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Life and Times of the
Central Pacific Railroad
Keepsake Series, The Book Club of California, 1969

POSTER:  C.P.R.R. Time Schedule

POSTER:  C.P.R.R. Time Schedule, November 22, 1875About the time this schedule was issued, ferries from San Francisco to Oakland were using the "New Landing foot of Market Street," a predecessor of the present Ferry Building.

Ferries and connecting local trains carried patrons to Oakland, Alameda, Fernside and Brooklyn.  Fernside, at the east end of Alameda island, is today a district of attractive homes.  Brooklyn, located on the east side of Lake Merritt and now part of Oakland, was for a short time a separate municipality.

Certain trains to points in Northern California originated in Vallejo and to connect with those trains, passengers continued to board the Vallejo Steamer at the Broadway Wharf.

Theodore H. Goodman, whose name appeared countless times on Central Pacific and Southern Pacific tickets and timetables, came to the Central Pacific from the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad (Erie RR) to serve as General Passenger Agent, a post he held from 1868 to 1905.

This is Number Twelve of twelve Keepsakes issued during 1969 to its members by The Book Club of California in commemoration of the centennial of the transcontinental railroad. The series has been edited by David F. Myrick and designed and printed by Lawton and Alfred Kennedy.

POSTER:  C.P.R.R. Time Schedule, November 22, 1875

Courtesy The Book Club of California.

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