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Sterling souvenir spoon – 1000 Mile Tree.

Sterling souvenir spoon that celebrates the city of Ogden, Utah. The spoon itself is in the "Orchid" pattern, which was patented by Towle in 1887. The bowl features an embossed and engraved view of "1000 Mile Tree, Ogden." This tree was very close to the end of one thousand miles of track laid by the Union Pacific Rail Road as it travelled West from Omaha, Nebraska. This point was reached on January 22, 1869. This spoon measures 5-13/16" long, and is in excellent condition. It is engraved, "Sept 1891" on the reverse. The "1000 Mile Tree" was for many years a tourist attraction and guidepost for travellers on the railroad. It was cut down in 1900. The spoon is marked on its reverse with Towle's trademark, "Sterling" and "Pat. Appd. For."

Courtesy James Prouty, Medium-Rare Antiques.

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