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Cape Horn Panorama
August, 2006

The 360º QTVR ("QuickTime Virtual Reality") cubic panorama below of "Cape Horn" located above and just East of Colfax, CA, was created by photographer and digital artist Bruce Clement Cooper (whose great great grandfather, Lewis M. Clement, was the CPRR engineer in charge of the design, location, and construction of the Sierra grade from Colfax to Truckee in the 1860's) who digitally composited 27 separate images he took there on August 6, 2006.  The North Fork of the American River is visible flowing through the cañon some 1,300 feet below the grade. This panorama was taken from the area of the granite block retaining walls built in the 1920's located between Curves #149 and #150. (From 1886 to 1895 a truss bridge trestle was located in this area.) Visible next to the excavated cliff face at the west end of Cape Horn is an electric rock slide dectector fence which warns dispatchers when any loose rock falls on the track. —BCC

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Bruce C. Cooper  ©2006

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