"Mr. Crocker would give direct orders to all concerned that he ran across or anybody who needed it." Strobridge testimony U. S. Court.

Daggett on page 83 has table of construction showing dates when different sections were completed.

Powder boosted from $2.50 to $15 a ton, (sic) highest when most needed. Used 500 kegs a day. [LDF-ton should be barrel or keg and 500 kegs were only used at the summit]

Central Pacific had to rise 7000 feet in 100 miles; Union Pacific had to rise 5000 feet in 500 miles. [LDF- ??]

Union Pacific had built 240 miles in 1867 and announced "We will reach California border before the Central Pacific reaches the Nevada border." Crocker replied that the Central Pacific will build a mile a day for every working day in 1868.

Chinese. Strobridge testified in the United States Court: "Mr. Huntington telegraphed me once and said they had agreed on a meeting at Sierra Blanca if I could get there." Strobridge replied that if he didn't get there there would not be a live Chinaman left in Texas.



Courtesy of the Lynn D. Farrar Collection.

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