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Photographed by John Carbutt, Chicago
Under the auspices of the Union Pacific
Railroad Company

198. Landing of the Union Pacific Excursion at Omaha (1)
199. Landing of the Union Pacific Excursion at Omaha (2)
200. Steamer Denver and Colorado UPRR
201. Group of Excursts. at Camp No. 1. Columbus, Neb.
202. Camp of Pawnee Indians on the Platte Valley
203. Group of Mounted Pawnee Warriors
204. Group of Mounted Pawnee Warriors & Palace Car of UPRR
205. The Excursion train going West
206. Excur. Party 275 ms. W. of Omaha, Oct. 24, '66
207. Excur. party 275 ms. W. of Omaha, Oct. 24, '66 (2)
208. Westward. the Monarch Capital makes its way
209. Laying the rails of the UPRR two miles a day
210. The Elkhorn Club on the banks of the Platte
211. The Platte River opposite Platte City The Platte River and Kinsley's Brigade
213. Commissioners and Directors of the UPRR
214. View of Camp #2 from Prospect Hill [Philip Nathanson: Distant view that shows the Pullman and some freight cars. To their left is the campsite, with some people and tents. The UPRR wanted to give the excursionists a flavor of the west, so it set up a campsite, which was later "attacked" by Indians.]
215. Headquarters Platte City, Oct. 25, 1866
216. Representatives of the Press with the Excursion
217. The Boys that made us Comfortable, all Hail
218. The Train at the 100th Mer. returning from the West
219. The Directors of the UPRR at the 100th Mer.
220. Group of distin. guests of UPRR at 100th Mer. (1)
221. Group of distinguished guests of Up. at 100th Mer. (2)
222. Burnetizing Works of the UPRR at Omaha
223. Burnetizing Works or the UPRR at Omaha (2)
224. T. C. Durant Esq. and Heads of Depts. UPRR
225. Engine House & Workshops of UPRR at Omaha
226. S & E Front U. P. Railroad Works at Omaha
227. N & E front UPRR Works, Omaha
228. UPRR Works and Depot, Omaha
229. N & W front UPRR Works, Omaha
230. View of Omaha N. T. from Capitol Hill (1)
231. View of Omaha, N. T. from Capitol Hill (2)
232. Herndon House, Omaha, N. T.
233. Construction Train of the UPRR

Total of 36 views

John Carbutt's "Union Pacific Railroad Excursion to the 100th Meridian" series was published in 1866. The series on yellow mounts includes excellent railroad views plus views of steamboats, Indians, Nebraska territory and famous personalities.  The Union Pacific reached 247 miles west of Omaha by October, 1867.  To promote the progress and assure stockholders of their investment, the U.P.R.R. directors invited leading businessmen and political leaders on an excursion to the wilderness.  John Carbutt, the noted Chicago photographer, was hired to make a visual record of the event.  More than 200 men and their wives made the trip in the luxury Palace cars of the U.P.R.R.  Thirty-six stereo views were issued on yellow mounts and are highly prized by collectors.  Comment by John Waldsmith, Stereo Views:  An Illustrated History and Price Guide, p. 138-139.

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List of U.P.R.R. J. Carbutt Stereographs:

Courtesy Barry Swackhamer and Michael J. Novak.

Reference:  William Brey.  Carbutt.  Stereo World.  May-June, 1980.

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