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BOOKS: Railroads/Photography/Bibliography/Travel/19th Century

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"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." —Mark Twain

Abdill, George B. Rails West: A Collector's Album of a Vanishing Era in Railroadiana. Bonanza Books, New York, 1960.

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Appleton - Thomas, G.F. **Appletons' illustrated railway and steam navigation guide, containing the time-tables of the railways of the United States and the Canadas. Also, one hundred railway maps, together with the monthly account of railways and their progress and anecdotes and incidents of travel, &c, &c. New York, Appleton, July 1868. [12mo. 360 p. Includes ads, indexes to railways and stations, indexes of ticket agents, tourist information, detailed maps for routes of each railroad company, time-tables and connections, time-tables for lake and river steamers, ads for transcontinental steamers, some fare information, hotel information This guide was published semi-monthly, and this issue, for July 1868 contains extremely detailed information on all the railway companies operating in the U.S. and Canada. It is an impressive snapshot of railway travel in North America in 1868. A section, "Railways and their Progress," is intended to provide up-to-date general information for various companies. There is speculation of the effects of the transcontinental railroad, at this point uncompleted, and Asian trade. The guide offers details of how to travel from coast-to-coast, with some stagecoach information . There are international steamer ads and information on travel by ship between NY to Calif. Also a section on California wine production.].

Appleton, D. Hand-book of American Travel. Western Tour. Embracing Eighteen Through Routes to the West and Far West, Tours of the Great Lakes and Rivers... D. Appleton and Company, London and New York, 1873. [8vo, x, 320pp, 8 maps and plans, some colored and folding, adverts, red cloth, gilt lettering. This detailed guide includes The Rocky Mountains, Yosemite Valley, Sierra Nevada and the mining regions of Utah.]

Appletons' General Guide to The United States and Canada. D. Appleton & Co., NY, 1881. [Revised Edition. (First Edition 1979). General RR map of the U.S. and of Canada in back pocket. 13 additional fold-out maps including the Adirondacks, Yosemite Valley, Yellowstone Park, & areas surrounding several major U.S. cities. Fold-out plans of l4 major cities of the U.S. & Canada. 30 pages of advertising. Illustrations throughout.].

Appleton's Illustrated Handbook of American Cities. D. Appleton and Co., New York, 1876.

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Bacon, G.W. Bacon's Guide to America and the Colonies for the capitalist, tourist or emigrant. Embracing climate, soil, agriculture, manufactures, prices of lands and how to secure them, homestead laws, naturalization, cost of the voyage, railway fares and distances, and a mass of other general information. London, 1870.

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Burbank, W.H. The Photographic Negative, Written as a Practical Guide to the Preparation of Sensitive Surfaces... NY: Scovill Manufacturing Co. 1888. [(Scovill's Photographic Series). Octavo 198 pages. Decorative cover. B&W illustrations. Section of ads at rear. (calotype albumen collodion gelatin process).].

California History (Volume 57, No. 3, Fall 1978) Special Issue devoted to Watkins, Carleton E.

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Crofutt, Geo. A. **Crofutt's Trans-Continental Tourist's Guide... describing 500 Cities, Towns, Villages, Forts and Camps, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers ... etc. ... Where to Look for and Hunt Buffalo, Antelope, Deer, and other Game; Trout Fishing, etc., etc. ... Where to Go, How to Go, ...While passing over the Union Pacific Railroad, Central Pacific Railroad of Cal., their Branches and Connections by Stage and Water, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. [Illustrated, Forth Volume, Third Annual Revise.] New York, Geo. A. Crofutt, 1872. [224 Pages, plus 5 Page List of Advertisers. This is a Great Guide, with Engravings, and with three Fold-out MAPS, and several Full Page Maps. Also included are Portraits of Hon. Horace Clark, Hon. Leland Stanford, Thos. A. Scott, Brigham Young, and Bill Hickman. The fold-out maps include "Yellowstone National Park" - dated 1871(9 1/4" X 10 1/8"), "Crofutt's New Map of Salt Lake City, Utah" (9 3/8" X 12 1/4" showing The US Military Reservation - Camp Douglas to the East - The Map is dated 1871), and at the Back of the Guide is a large hand-colored map "Crofutt's New Map of the Trans-Continental, American & Trans-Continental, European, Route - Around The World", this Map is large (18 1/2" X 37" unfolded and is a Detailed Map of the World, with bright Hand-coloring in Pink, Pale Yellow and Green. A finely Engraved Map, showing the Distances, Times, and Fares, from points 'around the world'. On the Back Sides of the Maps are large illustrated advertisements for a Variety of Products: Insurance, Steam Engines and Pumps, Locomotive Spring Manufacture, Railroad Car Couplers, Photographic Goods, Railroad Ads, Steamship Ads, Silver and Silver Plate Ad, Tiffany & Co, NY. The Guide covers and gives a description of the Sites and Landmarks from "Ocean to Ocean". This is a Detailed Guide, and an interesting look at 1870's America. The Index lists Stations on the Pacific RR, Cities and Towns, U.S Forts and Camps, Lakes, Valleys, Springs, Railroads, Rivers, Creeks, Mountains, Valleys, and a List of Miscellaneous. This Guide is bound in Brown Cloth, with Gold-gilt Cover Title. The Guide measures 5 1/4" X 7".]


Booksellers on the Quai Voltaire, c. 1920, Postcard.
Booksellers on the Quai Voltaire, Paris, c. 1920, Postcard.


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"A classic, is a book everyone wants to have read but nobody wants to read." —Mark Twain

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Courtesy Jack Petree / Tom McAloon (Ed.) Ingersoll-Rand.

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