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Railroad Bond Prospectus
RR Bond Prospectus
CPRR Railroad Bond Prospectus, Oct. 1, 1870, Cover.
Courtesy Bruce Clement Cooper Collection.

CPRR Prospectus, 1867
CPRR Railroad Bond Prospectus, May, 1867, Cover.
"'RAILROAD COMMUNICATION WITH THE PACIFIC, WITH AN ACCOUNT OF THE CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD...'  New York: Hosford & Sons, 1867. 20 pp. folding color map. First edition. Original printed wrappers. Rare and important work, being the first complete report on the Central Pacific issued after the route was finally formally adopted in January, 1867. The large color map of the Central Pacific Railroad by Colton measures approximately 8 3/4 x 31 inches. (See Wheat's 'Mapping the Transmississippi West,' p. 1166 which reproduces and discusses the map.)  The map is really astonishing in the quality of its detail with a wealth of fresh military fact.  New place names are scattered all over the West. The boundaries of Nevada, Utah and Arizona have been revised to make the map politically up-to-date. The map in the copy shown above conforms exactly to the illustration in Wheat's book except that this map does not stop at Lake Michigan, but extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean thus showing the trans-continental routes which will be available upon completion of the Central Pacific. HOWES C-256 references an 1868 edition of this work with different pagination, but does not note this, the first edition. No editions were in the Streeter Sale though he had much Central Pacific material nor is it recorded on OCLC. The scarcity of the work owes much to the fact that the Central Pacific archives were destroyed in the San Francisco fire of 1906. A very important western and cartographic item as well as a landmark piece of railroadiana."
CourtesyDoug Sanders,McGowan Book Co.

CPRR Mortage Bond Advertisement
New York Tribune, January 15, 1868.

Courtesy Timothy Hughes, Rare & Early Newspapers.

The Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads website by Terry Cox reports the following:

The Central Pacific Railroad Co of California, Bonds 1864-1870:

Bond, $1000, 30-yr, 6%, gold bearer coupon, 1867, due 1897, B&W, CA, by Bri, '1000' between two landscape scenes top, ocean scene bottom, shields in top corners, horizontal format, 1st mortgage series G, purple underprint, signed by Leland Stanford and Darius Mills (trustees)

Very similar, $1000, but no shields top corners and no '1000' top, orange underprint, signed by Leland Stanford and Darius Mills (trustees)

Central Pacific Railroad Co., Stocks and Bonds, Aug 22, 1870-Jul 29, 1899:

Bond proof, $1000, GREEN, CA, train l-r behind trees top right, vertical format, convertible, date unreported
Bond specimen, $1000, 1885, BROWN, CA, by ABN, loco bottom, vertical format, land bond

Bond, $1000, 50-yr, 6%, 1886, due 1936, BROWN, CA, by ABN, approaching train in deep canyon, standing allegorical females top, seated female bottom, vertical format, signed by Charles Crocker (president)
Stock specimen, 10, capital, BROWN, by NBN, $100 shares, '18--' printed, three allegorical females bottom, large brown '10' underprint

Central Pacific Railroad Co., Jun 23, 1870-Aug 22, 1870

San Francisco:

San Francisco CA City and County of - in aid of Western Pacific Rail Road Co / Central Pacific Rail Road Co., Bond - labeled 'Pacific Rail-Road Bond' at top
Bond, $1000, 30-yr, 7%, gold bearer coupon, 1865, due 1895, RED ORANGE, CA, by Bri, train l-r in circle in front of globe, crowded San Francisco bay beyond, municipal bond, horizontal format


Sacramento County CA - in aid of The Central Pacific Rail Road Co., Bond - labeled 'Pacific Rail-Road Bond' at top
Bond, $500, 30-yr, 8%, coupon, 1863, due 1893, RED, CA, by Bri, state capital building below arched 'Pacific Rail Road,' train l-r bottom center, coupons bottom, rose underprint (Central Pacific Rail Road referenced in sixth line of text)

Union Pacific Railroad (Rail Road) Co., Stocks and Bonds, 1862-1880:

Bond proof, $1000, 30-yr, 6%, bearer, 1868, due 1898, B&W, by ABN, Columbia standing with flag and shield in bottom center, horizontal format, proof on india paper, 1st mortgage
Bond proof, $1000, 1878, GREEN, by ABN, Columbia standing with flag and shield in center, horizontal format, proof on india paper (Smythe sale #102 says $14,470,000 issued in 1874 and all reported redeemed)
Bond specimen, $odd, 4%, registered gold, due 1947, ORANGE, by IBN, stern woman in circle top left, horizontal format, 1st mortgage & land grant bond
Stock proof, odd, capital, B&W, by ABN, $100 shares, standing Liberty with flag, eagle, and shield at left, 'Train of Cars' l-r below title, woman with star headband bottom, for issuance at Boston
Stock proof, 100, capital, GREEN, UTT, by ABN, '187-' printed, Liberty standing with flag center, Indian and farmer
'188-' printed of black portion only

Stock proof, odd, capital, B&W, UTT, by ABN, '18--' printed, Liberty standing with flag right, train l-r top center, no Indian or farmer
50 shares, '188-' printed

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