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Lewis M. Clement, Theodore D. Judah, and Pacific Railway Bond
Lewis M. Clement (left) and Theodore D. Judah (right), the CPRR’s First Assistant and Chief Engineers respectively, appear in this colorized composite image with the signature of each engineer below his portrait. Under Judah’s signature is also an example of the 1854 bookplate he used when he first arrived in Sacramento to oversee the location and construction of the first railroad to be built on the Pacific coast, the Sacramento Valley Railroad, of which Judah was the first Chief Engineer.  Illustrated in the background is one of the few surviving extremely rare -- and scandalously controversial -- San Francisco Pacific Railroad Bonds which were “authorized” by referendum in 1863. 
Clement’s image is made from an original 1860’s portrait photograph by Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco.  Judah’s is also made from an original print of the famous photograph made of him by the legendary Carleton E. Watkins.
All originals and composite image courtesy of the Bruce Clement Cooper Collection.

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   Adlake Railroad Lantern Advertisement, c. 1890 Adlake Lantern Ad c. 1890
     [Did you know that Pyrex was a development from railroad lantern globes?]

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