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California Survey Maps
Auburn to Donner Area
from the California Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento

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ca_survey_maps.jpg, 262.6K

Dana Scanlon writes:

"The [Bureau of Land Management] office in Sacramento has the California maps only.  In my search for reference material related to the Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Road, I found that the BLM archives contained the old Land Office Records [including] maps related to the CPRR, ... indicated as a survey ... there are some very interesting old records.  The best maps appear to be the 17" x 24" of the original survey.  Maps are arranged by "Township and Range" at BLM.  The surveys were too early  [to include the Central Pacific Railroad], or were part of Land Grants between Sacramento and Auburn.  The surveys were also too early between Donner and State Line. One of the survey notes mentions contact with several groups of CPRR surveyors east of Donner Pass.  [The maps shown above are] from Auburn to Donner area."

Courtesy Dana Scanlon and the California Bureau of Land Management.

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