the books ... Thank you so much.

You have produced one of the nicest RR sites I've visited.  ...  The photo of the Belfast Station circa 1875 fascinated me.  So after an exhaustive search I have decided to make a model of  [the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad].
Byron Woodcock, Clarion, Pennsylvania

Wow, you are sure quick. ...
Brenda Hay, Webmaster, Census Finder, "#1 Source for free census records online."

... great website ...
Bruce Halliburton

Amazing: I love all the info along with the pictures... doing a National History Day project and I need a lot of info on the the first transcontinental railroad, and like I said is helping me a lot.

... very nice website ...
Tom Swailes, Bollington, Cheshire, England

I love your site, and find it very helpful when responding to our patrons. ... Thanks for your good work, and for making your collections available to us "out there."
Tom Carey, Librarian, San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library

I am a teacher teaching Chinese language and Chinese history in a private Chinese school ... My students, who are among 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, are all Chinese American learning Chinese as a heritage language. ...We will have a discussion about how much Chinese railroad workers contributed to this project, how they started their lives in this country, and what influences they made to the history of Chinese American. ... I always believe that photos say a lot of words themselves. Photo reading is such a great strategy to teach a history lesson. Students can find connections between them and the history through reading a valuable photo carefully. Therefore, I would like to use these photos in my lesson to attract students' attentions and open a great and deep discussion. Thank you so much ...
Thank you so much for your prompt response. I didn't expect I will get your answer on Sunday! I really appreciate your efficiency. ... all six pictures ... look great. I believe my students will be very impressed by those photos. I will definitely introduce your fabulous website to my students who can get valuable information about the CPRR to complete their homework assignment after this lesson. ... thank you again for your help. If you need me to translate any document that contains Chinese, I would be glad to try. This will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about Chinese American history. By the way, where is your museum located? I would really like to visit your museum one day to see those fabulous collections. You guys did a great job!
Shin Chi Fame Kao, Teacher of Tzu Chi Academy, Irvine, California

... This is a really well written. ...
Kevin Luther

... I am an 11th grade participant in National History Day. My project this year is the Transcontinental Railroad, and you are certainly one of the biggest resources on the web regarding this event. ...
Jeremy Deal

Congratulations to you and your web site. It certainly impressed the Union Pacific. Their UP150.com site links to you via the history timeline. I was looking for information on Thomas Durant and the Credit Mobilier when I found the link. I've known about your site for several years now after finding your "reprint" of the J.B. Silvis article. I found the information presented accurate and extensive. Thank you for your research efforts.
Jim Hansen in Montana

Thank you so much for this valuable information.
Brenda Harbin

Oh, yes! We are delighted with your coverage. ...
Thea M. Page, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California

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Chris Pilson

Earlier this year I submitted a brief question and was pleasantly surprised at the many thoughtful and insightful answers. ...
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... Visit cprr.org for current research and lots of interesting stuff.
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Esther Ward

Hi, I'm writing a historical novel. ... Thank you SO much for your quick reply! ... Oh, how wonderful to have your help. Thanks! ... Your website has been a tremendous help. It's the best one I've found on railroads in the nineteenth century. THANK YOU!!! The pictures have especially been helpful, since I've never rode in a railroad car during that time period. They've let me 'see' through my characters' eyes.
Kristin Bliss

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Duane Bartholemew

I came across your website tonight and have been reading it and clicking on links for the past several hours. Thank you for the time it must have taken to put together so much information. ...
Gene Luevano, Cerritos, CA

I visited your web site earlier today (www.cprr.org) and I just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative web site ... It's not often that I come across a web site that offers a wealth of quality and hard to find information ...
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Linda Dalton

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Carey Montesano, Educational Resource Manager, Old Tucson Studios

You have a great website & messaging program! I applaud your quick and professional responses. I appreciate everyone's help ...
Howard Banks

Dear CPRR,
... St Raphael's [School in California] is allowing me to teach a segment to the ... 4th grade ... class on the transcontinental railroad. ... While surfing the web to see if there were any activities I could use, and to educate myself about the transcontinental railroad, I came across your site (actually through the SCORE website).  It's wonderful!  I think the interactive railroad game looks great! ... Your site is really quite wonderful. ...
Jeanmarie Alo

Many thanks. Great additions.
Kyle K. Wyatt, Curator of History & Technology, California State Railroad Museum

... very interesting.  I'll incorporate [the CPRR Museum] when I teach the class again next fall [2000].
Joel Michaelsen, UCSB

4th Grade Social Studies Resources
Central Pacific Railroad: Photographic History Museum
This is an interesting and well-designed web museum of the Central Pacific Railroad. It has pictures and descriptions of the building process, biographies of the owners, a timeline, news articles and much more.
Napa Valley Educator's Resource Page

Really great job ... I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your CPRR pics, and seeing all the old relics.
Roman Figun

Thank you again ... you are truly amazing!
Patti Kelleher

I must say that you have a very nice website. Thanks,
Stewart Huckaby, Heritage Rare Coin Galleries

The most interesting find on the web ... is the wealth of photographic resources available at cprr.org.
Craig Crouch

... I would like to commend you on the quality and usefulness of your website. I live in Northern Utah and became interested in the Promontory area and the history and impact of the railroad. Naturally, that is how I found your website. Yours is the most informative and complete that I have come across. ... I have made a donation to CPRR.ORG via PayPal.
Michael VanTyne

I am giving a talk today on skin cancers and I wanted to use your picture of all the men standing around at the joining of the Union Pacific railway to illustrate their dress and the fact that they are all wearing hats (thereby reducing their exposure to the sun). ... Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
Debbie Soldano

I don't usually email about websites but the [CPRR] is near and dear to me for many reasons. I know how much work goes into a site like this and you have done a great job. The information is incredible and I hope to be able to come back and enjoy it for quite some time. ... Thank you for this website.
... I've been using part of your site as a resource for my fourth graders for some time now so I wanted to send you a thank you :) My name is Nicole and I'm a teacher with Pine Mountain School District in California. In January we started a program which teaches our kids how to effectively use the internet for research ... Your links page was one that the kids found and added it to our classroom bookmarks! We use it often :) ...Thanks again!
Nicole DiCaprio

I love your website on the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad ...
Caleb Randolph

... this site is the best source I could possibly have ...

... excellent archive ...
Jim Kluksdahl

Golden Web Award, 2005-2006 Winner of the 2005 - 2006 Golden Web Award. Congratulations! Central Pacific Railroad Museum has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2005-2006 Golden Web Award. In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.
International Association of Web Masters & Designers

Thank you again for ... the Pacific Railroad website.  I have obtained a wealth of information ... from the site ...  I am extremely impressed by the attention to detail included.  The high-speed internet connection was certainly useful.  ...  I was particularly interested in the tunneling involved with the completion of the railroad as well as Lewis M. Clement's explanation of the difficulties encountered and the price of the project.  It appears as though, since the project was completed ahead of schedule, those in power assumed that the task was easy.  Mr. Clement does an outstanding job of justifying the practices of the railroad.
Mike DiCicco

... I enjoyed checking out the [CPRR Museum website]. I've looked at the CPRR photos previously and it seems a new experience each time. ...
Francois D. "Bud" Uzes, P.L.S.

Thank you so much! This will really help. I appreciate it. I will look through all of it and see how it might work into my story. Again, thanks!
Erick Reinstedt

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Lisa K. Neuberger

Your images ... are very enjoyable ... Thank you for the terrific website and all the hard work that you've put in to document this history. I ... was thrilled by the great photo's you've posted. ... spectacular too. It always amazes me to find so much information on the World Wide Web when looking for items of interest. Keep up the good work ...
Mel Brown, author of CHINESE HEART OF TEXAS: The San Antonio Community 1875-1975.

Your site is quite beautiful. ...

Thank you. I am impressed by the helpful responses I have received from CPRR.
Steve Bartholomew

I was browsing trying to identify some railroad postcards published by the Southern Pacific RR and found your site. What an example of fine scholarship! While I did not find the information I was looking for, I did get so involved in looking at your site and following the links that I have a whole new appreciation for the historical importance of railroads in the settlement of our country. Many thanks.
Jasper Green Pennington, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Thanks ... your website ... is very impressive.  I am happy to have provided ... the 1860 Republican Platform ... it makes a nice addition to your collection of information.
Terence M. Lengyel

Wow what a resource ...
Jim Jeffery

We are sophomore students enrolled in an honors history course. ... the National History Day competition ... is a nationwide contest for high school students. This years theme is triumph and tragedy in history. ... We have chosen to do our project on the Transcontinental Railroad because of its effects on American society. The photographs on your website inspired us to create a documentary ... Thank you for creating such a thorough webpage on the history of the railroad.
K.L. and C.M.

My son was granted permission to use ... pictures ... [of] the letter written from William Smith in 1875 which describes his journey on the transcontinental railroad, as part of his exhibit ... for the California History Day competition ... His individual exhibit project is on the transcontinental railroad and the impact it had on America. ... We are happy to say that he won the California competition [and] is now representing the state of California at the [2013] National History Day competition at the University of Maryland ...
Debbie Moore

... You have here a fabulous source of imagery on your site & I applaud the work that has gone into this site! ...
Tracy Britt

... Your CPRR website is phenomenal ... sooo beautiful and so educational, I'd love to share your website to my class.
Kim Mui

Thank you so much that [information about how the Transcontinental Railroad lead to the creation of the time zones in the United States] was so helpful! You are great!

Hi!  What a Great Site!!  I am looking for locomotive pictures especially of CP 237 (El Gobernador) a 4-10-0 steamer of 1883 made by the Central Pacific shops. ... Thanks!!! ...
Wow!! Thanks! What a great page! Just came back from a driving trip to Northern Cal following I-80 to Chicago and kept looking at the UP tracks along the way! One of these years I will take the off road drive just west of Promontory and drive the original road bed for 90 some miles!! ... Thanks Again for you time and response!!! Keep up the good work on the web site!! lots of good info there!!!
Clint Mason, Electronic Design Engineering, Philips Advance Transformer

Hey, I just recently started school (big whoop! hehe) and in my Honors Government class we were given this assignment where we must partner up, take the historical dates we are given, and make a time line. We are required to use 50 images out of 75 dates, and captions for the events, blah blah. Anyway, basically im trying to get my first 15 this weekend and i found your website off yahoo when i typed Transcontinental Railroad. There were 2 specific pictures i was wondering if i could use for that event? However, my printer doesnt have colored ink ... my mom actually hasnt bought any in almost a whole year... don't ask me how we survived with that one, hehe ... I'm trying to sound professional for a sophmore..  (hehe) am i doing alright? ok, well, ... I thought that was really neat and i'd think my teacher would be like "wow thats so good! A ++++++." lol.. keep dreaming right? yeah, well..  lol i really liked those 2 pictures, even though your whole site is so full of information! its really good! However, i've got a few more pictures i need to look up... so I'm really hoping you guys get back to me before Monday?.. lemme think... yea monday.. because that is my due date for my 15 pictures. Thanks so much! Have a great day!!! :-)

I just came across your website and found it to be a wonderful railroad resource! Your website offers several different resources relating to the history of railroads, along with resources to learn more about railroads. With all the information that's provided, it's almost like a one-stop-shop for all those interested in railroads! ...
Ashley Hasler

love your site ...
Jon Protas, Eric Warren, and Eric Lehnartz, SepiaTown Co-Founders

But wait - in researching one of the other stamps on these pages, I found the incredible site of The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum, which you must visit, it has a fabulous collection of railroad prints, including a classic Currier & Ives showing the Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge.
Trains on U. S. Stamps and Postal Stationery

... You have a very educational and entertaining website!
Jaime F.M. Serensits, Publisher, The Railroad Press

Thanks ... for the quick answer – I've been looking for the photo for a long time – really glad to see it. Great website.
Rick Comeau

Thanks so much!! I appreciate your help.
Angela Watercutter, on the research desk at WIRED Magazine

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. ... I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Good job! Very interesting. Thank you.
Brenda Williams

I will look your site over some more, it's very interesting.  Thanks
Donny Marincic, Trail Boss, California Wagon Trail

Thank you for a delightful, well-written article in the CPRR museum. I teach two US History classes at University of Memphis ...
John Robertson

Many thanks for your prompt and informative reply to my query. I greatly appreciate it. ...
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... You have a GREAT website. Thanks.
Katy Tahja and her ferroequanologist (Train loving) husband David

I would like you to know how awesome I thought your website was!  ... I am a student from Rosemead High School working on my History Day Project.  Our theme this year is "Turning Points in History."  After several days of pondering, I decided to use the "Transcontinental Railroad" as my research topic.  I didn't know where to begin my research, there was so much to learn and so many places to learn from.  I decided to click a few icons on the Internet and your website came up.  From your website, I learned some very interesting facts and saw some great photographs.  You gave me a good overview of its impact, importance and greatness ... basically answers that I was looking for.  I knew at the moment it was something I was definitely interested in learning more about. ...  Sincerely,
Emily F.

You have a wonderful site and I commend your work!
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Chip Bates

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Various anonymous discussion group comments

... You seem to have to have an incredibly vast amount of knowledge on your website. ...
Barbara, Big Bear Lake, California

Very interesting. Thanks!
Steve Ewald

I just happened across your B&ML website, and wanted to compliment you it's one of the most beautifully executed RR historical sites I've ever seen. Thank you so much for putting it up there!
Jeff Plate, Marshfield, MA

I found your website to be very facinating escpecially the section on how the "Chinese and Irish did not Blow Each Other Up." I am working on a National History Day project about the Chinese and Irish contributions in the making of the Transcontinental Railroad. This year's theme is about "Encounter, Exploration, or Exchange." We take the theme and research an area of interest to present in an exhibit, powerpoint or performance. Would someone at your site be willing to answer a few questions? ... Thank you so much for your quick response. I was very excited to open the email this morning and find such a detailed list of answers. This will be a huge help on our project. I will let you know how we do in the competition in December. Thanks again.
T.G., Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine, California

I'm writing to congratulate you on all your work.  I'm amazed at how much has been done ...  All the best ...
Glenn Willumson, Curator, Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University

I am very impressed with your website, if not overwhelmed!! ... Thank you for a wonderful website of historic information and images.
Bonnie Miller, Calaveras County Historical Society

... your website is very informative and very helpful for my assignment. ... I am a junior in high school, and I am writing a paper on the Industrial Revolution ... Thanks so much

I loved ... your Railroad Idioms web page.
Evan Clark, NetControl Terminal, Union Pacific Railroad

Thank you so much for the information. It was very helpful.

... let me compliment your staff on the website. I not only learned valuable information for my family's history, I was thoroughly entertained by the many quotes between sections of the site. Thank you for a fun and valuable experience! ...
Elease King

Great site.
Steven Bechtold, California

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Fritz N. Kuenzel, Railroad Locomotive Engineer

I am a professional land surveyor with some 35 years of experience (15 years of which was as a government land surveyor (cadastral surveyor))...  Just a quick line to say thanks.  I am a railroad / history nut (my wife's definition) and think you have hit the peak with this site. ... I have been cruising your site and am discovering more and more great things about it.  The old magazine and tech. journal articles are great. ... Keep up the great work.  Our history is our record of conduct and a guide to how we approach the future.  We should learn from our successes and apply that knowledge to our lives.
Dan Bauer, Otak Inc.

... You're amazing! Thanks!

Love CPRR.org!
Brian D. Liddicoat, Watsonville, CA

Thanks for the great resource ... We are a group of librarians and educators who are curating and creating the best educational resources for kids on the web.
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Best of the
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Your website won Shmoop's Best of the Web award for Great Inventions of the Gilded Age! Shmoop is an education website for students and teachers (middle school through college ages). Our mission is to make learning fun and relevant for today's students. Each of our learning guides includes a "Best of the Web" section, where we point teachers and students to quality, reliable websites for further exploration. And we picked your site! Our writers (who are mostly Ph.D. students at Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, etc.) pick the sites that go into our Best of the Web section. Teachers and students rely on our expert writers to point out only the highest quality websites, so you should feel quite honored! You can check out our learning guide for Great Inventions of the Gilded Age ... Congratulations and thanks for providing such a great resource for teachers & students.
Celeste & The Shmoop Team

More Praise for Document Collections ... a wonderful collection of digitized contemporary articles on the building of the transcontinental railroad and its times ...
Convergence Law Institute

I've looked at your web site several times in the past.  You have lot's of great material, especially the printed documents that you have reproduced.  It's a great reference. ...
Steve Heselton

I've much enjoyed your website on the CPRR. Keep up the good work. I've been diligent reading all the fine pages you have posted, "studying up" for a retirement trip to Promontory that I'm planning after I wrap upa 43 year railroad career. ... Tell me who is at the other end of this telegraph wire...? You chaps seem to work 24 hours a day, even on weekends. ... You do a marvellous job ... and ... obviously have a tremendous amount of website competence. Congratulations on a work so well done! ... Dang, but you guys are GOOD! ... The people who "populate" this CPRR List, and the family who runs it, are an incredible lot! Has ever a question been posed that you chaps were unable to answer? Bless you, one and all!
Abram Burnett, New Cumberland, PA

I am amazed at your detective work. ... you have established a level of credibility and professionalism with your web page that has become accepted nationally ... Regards,
Ed Strobridge

... With all the splendid information on your site I will have to visit it a few times to read it all. I will recommend it to my RR friends and their families. Job well done to those who keep it going and updated.

Thanks again for the (really!) many references that you gave me!

I just came across your wonderful site.  I don't know how I missed it for 2 1/2 years.  Let me commend you for the organization, the layout, and the contents.  I have added a link on my site about cable cars.  As a cable car enthusiast, I was particularly interested to read about your great-great-great-grandfather, Lewis M Clement.  I will have to add him to my list of people important in the development of the cable car. I was also interested to see the chapters from Henry Root's memoirs.  It is a hard book to come by.
Joe Thompson
The Cable Car Home Page
San Francisco Bay Ferryboats

Thanks for your website. ... I visited your website (CPRR.org) for the first time last night and I noticed that you had some family tree resources. ... You are doing some lovely work, and it is evidently appreciated by many people. ...
Melanie Walters, Family Tree Templates

I found your site so interesting, I bookmarked it. It is gratifying to know that this history will not be lost so that future generations will know where about out country and those who built it.
Helen A. Steinbrueck

Kudos on a fantastic blog.
Alan Prowell

... the site looks great ...
Bill Timme

... your web site is wonderful and ahh inspiring!!! ...
Peter J. McClosky

what a wonderful site ... my Dad was a third-generation Jersey Central Engineer, so my personal love of the railroads runs deep. ... thank you. I really appreciate your kindness and advice.
Dorothy E. Finnegan, PhD, Associate Professor, The College of William and Mary Williamsburg, VA

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum — Be sure to visit this site! It is one of my favorites.
Stereoviews of the Nineteenth Century

I have reviewed your site with great enjoyment. ...
Linda H. Moorhouse, Operations Manager, Jencons Scientific

One can always tell a labor of love. ...
Bill Weatherford, Morro Bay, Ca.

... cheers ... I really enjoy reading what all you brains say in the discussion group. I will always be available for questions on railroad history, especially the SP. ... Thanks. ... You folks are amazing to me in the depth of your knowledge on CP. Thanks so much for all the effort you have put into it. ... Good luck in all you do and if you think of something with which I might be helpful be sure to holler. ... I ran thru all the history pages and could hardly believe my eyes at what you have amassed on CPRR history. Does your halo's light keep you awake at night? It is truly amazing! ... Again, congratulations on your fantastic work with CPRR Museum. ... And I certainly appreciate what you are doing at the CPRR museum. ... you have done wonders ... You have done masterfully and I'm so glad to be able to help. ... This project of yours is very dear to my heart. ... I am so pleased to be even a tiny part in your magnificent production of the cprr.org and its many wonderful exhibits.  Thanks for letting me do what I could. ... Your CPRR website gets better and better. ... a magnificent website for posterity.
[Lynn D. Farrar is the former Valuation Engineer for the Southern Pacific Company; see the CPRR biographical notes]

Thank you so very much for the information. It's going to be of great help to me. ... Again, thank you so much.
Mayra Pars

... a word of thanks to you, the museum, and "correspondents"... for assistance, information, and corrections. ...
Heise Huntington, Zamboni & Huntington Books, Bangor, Maine

I visited your site and have to say Im very impressed. ... real professionals.
Halina Hofmann

Like your site very much. And thank you for adding a link to my [Southern Pacific Railroad] site.
David Coscia

... the most ambitious web site user agreement of all time ... The legalese ... gives every sign of having been professionally drafted by a competent lawyer .... We've been cracking each other up by reading selections aloud ...
Blog, Yale University, School of Law

Anonymous Replies:
> It looks like a parody that was intended to illustrate the absurdity of EULA's and copyright law. ...
> The links at its top strongly suggest it's a spoof – if so I have to say as a practising UK lawyer I think it's a pretty good one. ...
> ... a museum curator's equivalent of a primal scream. ...

All aboard! Anyone can enjoy the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum, but train and history buffs will be immediately entranced. This isn't a slick site, yet people wouldn't come to it to see the latest in Web design. Instead, you'll find amazing photos, drawings and maps about the people, places and times when railroads expanded across the United States, opening its wide expanses to the world. The challenges of the enterprises - from chicanery to smallpox to natural barriers - is covered in great detail, with lots of links from one section to the next to keep you constantly clicking, much as the trains themselves finally rolled across the tracks. While most sites avoid lots of text, this one gives you plenty to read as you learn the good and the bad about a bygone time. Destination: history!"
Mary Westheimer, Host, Eye on the Web – An international radio show featuring the fun and fanciful world of the Web, sponsored by sculptor Kevin Caron

It's a great site you got.
Benjamin Sandström Olsen, Denmark

... wonderful job ...

I just wanted to let you know that I think this is an awesome web site.  Not much of a train person myself, I've found myself doing a university paper on trains.  It was your web site that really got me interested, especially with such amazing photos.  Keep up the great work, I'm sure many find you to be inspiring.
Heather Litke

It has been my intention to ... link to your site ... every since I first saw CPRR.org.  As soon as our web site construction advances to the point of adding links, rest assured that we will link to this tremendous site.  Sincerely,
Bob Hanover, National Park Service

Re: CDV's of Engineers
... Got a chance to look at the CDV's.  Quite impressive work.  I'm glad you were able to incorporate them into your web site.
Bill S. Lee

Nice site! The before and after photographs of the BMLRR Belfast Armstrong turntable filled in were just heartbreaking. ...
Jason Kirkfield

The website is very informative and also amazing in the captured pictures. ...
Dean Chartraw

... compliments on your virtual museum. It is fantastic! ... an excellent example of what can be done.
Chris Lambrecht, Atlanta Georgia

... This website has been a big help. Thanks!
Joel Ashcroft

Thank you for such a quick reply to my inquiry; it's really appreciated.
Lyne Benard

Thank you for the quick response and helpful links.
Howard Watkins

Thanks so much for the information and your swift reply.
Alana H. Lines, Reference Assistant, Eugene Public Library, Oregon

Thank you again for the wonderful site and the help in recreating the ... Pullman Rail Car ... for the theater production of "Once In A Lifetime" at Tarrant County College here in Fort Worth Texas.
Jeffrey Stachmus

... This extraordinarily rich collection of photos, stereographs, engravings, and 19th century writing provides first-hand accounts of the building of that first trans-continental railroad.
Tech Learning

Thank you for your site.
Tom Moore

I have just re-read your history of the BML – it is excellent – the best history I have seen. ...
Joey Kelley, Webmaster, Railroads of Northern New England

... I am a history teacher ...  I love your website.  Thanks
Lawrence Thibault

Thank you very much for letting me use the pictures ... for my U.S. History AP class ... slide show. ... you are a great help. ...
Thank you very much y'all have been a great help to me I really apreciate it ...

Great Site!!!
Keith Pattison

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Buzz Swett

Looked at the site and offer my compliments, especially on the java[script] rollover to achieve stereo effects.  ...  Sincerely
Miklos Legrady

Love your site ...
William B. Becker, Director, The American Museum of Photography

I work for Senator Barbara Boxer in her San Francisco office.  We are currently in the process of putting up a webpage that is devoted to Asian Pacific American History Month and would like to link to your site ...  Thanks ...
Liz Pallatto

My son is a 4th grade student ... required to do a social studies project for school ... due Friday. I was thrilled to find the pictures that are available to print out ... Thank you so much for responding so quickly. ...
Karen E. Muniz

I really enjoyed reading through your extensive website, great information!
Rick Kelly

... really informative ... Numerous people will be benefited from your writing.

I have seen the CPRR.org website. I really enjoy the photos! How great to have a family member who was involved with the construction! ...

... we came across your wonderful website in our research ... Keep up the marvelous work!
Dr. Ellen Stekert

Your site rules ... Hey, you have an awesome site!  And better yet, you made it on a Mac!  Sweet. ... Your site was very very helpful to me, especially all the pictures.  Thanks much!
Andy Wonderly

... What a great site! An online museum. This is what the Internet was created for. ...
Caren Secord, Calgary, Alberta

This information is invaluable. ...

I love your website, and thank you for educating us on the contributions of workers from China.
Tom Baer

... That's quite a history that your family is apart of, and we've enjoyed the CPRR.org website for years! We especially like the early photographs. ... Thanks again,
Ivan & Catherine Oakeson

My kid is doing research on Golden Spike National Historic Site.  The info on your website was very helpful (and it doesn't hurt either that I am a train buff!).  Thanks,  EJ

My wife and I have been having a great time exploring your new CPRR Web site.  I don't think I've ever seen another so well put together, cross-referenced, and extensive.  I wonder what L. M. Clement and Jacob Blickensderfer, inspector members of U.S. Special Pacific Railroad Commission, would think of taking the trip in hours by computer? ...  My wife thanks you for including, among other things, the 19th century books online and the Currier & Ives prints.  I want to thank you for including LARGE images. I'm a visually stimulated person.  Seeing the large image of folks standing on top of the freight train - Freight Train Rounding Cape Horn  (Watkins' New Cabinet Series, detail), and of the locomotive FALCON (Locomotive Falcon at Argenta, Nevada), stretches my imagination.  I try to transport back to their time (1850s to 1880s) and it amazes me what folks did back then: How do you make and maintain 66 inch drivers and their tires along with the rest of the locomotive - in Utah?  How do you move and position that 75 foot log that becomes part of a trestle?  Railroad progress too slow, want to work at night under the lights - haul in more whale oil ... Got to maintain the 1.75% grade, so cut right through that granite mountain with pick axes, a little black powder and that new fangeled nitro stuff - and do it this month.  The heat - how did they cope ...  - fastest thing on earth is the 60 mph 4-4-0. ...  - how do you feed thousands of workers ... it's going to be fun learning the story of the CPRR.  And thanks to everyone who worked on or supplied material for the project.  Most appreciated.
Clevis Jones

I came across your site, http://cprr.org, and absolutely loved it!
Idris Adeyanu, Eurail

... fantastic website, specifically the page on the Palace Hotel ... Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful and detailed website! It's a true treasure trove.
Rob Spoor, San Francisco City Guides, Palace Hotel Guide

... great photos and a very nice set of web pages that you have put together for them.
Steve Splonskowski

Neat site ...
David Epling, Central California Rails

My son is doing a report on the transcontinental railroad and the golden spike ceremony for his 8th grade history class. ... Thank you.... Pretty impressive. ...
Mike McIntyre

... what a great site! You have SO much information, and it's been really, really helpful for this project my friend and I are doing for AP US History. ...

Thank you so much for the info and the quick reply, it was very much appreciated!
Valerie Powers

Thanks for the information [about transcontinental railroad landmarks and the Indians and the railroad]. It is very helpful!
Alex Carroll

One of the best educational resources on the Web. ...  Academic Excellence Award.

I looked at your wonderful website. I really enjoyed it and wish to visit again. ...
Susan Maskin

Wonderful site to see!  I am new to being a railroad fan ... Just wanted to tell you how I appreciate this site ... Came here through Senior Net Book discussion ...
Faith Rogers, From Beautiful River City ... minutes away from the Sacramento Museum

Great Website! ...
Johanna Spangenberg

... Thanks again for your quick and helpful response ... your website was fascinating.
Erica Pinkston, Video Producer for the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for emailing me back This will help us out My son thought it was so neat that we got an email back from info he was looking for . Well we off to look at these web sites Thanks again
Judith Whitaker

I thank you and your volunteers for all of the hard work to keep history alive!
Erin Hotchkiss

I really like your website! ... great reading.  I was doing a search for abandoned railways (looking for track).  I work on a shortline railway.  ... on the steam engines (firing) as well as the standard gauge line to the Santa Cruz Beach and doing track work by handcar.  I even have a website for it- ... handcar.net and I'm looking for history and such about handcars, etc.

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Boyer, the music teacher at Edison Elementary in Edison, Ohio.  The fifth graders and I have been singing Paddy Works on the Railway, which prompted quite a conversation about the Transcontinental Railroad.  We were wondering where the Golden Spike is now, ... and we ... Just found it on the FAQ area of your web site!  My music students ... are quite enthralled.  ...  Love the web site ...  Thank you,
Jane Boyer

... You have a wonderful site!
Janet M. LaWall

WOW just what I was looking for. ...

... I'm writing the history of my great grandparents. Now a mystery has been solved, and a hole in the text can be filled in. I appreciate the expertise, generosity, and promptness of your response. Thanks again.
Vella Evans

... contains tons of useful information, thanks for providing ...

Thank you! These are great references it would have taken me a long time to find them at the library, weeks if not months.
Alice J. Friedemann

Thank you for sharing the photographs of the Transcontinental Railroad grade through the Sierra Nevada. I'm reading Stephen Ambrose's book* now and it has inspired me to explore the route someday in person. These images were an awesome surprise as I searched the internet, beginning at the Golden Spike Historic Site. Your generous contribution is much appreciated. ... Thank you ... for sharing some of your family history. You truly have railroad steel in your blood. ... I continued looking at your Sierra Grade images. What a treat!
Bill Brager, Forks, WA
*Bruce Cooper comments that "I am glad that you are reading Steve's book on the building of the Pacific Railroad. (I provided him with a great deal of material on L.M. Clement who turned out to be one of the key figures in his book.) Although Steve made a number of errors in some of the details of the story, his book nonetheless gives a wonderful flavor of just how magnificent an achievement building the railroad actually was. (When you finish Steve's book you may also find of interest the far more detailed account by David Bain called Empire Express.) ... I am delighted that you have found your viewing the rest my Sierra images such a treat. It was certainly great fun to visit and photograph the line as well as to create these galleries. It is very nice to know that they are appreciated. ... Thanks again for your interest in our family website and I hope you will find that it will give you many hours of enjoyment."

I just found your site again and wanted to drop you a line or two to let you know that I think your museum web site is fantastic. I will be placing it on my favorites list.  I am currently a Railroader working for the California Northern Railroad on the old ESPEE west valley line.  This line was at one time a part of the California Pacific that was absorbed by the CPRR and later by the ESPEE.  I've always been interested in the history of the first railroads of California and your site will be quite helpful in my amateur research on varying subjects.  Best regards,
J. Mark French

I can't begin to say how much I get from the CPRR website.  It's simply terrific, and so well constructed, especially with all the links.  ...  Keep up the great job!
Kevin V. Bunker, Student Assistant, California State Archives

I went to your Website and was amazed at the number of links you have.  What a great resource. ...
John Kowalewski, StandardNET Online News Editor

Wow ... The whole look of your web site is magnificent, let alone the content material! ...

The CPRR Museum is terrific  ... your museum is the best thing I've seen for many years re: the Pacific Railroad; keep on building on your success!  ...  WOW!! That sure looks impressive!  History can be fun, you know. ...  your site is extraordinary, you are providing good history for our country.  Thank You.  ...  Thanks for the GOOD HISTORY!!!! ...  your work is the best!  Thanks for putting the fruit of our labors on your site!! ... Thank you for letting me share the history I care so much about! ... [and] for being a good editor ... Thanks for stating so clearly the myths about the CPRR. ... What you are doing is quite remarkable, my hat is off to you! ... You do mighty well with your camera, and I do like the precision that you maintain in following history! ... Nice job, well done. ... A GIANT Thank you ... Thanks so much for the help ... You once again have done some remarkable work ... Good stuff ... THANK YOU for your kindness and thoughtfulness.
G.J. "Chris" Graves

"The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice" —Mark Twain.

... Your site is a really masterful one. I am greatly impressed by the thoughtfulness and hard work that went into it. ... I can't thank you enough for the time that you have spent ... and also for posting so much important material online ...
Steven Mintz, Professor of History and Associate Dean of the College of Humanities, Fine Arts and Communications, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

... It's nice to have it on a platter in this form. Fascinating reading.
John Sundbaum

I checked the site out and it's great! ...
Richard Marks

What a great site...
Loreley Hodkin, City Historian for the City of Auburn, California

Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful educational content on the web ...
Mark Whitman

...amazing galleries that you present on this website ...
Ken Pottmeyer

I've just learned of the demise of the B&MLRR, with much sadness ... that is some fabulous history you've written. I ... am always thrilled to come upon such quality historical research combined with very strong writing skills. Your piece is a loving tribute.
Kate Wallace Johnson, Okanogan, Washington

Thanks very much for the ... [Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad stock] certificate.  It's fascinating.  I appreciate your posting it.  We placed to a link to it in our commentary.
Doug Heller, USHistory.org

Great site!
Bill Light

Wonderful Wonderful ... I really enjoyed your web site.
Dan Pogo, The oil' gandy dancer.

Lots of great info on you web site. Thank you very much.
Theodore Berg, Lehman Brothers

"A nice collection of historic Central Pacific Railroad maps from the 19th century." ... I've added your site to my "Transportation Geography" category of links (although I plan on creating a "Railroads" category soon) ...  May it bring you much well-deserved traffic!
Matt T. Rosenberg, About.com Guide to Geography

Hello folks! Fantastic website! ... Keep up the good work.
John A. Habermann, P.E.

I am really impressed by your web site.  ...  Congratulations on a magnificent job in preserving the history of such an important entity in our country.
Arul Tandavan

... Thanks for your help and compliments for the beautiful site!
Stefano (student) Milan, Italy

... nice site!
Alan B. Howard, Director, American Studies Programs, The University of Virginia

... I truly thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

We found your website CPRR.org while surfing in Open Directory Project. We were very impressed with the design, and lay-out of your site.
Defining Presence Marketing Group

Thank you so much for a wonderful and informative site.  It will prove to be of great interest and education to many especially those who are railway collectors.  Congratulations. ...  Thanks again.
Bruce VanVranken

Thank you for your contributions to the history of our area.
Cyndi Dalton, Greater Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce

What a great site!
Robert A. Eisenberg

... an excellent addition to our directory. It is now active on EduHound.com.
EduHound.com: Everything for Education K-12!

I can't believe how great ... [the four restored vintage Union Pacific Railroad overland "shield" schedules] look!  I had picked them up at an estate sale (Effie Putnam Doyle).  They were hidden among a bunch of papers, ads etc., fixing to be tossed aside (last day of the sale).  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see they are being put to good use — they are something you don't see everyday. Thanks...
Betty Forsen

... excellent and most informative web site. ... Dr. George F. MacLachlan

First Transcontinental Railroad ... site... of high quality containing information and research within the Postal History area
Sllskapet fr Svensk Posthistorisk Dokumentation (Swedish Postal History Society)

... have taken a look at your great web site and I am very impressed.  ...  Warmest regards,
Doug Pruss

...  I'm enjoying your site immensely — very well done.
William Senkus
Trains on Stamps of the United States

I visited your site today and added you to my link list. Cool stuff. ...
Craig Goldwyn, Real 3D photography

Thanks for the wonderful resource. ...
Mike Madin

The "Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum" is a wonderful site ...  Thanks again,
George Izquierdo, Web Director, MayberryUSA Online

The website is fantastic and a great source of information.
Thanks — Mike McEachern

I visited your cprr.org website. Being a Shuttlerbug myself, I really enjoyed it.
Troy Wheeler, Archive Angel

These are really great photos ... and I enjoyed going through your site.
Elizabeth Lawrence, Overland Trail

Great Railroad Race - Virtual Museum and Game
Here is your chance to help America become united and economically strong. The Civil War has begun but it still takes months of dangerous travel to get across the U.S. from coast to coast. Business leaders, military planners, and travelers want a much faster and cheaper way to move goods and people. They want ships from Asia to be able to land in California and then send goods to buyers overland, rather than sending the ships all the way around the tip of South America to eastern harbors. In order to be strong, the nation must decide where to build a railroad to unite East and West. In 1862 Abraham Lincoln signs the Pacific Railway Act....
Orange Unified School District, California: Industrial Revolution - Academy of the Arts

Wow, you are great ... I'm wondering how a person can be so kind and helpful.
Thank you very much.
Henry M. Anderson

I have been spending more time at the CPRR site and can see that there is a tremendous amount of information there.  I can also see it is a labor of love. This is a very impressive site and thank you for taking the time to do this.  A few years ago we stopped at Promontory, Utah and saw where the connection between the two railroads was made. ...
Phillip A. Erickson

Nice job on the [Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad] site. I used to work for the BML on the Swedish locomotive. I fired it part time for a couple of years, and in the '99 operating season I was the engineer and primary care taker of it. ...
Leverett Fernald

Thanks again. ... I've enjoyed every article. Wish I'd known sooner!
Bill Anderson, The Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association

I very much enjoy your web site. The information and photos are outstanding. I was especially interested in the Bruce Frenzinger photos of the reproduction Jupiter and 119. ...
Bill Barbe

As a longtime rail fan, I love your website and all the historical, informative information on CPRR especially on early Western photographers that did work with rail companies.
Bob Riha, Jr., Photographer

Your web site is very impressive ...
Bill Gormly

The CPRR website is indeed wonderful – I intend to wander around in it in days to come.
"An Iowa collector"

A site that is overwhelmingly large, containing a virtual plethora of railroad information, images, and links.  A search feature is available to make navigation easier through the immense resources. Pages on this site include photo-galleries, biographies, railroad maps, booklists, stereograph exhibits and catalogs, and a site FAQ.  It also makes available numerous links to first hand sources of the railroad, such as articles from newspapers and magazines from the actual time of railroad construction.
Adam Grybowski, Rutgers University

VERY handsome. ...
J. David Sapir, Fixing Shadows

What a fabulous website!  ...  greatly appreciated!
Phil Hoose

You have a really nice web site.  We linked to the Museum from our Fun Facts Kids Page, which gets a lot of traffic.
Marilyn Knapp Litt, Webmaster - U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

Five StarsFive StarsFive StarsFive StarsFive Stars This is a terrific website that contains all manner of information about the first transcontinental railroad.  Learn about the people, the financing, the workers, and the work behind driving that first line across the United States.  It contains many links to railroad history and has info about preserving photographs.  ...  You have a very  neat website.  ...  A very impressive web site.
Beth Gibson, The Old West

Thank you!  [for the pictures for my son's School Report] My son and I are VERY excited.  The whole site has been very helpful with our research and since his grandparents came from Canton through San Francisco to Ogden, UT this has been very fascinating research for both of us.  Thank you again.
Aaron and Derek Omori

... thanks again.  I enjoyed surfing your website and the [permissions] process for the pictures has been a pleasure.
Robert Carr, Carr Productions [Video for the cable television International Channel]

Central Pacific Railroad Historical Site Provides great pictures and history of the Central Pacific Railroad.
Daylight Sales

Found your site fascinating.  ...  my grandfather, ... worked as a carpenter on the snow sheds.  ...  he was in the famous picture atop the engine ...
Liz Gero

You have a wonderful site!!

Road Train, Australia - Biggest Trucks G-Day to you
I just surfed across your web site again — it is very well done ...
Kingsley from Australia ... the Biggest Trucks you will ever see ...
[ɹǝpun uʍop puɐl ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ]

Great site! ... have just finished reading Stephen Ambrose's book about the Transcontinental RR ...

... wonderful page.  Thanks for making it available on the web.
Edmund Sass, Resources for Social Studies Homework Help

An extensive website ... A well-done piece of history on the web. ...
Railway Preservation News

I have added your great site to my links.
Sébastien Delcampe Philatelic Auctions

... The images in your collection are amazing ...
Justine Bertucelli, Lennon Documentary Group

Congratulations! A great article, informative ... The Central Pacific Railroad and the Legend of Cape Horn ...
Mike Schrupp

The Central Pacific's web pages are of a more historical nature, as you would expect.  Here is found original newspaper pages announcing the celebration at Promontory.  Also, ... brimming with awesome vintage photographs and stereographs of the period.  ...  big time web site.   This is WORTH a look!
Trade Wind Photography - Ogden Utah's Railroad Legacy

... you've a great and fascinating website.
Paul Tominac, San Francisco

... Your website is very interesting and informative. ... Thanks for putting together such a great website.
Edward R. Surber

I love cprr.org - it's awesome.

It is a very informative and interesting website. ...
Nancy Keiser

Great site! ...
Martin Flynn

... I'm very grateful for the use of those pictures ... I dropped them into the video and they work spectacularly!
Brendan Compton, Donner Rails Videos

travel66's choice, The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum.  This is one you "must see" if you love the Old West. A great site and one of my newest favorites!  ...  You have done a fine job and the photographs are very interesting.
Ron Post, travel66

Teacher's AppleGreat resource with lots of photos.  ... I checked out your site and it is wonderful!  ...  a good site for kids!  :-)
Paula Barnard, Fourth Grade Teacher
United States History Resources
Eagle Creek Elementary School, Arlington, WA

I have been reading Stephen Ambrose's book about the transcontinental railroad. A search with Google quickly took me to your astounding site. I was taken by the Thomas Hill portrait ... a great site. Thanks for the good work.
Ron Banks

Thank you for the help ...  Believe me when I say I can't say enough good things about your site. The on-line availability ... has been invaluable to our research. Where else could I have determined the weight of the Sacramento, as I needed to do yesterday, and was able to on your site in less than a half hour?  Please keep up the good work — you are a model for all sites aiming to balance access to both popular and in-depth research materials. ... everytime I check back to the CPRR website it is more helpful. ...  They are beautiful [locomotive] pictures and it was nice to see such a clean one of the ... Gov. Stanford locomotive.  According to the writing on the photo, the locomotive is at Stanford University.  Is that still true?
Matt Logan

You have a great site. There is so much information. I'm doing a school History Fair Project ... -----Thanks

I am not a railroad aficionado but am trying to find an obscure town in California.  But this site is fabulous!  And it has wonderful search capabilities.  Someone or a group of someones has done a lot of work.
Lisa Musick, Temecula, CA

You sure have a fun site to visit.  I posted it to the Old West Links section of Lone Hand Western.
Mark Bridge

... I enjoyed your website and added it to my bookmarks.
John Gonzales, Senior Librarian
California History Room, California State Library

... your Web Site is great!  It is one of my favorites.
Vincent Coli, Central Pacific Railroad Modeller

Train fanatics and photographers alike, sit down and enter the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum!  There's lots of train photography here to peruse.  For example, check out the fascinating stereograph, a popular nineteenth-century technique in which two nearly identical side-by-side images that are supposed appear 3D.  The first images shown here were taken in Sacramento in 1863.  This is a great display of Victorian-era photography, and if your train jones isn't satisfied, you can follow the links for more railroadin' info.  Don't forget your conductor's hat!
Jill Mooney
BRIEFME on Photography Magazine Archive, May 18, 2000, Vol. 94, No. 6.

Your [Photoshop® digital restoration of images] work is fantastic!

I LOVE your website – thanks for the wealth of information and the fun of reading it all! ... Wow, thank you, that was fast.
Bev Osborn, Quarasan Group

Outstanding and impressive pictorial material
Railway Thematic Stamps

I have linked to your excellent web site.  My web site is about Rufus Ingalls who was a Quartermaster and involved with both the Steptoe Expedition (to bring justice for [Army Topographical Engineer John W.] Gunnison's death).  [Ingalls] was also the Quartermaster of the Army of the Potomac and had a lot of dealings with the railroads in the Civil War ...
Larry Davis

... There are many different types of images as well as essays about the construction of the railroad, what it was like to be a passenger on the railroad, who built the railroad, and much more. ... thorough site ...
Searcholpolis Education Resource Center - Expert Picks

What a nice site! ... it will give me great pleasure to link to your site.
Sara (Huntington) Abbott, Huntington Family Association

Great [B&ML] site ...
Joel Norman, B&MLRR Modeler who works for the UP in Nevada

I must complement you on the beautiful collection of historic images on your site. ...
Sarah Wassell, Editor, Arcadia Publishing, Chicago, Illinois

Visit the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic Historical Museum site ..., and try your hand at the Great Railroad Race, a game for students. ... This excellent historical game traces the historical path of the building of the Central Pacific Railroad. (It was created by Meg Deppe for the Schools of California Online Resources for Education.)
Cindy Clement and Kay Thomas present the magical city by the bay- San Francisco: educational overview ... for students, grades K-5.

This is a great link. ...
Debbie, Grafx Gallery
California History

... the Central Pacific Photo History Museum ... looks great and I particularly like the "Joining of the Rails" photo and the Harpers wood engraving ...
Meryl Goldstein, Baldwins Old Maps & Prints

I have [visited the CPRR Museum] a number of times — a very nice site.
Rick Blanchard

You have done a great job with the cleanup and presentation of the stereo images. ...
Dana Scanlon

I have recently been directed to your site to note the way in which you show stereocards by alternating 'correct' and 'pseudo' views to create wobble-stereo.  (This follows some discussions on the photo-3d email list ...).  I have tried a number of implementations of wobble stereo, but these are not mouse-contingent ...  [T]he method you used has the advantages of using .jpg images, giving the normal view for parallel viewers, pseudo view for cross-eyed viewers, and depth from motion.
Jeremy L. Hinton, Stereoscopic Images of Lighter than Air Flight, Bristol, UK

a spectacular collection!
Noted STANLEY Relations: STANLEY, John Mix [1814-1872] - American artist Specialized in scenes from the American West.

I went through the pictures, they are great!

Visited your ... website - very nice! ...
Meg Coughlin, Mid Atlantic Representative, Railroadiana Collectors Association Inc (RCAI)

You have quite a site.  ...  So [telegraph] keys, insulators, railroads, all linked, all on the Web, a fascinating tour of history and 19th century technology.  Thanks again!
Charles Keith

Awesome! Absolutely loved it!
Fred Coulsey

Your site is great ...
Esther Pederson

Your site is wonderful!
Julien Tavener, Haley & Steele

The CPRR website is great ...
Professor Anthony R. Kovscek, Stanford University

Great materials and a wonderful website.  Thanks ...
K. Austin Kerr, Professor of History, Ohio State University

... Wow!
Bill S. Lee

Just checked out your site. Very cool! ...
Shawn W. Graham

I am writing to you to Express my gratitude for the excellent service! ...

check out this really cool web site (virtual museum) for railroad history and photos

An incredible treasure trove of historic photographs relating to the development of railroads. Includes pictures of Chinese immigrants laying track.
Guilded Age WebQuest

Your website is fantastic! ...
Joe Organ

... your website is outstanding ... well done!
Virginia & Truckee Railroad Group

Awesome ... great site ... loved it
Mark Landrum

Incredible blog. Love it. ...

I am fascinated by the history I read on your site. ...
Jeanne O. Strausz, Tabor College Wichita

I LOVE ... The Great Railroad Race - The Transcontinental Railroad ... and would like to possibly use it for my sixth grade class ...
Cori Greer-Banks

Your web site is great!  ...
Shirley Cooper

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum - A searchable site that traces the history of the railroad that met the Union Pacific Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, May 10, 1869, to complete the first transcontinental railroad. The online collection includes photographs, stereographs, engravings, documents, railroad and survey maps, and other related materials. A bibliography, FAQ, and related links are included.
D.L., Librarians' Index to the Internet

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