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Jane Lathrop Stanford's Jewelry
including Stanford Family Patek Philippe Pocket Watch.

"In the spring of 1898, Jane Stanford, wife of railroad magnate Leland Stanford, commissioned A.D.M. Cooper, San Jose's celebrated artist and bon vivant, to paint a still-life study of her jewelry. Mrs. Stanford was planning to raise money for the Stanford University Library by auctioning off a large collection of her diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, but she wanted to maintain an artistic record of her treasures for posterity. ... " —From "A Painter Comes Home."

Astely Cooper Painting of Jane Stanford's Jewelry
Oil painting of Jane Stanford's jewelry painted by 19th century California artist Astley David M. Cooper.

Gregory Insulator, 1903

Patek Philippe Antique Pocket Watch,
Originally owned by Leland and Jane Stanford
18 karat gold with rose cut diamonds and black enamel on outer case.
(Detail of Astley David Middleton Cooper painting showing the watch, above.)

Gregory Insulator, 1903

The engraving on the watch reads, "J. Lathrop Stanford from Leland Jan. 1st 1868." Jane Stanford was with child at the time. Leland Jr., the Stanford's only child, was born 4 months later on May 14, 1868. Tragically, the Stanfords lost their son just two weeks shy of his 18th birthday when he contracted typhoid fever and died. It was after this devastating event in their lives that Leland Sr. made the statement, "The children of California shall be our children."

Gregory Insulator, 1903
Jeweler: J.W. Tucker, San Francisco, CA. Timepiece (case #29.421) was manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland, 1866. Drive train is made of white gold. The outside diameter of the watch case is 44 millimeters. The overall length of the watch, from the bottom of the case at the hinge to the top of the bow, is 61mm. The total weight of the timepiece is 71.7 grams.

Courtesy William Paul and Lori Paul.

"Thanks to donor, watch returned to Stanford University." By Lisa M. Krieger, San Jose Mercury News, October 27, 2005. (News Article):
Gone for almost a century, an elegant gold watch that once belonged to Jane Stanford has returned home, thanks to a Palo Alto entrepreneur ... The watch ...was bought on eBay last week for $28,000 by the self-educated scholar and software engineer Pierre Schwob ... he is donating the Patek Philippe watch to the university, where it will go on display at the university's museum.
Sold by the university to buy books during its cash-strapped early days ... "It's gorgeous,'' he said. The gold case is lustrous and unscratched. Old-fashioned "rose cut'' diamonds glitter against black enamel. ... The watch was bought by Leland Stanford in San Francisco on Oct. 1, 1867, when he was president of Central Pacific Railroad and Jane was scarcely one month pregnant with Leland Jr. Leland Sr. gave it to Jane as a gift on New Year's Day 1868. "Jane gave it up to benefit the university during lean times ... .'' Stanford doesn't regret the original sale of the watch and Jane's other jewels, which built a book fund now valued at well over $750,000. ... [More]

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