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2/4/2008      Solano Ferry plans
8/21/2006    First proposal for a railroad to the Pacific, 1832
8/20/2006    Donner Summit Panoramas, 2006 by Bruce C. Cooper
10/14/2005 "The Last Spike is Driven." Utah Historical Quarterly, 37(1), Winter 1969.
9/7/2005     "Listing of Overland Route Stations and Mileage, 1866-1996" by Lynn D. Farrar
9/6/2005     CPRR Engineering Department Payrolls 1862-1863
8/26/2005    "Along the CPRR Old Grade in Nevada, August, 2005" by G.J. Graves
1/15/2005    Examples of Pottery Used in 19th Century CPRR Chinese Worker Camps.
12/11/2004 "The Sacramento General Shops: Southern Pacific Company – Pacific Lines." by D.L. Joslyn, 1948.
11/20/2004 "Railroad Communication Across the Continent." CPRR Bond Prospectus, 1868.
11/14/2004 "Cathay in Eldorado: The Chinese in California." Keepsake Series, 1972. [CPRR] Courtesy The Book Club Of California.
10/24/2004 The Overland Trail: From The Golden Gate to The Great Salt Lake, Along the Southern Pacific
10/24/2004 Railroad Town Maps c. 1908-1915: Rocklin, CA, and Wadsworth, Carlin, and Wells, NV (showing roundhouses)

10/11/2004 Pacific Railroad Traveler's Letter, San Francisco, California, William Smith, 1875
10/6/2004   Lease of Central Pacific Railroad Company to Southern Pacific Company, 1885
9/20/2004    "Historical Souvenir of San Francisco, Cal." View Book by C. P. Heininger, San Francisco, Cal., c. 1887
9/16/2004    "Theodore Dehone Judah–Railroad Pioneer" by John D. Galloway. Civil Engineering, 1941
9/15/2004    "Building the Central Pacific Rail Road of California–1863-1869" from The Governor: The Life and Legacy of Leland Stanford by Norman E. Tutorow, 2004. Courtesy N.E. Tutorow and The Arthur H. Clark Company.
9/12/2004    Guidebooks: Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888 & Nelsons' Scenery of California, 1871
8/17/2004    "Railroad Story Book: A Thousand Miles by Rail." McLoughlin Bros, New York, 1907. (Children's Book - Juvenile)
8/1/2004      Souvenir of the Palace Hotel, San Francisco (1875-1906)
6/26/2004    Railroad Map Exhibit has several new High Resolution Maps
6/5/2004     "Another Theory or Myth on Cape Horn"
4/28/2004   "The Most Eventful Journey in the History of Railroading." Walter Scott Fitz, letter, 1872
12/5/2003   Chinese Labor, Construction Payroll, Charles Crocker, Contractor, CPRR, March, 1865
11/25/2003 Gretchen Schafer's 1871 Diary: Travel on the Transcontinental Railroad; Newcastle Trestle
8/22/2003   Contemporary Views Along the Original CPRR Sierra Grade from Newcastle to Donner Pass, August, 2003
7/28/2003   "The Railroad Photographs of Alfred A. Hart, Artist," by Mead B. Kibbey. California State Library Foundation, 1995
7/6/2003     New Castle Trestle Construction Payroll, Charles Crocker, Contractor, CPRR, 1865
6/30/2003   Sparks, Nevada Roundhouse Panorama – "World's Largest Roundhouse," SPRR, c. 1904-1905
6/7/2003     "The Legend of Cape Horn." by Edson T. Strobridge
5/28/2003   "From Trail to Rail–A History of the Southern Pacific Company." Southern Pacific Bulletin, 1926-1928
5/24/2003   Anaglyphs for viewing with red/blue filters
5/14/2003   Engraved Advertisements from Railway Review, 1882
5/6/2003     Geologic Atlas of the United States, Sierra Nevada Folios, USGS, 1894-1900
4/28/2003   Additional Transcontinental Railroad Historical 19th Century Reports
4/25/2003   Emigrant Woman's First Person Account of Travel on the Transcontinental Railroad. Letter, 1877
4/13/2003   "The Story of the Central Pacific." by W. F. Bailey The Pacific Monthly, January, 1908
4/12/2003   The letters spelling the names of the States now link with USGS railroad topo maps showing the corresponding geography
3/31/2003   CPRR/UPRR "Overland Route" Timetable & Transcontinental Railroad Map, 1881
3/19/2003   Charles Weitfle Stereoviews & Cabinet Cards of the Union Pacific Railroad
2/6/2003     Index to The Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress (Pacific Railroad)
11/17/2002 Railroad Passes of A.A. Barnes, General Editor of the "Travelers' Official Railway Guide," 1873
10/20/2002 Master Photographers from the Fred Lightfoot Collection
9/25/2002   Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad Timetable, 1882, with route map
9/23/2002   Report on Transcontinental Railways, Secretary of War, 1883
9/13/2002   CPRR Railroadiana Collectibles accompanied by a CPRR Corporate History
9/7/2002     Steam Locomotives and More
5/21/2002   Pacific Railroad Survey Reports, 1853-1854
5/11/2002   Western U.S. Atlas Maps from the Art Source International Collection
5/10/2002   Contents and List of Engravings for Williams' Pacific Tourist, 1876 Guidebook
4/2/2002     Land Grant Checkerboard:  Map of Central Pacific Land Company Lands in California & Nevada, 1924
3/31/2002   Greatly Expanded Transcontinental Railroad Overland Route Postcard Exhibit
3/30/2002   CPRR Chief Engineer Samuel S. Montague's Linen Survey Map of the Sierra Summit
3/29/2002   Favorite Homework Pictures
3/24/2002   Trans-Continental 1870 Excursion On-board Newspaper; USGS Topographic Maps of Entire RR Route, 1916 Report
11/6/2001   Manuscripts from the National Archives
10/24/2001 California Iron from the G. J. Graves Collection
9/1/2001     Pacific Railroad Acts. (Laws enacted 1862-1874, annotated.)
8/14/01:      First CPRR Annual Report with Theodore D. Judah's Chief Engineer's Report, 1863
6/24/01:      Chinese Immigration, United States Senate Report, 1877
6/14/01:      Role of the Mormons in Utah in the transcontinental railroad construction.
6/10/01:      Early Railroad Engineers of the CPRR & UPRR - Digitally restored portraits
5/14/01:      Autobiography of CPRR engineer and surveyor Henry Root.
5/5/01:        California Historical Society article on Driving the Last Spike
4/24/01:      Legislative History of the First Transcontinental Railroad from the Congressional Globe
4/21/01:      Stereo World articles, and Historic American Engineering Record
3/27/01:      Annex now includes 800 additional images
3/26/01:      J.B. Silvis, the Union Pacific's Nomadic Photographer
2/27/01:      California Newspapers, 1865-1866
2/25/01:      The Great Railroad Race — Elementary Education Game for School Children
1/22/01:      Greatly expanded stereoview exhibit
9/22/00:      Archive now includes 1,300 full size images.  New and updated Exhibits and History Readings
8/2/00:        Archive display improved
7/7/00:        Archive of more than 1,000 stereoviews of the CPRR, UPRR, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City
5/23/00:      CPRR Images at the California Heritage Collection.  Additional readings, survey maps
3/4/00:        Travel Guides and Kudos—What visitors liked best about the CPRR Museum added
2/29/00:      CPRR Across Nevada and Transcontinental Railroad Historical Landmarks added
2/23/00:      Postal History, Pacific Railroad Survey, and Railroad Stocks & Bonds added;  Additional readings and maps
2/10/00:      Museum Bookshop lists new transcontinental railroad books and videotapes
10/20/99:    Additional readings and maps
9/1/99:        Several new readings and exhibits
6/7/99:        Search the CPRR.org website! New articles on 19th Century Photography, Chinese Workers, and RR Construction
5/29/99:      Articles on "Tunnels" and "History of Construction" added; Union Pacific Stereographs added; Additional FAQ's
5/27/99:      Hart Stereograph Catalog can be sorted by Hart View Number, Stanford Album Number, or Miles from Sacramento
5/21/99:      Additional Stereographs added to Exhibit; Muybridge Stereographs added.  Red card image files are smaller.
5/16/99:      Two additional articles from the 1869 "Overland Monthly" (read about the CPRR construction).
5/14/99:      Photographs added from the Robert Dennis Stereograph Collection, New York Public Library.
5/7/1999:    "Joining of the Rails" Photographs, Currier & Ives prints, maps, ephemera, links added.
3/10/1999:  Maps, ephemera, and engravings added.
3/5/1999:    Image magnification increased and additional stereographs added to Exhibit.
3/1/1999:    Image magnification increased and additional Hart stereographs added to Photo Gallery.
2/18/1999:  Moved to http://CPRR.org
2/18/1999:  Website is part of the Railroad WebRing.
2/17/1999:  Additional maps and photographs added.
2/4/1999:    Website is part of the Stereoscopic 3D Web Ring.
1/31/1999:  Bibliography:  List of Railroad and Photography Books added.
1/26/1999:  Website first published.


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