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Use Fee Schedule

Book or Magazine Print Rights, CD, E-Books, TV Broadcast, or Video/DVD
For editorial licensed use under the terms & condition of the CPRR.org User Agreement, each, per still image*

Copies >
up to 4,000
(or TV Broadcast)
more than 250,000
North American or One Country - Single-Language
North American or One Country - Multi-Language
Worldwide - Single-Language
Worldwide - Multi-Language

Click here to make a Use Fee payment using your credit card.*Minimum if rescanning, reformatting, or custom processing is required: $100 per image (if oversize, per scan)
Internet delivery of licensed digital images: no additional charge

Photographic prints from supplied digital images: by licensee at their expense
Requested delivery via CD-ROM, per disk: +$75
Associated Promotional use: +$125.00
Reuse: +75%
Rush: +50%

"Electronic Rights" for textbook use – additional rights permitting a portion of the total number of licensed copies for the same edition of the same textbook to be delivered electronically to the same education market as rights managed electronic textbook copies instead of all being distributed as paper textbook copies: +100%
Rescanning, custom processing, reformatting of images: included at no additional charge if images are used as per license (subsidized)
Customized image Non-use penalty (after rescanning, custom processing or formatting): +$500/image (unsubsidized; not subject to fee waiver)

Abandoned application penalty: as per user agreement
Research such as image selection from a general description, $250/hour use fee surcharge (one free hour per image licensed )

Custom modification to this website or its content, $250/hour (time based fees charged in hourly increments)
Requested redelivery, when available: +$25
Internet Use on your public website, per 60 days or fraction thereof: $100

Use on your private, limited access, password protected website: Temporary (< 1 yr) $125; Long-Term (< 5 yrs) $250
Exhibition Use, one location: Temporary (< 1 yr) $125; Long-Term (< 5 yrs) $250; Catalog (+same as print use)
Thumbnail image for display (< 5 yrs) on one personal portable device such as a cellphone, PDA, or iPod $1.99
Research access to the CPRR.org website for commercial use: $1,000/month per project with a six month minimum (which may be applied to above publication use fees for any images or other content licensed for the project)
Spam, advertising, or off-topic e-mail, comment, discussion group post, or commerical link, including attempts quarantined by spam blocker: $3,000 each
Damages for initiating legal action, or attempting to damage our reputation, or such threats, made in an effort to avoid paying: 1,000 times invoiced amount
Commercial/Non-Editorial, or Other Use: inquire

Single copy academic use of "homework favorites," current semester: fee waived/instant permission.
Obtaining permission for free personal use (other than internet viewing) is a legally necessary formality even though use fees are generally waived upon e-mailed request, but see the above charges for publication or commercial use.
All prices subject to change. See User Agreement for other fees. Fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Limited term single use. Payment due within 10 days. Punitive late charges and interest thereafter.
Instructions for payment by check: will be included in the electronic invoice. Payment by credit card or international bank wire is also available upon request.

Please be specific in your request, as available rights vary.
There are thousands of pictures on this website, so please remember to tell us exactly which pictures you are requesting and the internet addresses of the web pages where you found each of them (and the caption or description if there is more than one picture on that webpage).

Pricing was originally based on the New York Public Library Fee Schedule.

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