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Special instructions for downloading licensed TIFF image files:
1. Downloading a TIFF image may take quite a long time, depending on the speed of your internet connection, as the image file can be quite large.

2. Click on the link in our e-mail for the TIFF file you would like to download. If you see a list of images, click on the link for each image file in turn.

3. Assuming that your web browser is unable to display TIFF images, when you see a dialog box asking what you want to do with the file,

4. If you instead you get an error message after clicking on the image link in the e-mail:

5. If the image appears in a browser window, then try ONE of the following:

6. When the download finishes decide what application you want to use to view it.

7. Open the application which you will use to view the image file, such as Photoshop, etc.

8. From this application, open, import, or place the TIFF image file as needed.

9. Please note that 19th stereoviews are about 3 1/2" square albumen photographic prints from collodion glass plate negatives which due to the image size and early photographic technology used have limited resolution, so for the best display appearance it is important to choose a reasonable magnification that is appropriate to the distance from which the images will be viewed.

10. If you still can't download the licensed image, send us an e-mail explaining exactly what you did and what problem you encountered.

Best of luck with your project.


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