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P. T. Barnum's Advertising Railway Car
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H.C. Heath, La Cross, Wis., Stereoview, detail.

"CIRCUS AND SHOWMAN PHINEAS T. BARNUM [1810-1891] - Showman, born in Bethel, Connecticut, USA.  The self-proclaimed prince of humbug, he was a publisher when he became intrigued by Joice Heth, a black woman claiming to be George Washington's nurse; he successfully promoted her in the late 1830s.  In 1842 he opened his New York museum of natural history and 'curiosities,' including 'the Egress' and the midget, Tom Stratton ('General Tom Thumb'), whom he took to meet Queen Victoria.  In 1850 he brought Jenny Lind, the Swedish singer, to America.  In 1855 he published the first edition of his autobiography, The Life of P. T. Barnum.  He knew what the public wanted and how to promote his unique attractions.  In 1871 he introduced 'The Greatest Show on Earth,' a three ring circus which he transported by rail.  Joining with rival James Bailey in 1881, he featured exotic animals, including one he advertised as 'the last mastodon on earth' (actually, Jumbo the elephant).  A liberal Republican, he served in the Connecticut legislature (1865-1869) and as mayor of Bridgeport (1875-1876)."

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Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren.
(Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren,
Groomsman and Bridesmaid to
Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren's marriage.)

"Summer Entertainments – How the Show of the Period Scatters Glad Tidings Throughout the Country
4.5" x 9.5" woodcut print from a Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper edition of 1878 ... the railroad car was, in effect, a fascinating moving billboard created by Barnum to advertise his circus as it trained from stop to stop ... notice how the egotistical master showman put his picture right in the middle of everything ... " Courtesy Hampshire Books.

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