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Photo and other Credits

We thank the individuals, organizations, and collections that have provided information, assistance, gifts, encouragement, and/or generously permitted the display of photographs, maps, and other images, documents, catalogs, books, and articles, etc. on this website for your personal viewing.


These donors are identified throughout the website and include the following:

The Robert Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Views, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations.  [NYPL]

Barry Swackhamer.

Sue Swackhamer

Steve Heselton

Dana Scanlon

Library of Congress

Union Pacific Railroad Company

National Archives and Records Administration

National Park Service

Making of America, University of Michigan Digital Library

California State Library

California State Library Foundation

California State Parks

California State Railroad Museum

Chinese Historical Society of America

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

Project Gutenberg

Radnor Memorial Library

Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

Stanford University

The Bancroft Library

The Book Club of California

Utah State Historical Society

National Stereoscopic Association, and the
Oliver Wendell Holmes Stereoscopic Research Library

Nevada Historical Society

The American Society of Civil Engineers

California State Archives

California Historical Society

International Photographic Historical Organization .

California Images

Jefferson Stereoptics .

Journal of the West

Lewis Metzler Clement (1837-1914)

Maude Lyndehurst Clement (1870-1963)

Bruce C. Cooper

John Gаrrideb

Kerry C. Cooper

Rebecca Cooper Winter

Margaret "Meg" Deppe

Lawrence K. Hersh

Jeffrey Kraus .

Peter Epstein .

Jeanmarie Alo

Alycia S. Alvarez

Phil Anderson

Steve Anderson.

Jed Anton

Steve Armistead .

Kay Atwood

Bob AuBuchon

Dan Austin .

Judith C. Avery

David Haward Bain

Ross Baird

Mark Baker

James Barkley

Carmel Barry-Schweyer

Duane Bartholomew

Axel Bieringer

Fred Baron

David Beach (407) 688-7402

Mike Bentley

Constanza Berger

John Bergman

Alan Berkun, Esq.

Eric Bernkopf

Christine Blackerby

Michael Bliss / Fort Collins CO

Barb Boal

John Boatman

Kay Bost

Rita Brand

Wyman Brent

Mel Brown

Mike Brugh

James Brust

James Bryant

Dennis Alan Bullard

Mead Cain

John Chamberlin

John E. Charles

John Chase

Kevin P. Cherry

William F. Chew

Anna Clifford

Dr. Al Clover

Shirley Cooper .

Michael Croke .

Craig E. Crouch

C. Wesley Cowan

Terry Cox.

Kathryn Swim Cummings

Larry Curtis

Bill Dahl

Chris Davies

Kathleen Davis

Norman Davis

Jean Day

Jerry DeHay

Michele DeMille

Andrew Dow

Alden H. Dreyer

Jack E. Duncan

Richard Engels

Linda Erdman

K. Evans

Bonny Farmer

David Farr

Lynn D. Farrar

Harvey Fenton

John Fillmore

Wendy Frank

Anthony Fratantoni

Robert Frenchu

Peter and Helen Frusetta

Merv Fulton Collection

Wayne Furman

Margaret Galbraith

Patricia Galloway

Frederick C. Gamst

Elizabeth L. Gero

Dan Getts

Don Gibbs

Erica Gilbert

Elton Gish

Larry Gottheim

G. J. 'Chris' Graves

Pete Grech

Chuck Green

Mike Green

Penny Greenwich

Thomas Gregg

Martin Gregor

Chip Greiner

Kenneth Guthrie

Scott Haag, Billstudio

John M. Haines

Susan Hamm

Rick Hamman .

Ken Harstine

Richard Havard

Donald R. Hensley, Jr.

James S. Herzman's CyberWorlds of Trains

Jeffrey Hill

Edward Hines

Edward L Hodges

Ray Holstein

David Houston

William F. Howes, Jr.

Madeline Hsu

Brian A. Hubmann

Rodger Huckabee

Wendell Huffman

Lionel Hughes.

Timothy Hughes

Heise Huntington

William Husson

John Hutchinson

William Jaeger

Carl Johansen

Amber R. Johns

Douglas C. Johns

Travis S. Johnson

Lynda L. Jones

Shin Chi Fame Kao

Charles Keith

Dave Keith

Eliot A. Keller

Debbie A. Kenitzer

Rich Kenzie

Bob Kerstein

Michael Keteltas

Mead B. Kibbey

Robert J. King

Rosemary Koch

Cliff Krainik

Robert M. Krantz

Fritz N. Kuenzel

George H. LaBarre

Him Mark Lai

Bruce LaVergne

Ann Lau

Stan Layton

Bill S. Lee

Allison Lendman

Alan Leson

Mara Levy

N. Kent Loudon

Rev. Dr. Alvin Louie

Robert Luce

Stuart Lutz

J.P. Marden

Richard Marks

Dave Mason

Carl Mautz .

Marci Mayer

Thomas P. McAloon

Sheila R. McCloud

Neal McEwen

McGowan Book Co.

Joyce McGettrick

Richard McMorran

Mike Medhurst

Bill Meier

James W. Milgram, M.D.

Bonnie Miller

Mrs. John Cannon Miller

Perry S. Miller

Steven Mintz

Judie Moore

Tom Moore


Paul Morrissey

Museum of American Finance

Hedy Nash

Phil Nathanson

Witold Nazarewicz

Mick Needham

P. Steve Neeley

Rick Nerger

Art Newman .

Dale Nielson

Henry Nigro

Ray Norman

Michael J. Novak

Catherine Oakeson

Sandra Olsen

Jennifer O'Quinn

Mack Page, Sr.

Sandra Parker .

Colin Palmer

William Paul and Lori Paul

Normand Pichette

Glen Pierce

Roger Pierce

Graham Pilecki

Michael Polk

Elizabeth Potts

Forrest Proper

James Prouty

Bryan Quattlebaum

Salvador A. Ramirez

M.K. Ralston

Victor H. Rawstron .

Brenda Reed .

Alicia Reese

Kevin Reimert

Betty Reinke

James Resseguie

Richard O. Reisem

Keith Ricks

Pam Rietsch

Bob Riha, Jr./ RIHA Archives

Donald B. Robertson

Georges Rosset

Thomas Rubarth

Barry Ruderman

Wendy Ruebman

Richard Rydell

John Saddy .

St. Tikhon's Seminary Library

Doug Sanders

Darius Scarbro

Ronald Galloway Schaumburg

Fred Schmitt

Harold Schuller

George Schupp

Jay Scott

H. "Scotty" Scott

Sandra Seabold.

Mary Ann Sell, President, National Stereoscopic Association

Andy Serpa

Fred Sherfy

Ed Sherman

Bill Shippen

David Silver.

James J. Slane Collection

Marlene Smith-Baranzini

Alan Smithee

Don D. Snoddy

Pierre Spake

Ron Speicher .

Robert L. Spude, Ph.D.

Glenn and Jan Stinson

Gary H. Stern

Mike Stern

Vanessa Rudisill Stern

Edson T. Strobridge

Bogdan Stroescu

Shan Sutton

Charles Sweet

Julien Tavener.

Russell Towle

Norman E. Tutorow, Ph.D.

Bud Uzes

Douglas van Veelen

Bruce VanVraken

Frank Ward

Richard Webber

Ron Weir

Paul L. Weitfle, Jr..

Susan Whisler

Gail Whistance

James H. Wilke

Carol A. Williams

Ken and Bonnie Williams

Kyle K. Williams Wyatt, Historian / Curator, California State Railroad Museum

Pat Williams

Glenn G. Willumson

Richard L. Wiltshire, P.E., F. ASCE

Walt Winter

Alan Wohlleben .

David Wood

Andrea Woolfolk

Michael Wurtz

Yesteryear Depot .

Michael A. Zaun

John Zentmyer

Adorama Camera

The American Philatelist

An anonymous "Iowa collector" of autographs.


Animation Factory

Animation Library

Art Source International.

Be-Hold, Inc.

Brindl Fine Arts

Cardozo Fine Art

The Arthur H. Clark Company

Deja View Antique Maps and Prints .

Deseret Book Company

The Deseret News

Elkhorn Slough Foundation

Falmouth Stamp & Coin .

4D, Inc.

Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery

The Globe Pequot Press

Heritage Rare Coin Galleries

The History Attic

History's Imprints

Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Libraries

House of Odin

Internet Archive

Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Largo Central Railroad, Inc.

Medium-Rare Antiques

Michael Ginsberg Books

Haley & Steele.

High Ridge Books

Johns' Western Gallery

Joslin Hall Rare Books

LDS Church Information Services


ABC Giant

Animation Factory

California Center for Military History

Curt Teich Archives .

Design of the Time

Historical Rarities, Inc.

Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Insulator Picture Gallery

Jackson's International Auctioneers & Appraisers

The Keokuk Iowa Public Library

Mariners' Museum Archives, Collis Huntington Papers, Newport News, VA


New Beginning Antiques

Newberry Library

New England Salvage, Allan Collette, owner

Northeastern Nevada Museum

Oakland Museum of California

Panzoom Prints, Books & Ephemera

Pixel Foundry Backgrounds Archive

Placer County Department of Museums

Poor Warren's Antiques

Princeton Historic Documents

Rocklin Historical Society

Royal Geographical Society

Sacramento Public Library


Stuart Lutz Historic Documents

Taylor & Francis, Publisher of History of Photography

Tulare Public Library

UC Berkeley, Digital Library Project

United State Geological Survey

Victorian Rose

Viking Press, a member of Penguin Group

Vortex Books

Westerfield Equipment Registers

WR Auctions

Zamboni & Huntington

Contributors to the CPRR Discussion Group

Various Anonymous Donors

Machine translations of web pages into languages other than English are courtesy of AltaVisa/Babelfish or Google Translate.

We have also attempted to include the initials of the donor in each contributed image file name to record proper credit for photographs and other images.

In a few instances where we were unable to determine authorship, we have anonymously linked all of an included brief quotation (or a surrounding quotation mark) to another webpage where the context of the quoted text can be examined.

Please let us know if any content is not properly credited.

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