Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888.


35. GARFIELD BEACH. Garfield Beach is on the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake, near the city, and is the popular bathing resort of the country. The extent and beautiful reflections of the lake, its islands, the grand Wasatch Mountains, and the fruitful Canaan lands between, make a picture beautiful and unique, and one seldom met with at watering-places.

36. GOLDEN GATE PARK. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, has an area of 1040 acres, and is laid out in the shape of a parallelogram, extending from the western portion of the city to the ocean. A detailed description of its attractions cannot be given here. It is easily and quickly reached by the Market Street Cable Car System, branching from the main line at Geary, McAllister, Hayes, and Haight streets. A ride along any of these branches affords fine views of San Francisco, and the surrounding bay and mountain scenery from the highlands they cross. Aside from the pleasant walks and drives, the glories of the conservatory, the statuary, the flowers and trees, and a hundred other fine things, the music of the Saturday and Sunday afternoon concerts is enough of itself to induce one to make the trip.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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