Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888.


37. VIRGINIA CITY. (Elevation, 6500 ft. Terminus of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.) Virginia City is perhaps the most famous mining town in the world. The great Comstock lode, from which so many hundreds of millions of silver and gold have been taken, runs in a northerly and southerly direction under the town. The energy, courage, and skill developed in opening up this great lode is without a parallel in mining history. Some of the mining shafts are over three-fifths of a mile in depth, and the excavations in tunnels, etc., would aggregate scores of miles. The town is picturesquely located on what is really a spur of the Sierra Nevada that breaks away from the main ridge near Carson. The view in all directions is one of unsurpassed grandeur. Although situated on the side of a high mountain and upon a seemingly inaccessible location, Virginia City compares favorably in all matters of modern improvement with any town in the west.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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