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Central Pacific Railroad Brass Baggage Tag

Brass Baggage Tag from the CPRR.  These brass tags were issued so a customer could keep track of their luggage made of brass and debossed with CENTRAL PACIFIC RR, 20416, LOCAL, this tag is 1 3/8" wide and 2" tall and was dug from the mud in the San Francisco Bay area.  Original patina with some oxidation, this was not cleaned except to use a toothbrush to remove heavy chunks of mud and oxidation.  More info in Bill & Sue Knous's book "Railroadiana" Page 18.
Courtesy Anonymous Donor.

CPRR Brass Baggage Tag

Carl Johansen <johansenc@msn.com> writes on December 26, 2008:

Dug this while detecting here in Denver earlier this year. Sold at a railroad Auction house, thought you might want a photo for your archives. ... If it wasn't for your and other detecting sites, I wouldn't have known anything about it's rarity or historic value. Was told that it's the only one known to exsist. Made some Railroad buff real happy.

CPRR-UPRR baggage tag
UPRR-CPRR baggage tag

Courtesy of Carl Johansen.

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