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100. State Capital, Sacramento, Cal.
105. Shipping in the Bay of San Francisco, Cal.
110. Baldwin Hotel, Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
122. Birdseye View of Sacramento from top of State Capitol.
174. Mexican Cactus, Cal.
180. Summit Lake, C.P.R.R., Cal. [Also new view and title: "Chinese Joss House, San Francisco, Cal."]
[180 (unnumbered)]. Summit Lake, at the Summit of the Sierras, C. P. R. R.
183. Lake Angeline at the Summit, C. P. R. R., Cal.
184. Devil's Slide, U.P.R.R. [E. Nesemann, No. 184.]
185. Monumental Sawmill, C.P.R.R.
186. Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains, Utah. [Also variant negative.]
190. Humboldt House, C.P.R.R.
191. Summit Hotel, C.P.R.R., Cal.
192. Snow Sheds Near Blue Canyon, C.P.R.R., Cal.
[192 (unnumbered)]. Snow Sheds, near Blue Canyon, C. P. R. R.
193. Clipper Gap Tunnell, C. P. R. R., Cal.
195. Ogden Depot, C.P.R.R. [Also new view and title: "Bridal Veil Fall, height 900 feet, Yosemite Valley, Cal."; Old series, No. 431; L. Dowe.]
197. Blue Canyon Fire Train, C.P.R.R. [E. Nesemann, No. 197.]
200. Silver Rapids, Blue Canyon, C.P.R.R., Cal.
201. R. R. Trestle Work Crossing Bear River, Cal.
203. Fire Train at the Summits, C.P.R.R., Cal. [E. Nesemann, No. 203.]
204. Cape Horn, from Colfax C. P. R. Cal.
205. Pulpit Rock, U. P. R. R. [E. Nesemann, No. 205.1
207. Railroad Trestle Work, Crossing Bear River, Cal.
208. Mosher Falls, Blue Canyon, C.P.R.R., Cal.
210. Utah Central R.R. Coming Into Ogden, Cal.
213. Witches' Rocks, Weber Canyon, U. P. R. R.
215. Eastern Bound Tea Train At Blue Canyon, C. P. R. R., Cal., [Diamond H; E. Nesemann, No. 215.]
216. Long Ravine Bridge Near Colfax, C. P. R. R., Cal.
217. Bloomer Cut, C. P. R. R., Cal.
218. Gold Bearing Pyramid, Gold Run, C.P.R.R., Cal.
219. Mining, Gold Run, C.P.R.R. [E. Nesemann, No. 219.]
221. Palisade City, C.P.R.R. Cal.
223. Overland Train Coming Round Cape Horn, C. P. R. R. Cal.
224. Thousand Mile Tree, U. P. R. R.
225. Cape Horn, C. P. R. R. Cal.
226. Humboldt River and Pine Mountains, C. P. R. R. Cal.
227. Going through the Palisades, C.P.R.R.
228. Passenger Train going through the Palisades, C.P.R.R. Cal.
233. Donner Lake And Snow Sheds, C.P.R.R., Cal.
234. Humboldt Sulphur Mining Mule Team, C. P. R. R. Cal.
235. C. P. Railroad Bridge, Sacramento, Cal.
237. Picnic Grounds in Bower Cave, Near Yosemite Valley, Cal.
238. Entrance Into Bower Cave, Near Yosemite Valley, Cal. [American Series/American Series; American Views/American Views: E.P. Best.]
239. American River, From Cape Horn, C. P. R. R. Cal.
241. C.P.R.R. Passenger Depot. Sacramento, Cal.
383. Brigham Young,  Residence, Salt Lake City  Utah
466. Santa Cruz R. R. Bridge.
428. El Capitan, height 3,300 feet, Yo Semite Valley, Cal.
552. Passenger Train, from the Cap of Liberty, Yo Semite Valley, Cal. [Shows riders on horses or mules, single file, not railroad train.  Ref: Stereo World Jan.-Feb. 1985, p. 19.]
498. Hoffman Tower, Sierras, Cal.
Unnumbered. Seal Rocks, San Francisco, Cal.
Unnumbered. California Street, San Francisco, Cal.
Unnumbered. Oakland Ferry, foot of Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Note: According to Paul Hickman "The Pacific Coast /West from Omaha" series numbers 1 to 57 are by J. J. Reilly, and the un-numbered "Union Pacific R[ail] R[oad] /West from Omaha" series stereoviews are by A. J. Russell.

[Last updated 5/9/2005.]

List of C.P.R.R. and U.P.R.R. J. J. Reilly Stereographs:

Courtesy Barry Swackhamer and Michael J. Novak.
Modified based on donor stereoview collections.

Reference:  Hickman, Paul and Palmquist, Peter. J. J. Reilly, Photographer.  Stereo World, 1985.

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