Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888.


14 & 38. MUIR'S PEAK. (On the Shasta Route.) Muir's Peak, named in honor of Mr. John Muir, Californian scientist, stands guard at the northern end of Strawberry Valley. Its elevation is about 6500 feet; it looks like a little brother of Shasta, and, but for its huge parent, would be thought an object of great interest in itself. There are five well-defined volcanic cones on and around it, and the railroad winds about its base, affording fine views of its symmetrical pine slopes.

39. DEVIL'S SLIDE. A parallel ridge of sharply serrated granite out-croppings that extend from the summit to the base of the south wall of Weber Canon, Utah. The steep, inclined avenue between these abrupt walls is now overgrown with grass, wild flowers, and vines, suggesting the idea that probably his Satanic Nibs has found quite enough to attend to further west, and has let his favorite slide go to grass.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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