division and commenced putting points on the center line for the track layers who are approaching.   The operated end of the track is now at Alta.    

November 14th.   George Johnson came to our camp to get our notes so as to connect his line to them. The track layers are now on his division.      

November 21st.   Track at Miller's Bluffs tonight.     

November 27th.  I, Henry Root, am 21 years old today. The track is across the Butte Canon trestle.     

November 29th.   The first train reached Cisco today     

December 18th.   It has been storming for several days and the new track is broken in several places so the trains from Sacramento stop at Alta again. Conductor Wood's train in blockaded at Emigrant Gap.     

December 24th.  Abandoned the engineers' camp at Crystal Lake and moved to Camp 41.   It has stormed most of the time for the past three weeks and the new railroad is badly washed out.   Some bents of the Butte Canon trestle are out.



Courtesy of the Lynn D. Farrar Collection.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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