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The Swackhamer Pacific Railroad Stereograph Collection:
Due to disk space limitations, enlarged views of these 800 half stereoview images are not currently available online.
Other Exhibits contain images not in this Annex, and this Annex includes many images not shown in the other Exhibits.


Silvis.  Winnemucca Family, Nevada
Illustated Article:
J. B. Silvis, the Union Pacific's Nomadic Photographer
by Barry A. Swackhamer.

Courtesy Barry A. Swackhamer Collection.

[Note:  We hope to eventually have enlarged titled views of this entire annex available online, but anticipate that this project will take a very long time to complete.  In the interim, researchers please let us know if you need to get a better look at a particular view that is not already included in the Favorites, Hart, or UPRR exhibits, or the Archive.  If you would like to assist  by sponsoring sufficient additional server disk space to accommodate all these images, please let us know.]

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