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Pacific Coast Souvenir,
E.S. Denison, Oakland, California, 1888.

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Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_031.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_032.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_033.tif
Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_034.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_035.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_036.tif
Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_037.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_038.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_039.tif
Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_040.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_041.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_042.tif
Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_043.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_044.tif Pacific_Coast_Souvenir_045.tif


Pacific Coast Souvenir published by E S Dennison, Oakland 1888. 16 view pages by Forbes Co. of Boston containing 46 halftone images displayed using delicate floral framing of photographs by Fiske, C.E. Matthews, Taber, H.C. Tibbets, C.E. Watkins, etc. Views: Driving the Last Spike, Capitol at Sacramento, Big Bend View, Steamer Solano, El Capitan - Yosemite, Chinese Restaurant, Telescope - Lick Observatory, Three Brothers - Yosemite, Cliff House - San Francisco, Wells Fargo Stage - Yosemite, Chinese Store - San Francisco, Nevada Falls - Yosemite, Hotel Del Monte Dining Room, Palace Hotel - San Francisco, Hotel Del Monte - Monterrey, Royal Gorge - Colorado, Falls at Yosemite, Steamer Piedmont, Summit Station CPRR, Railroad at Cape Horn, State Univiversity Buildings - California, Wells fargo Stage, California & Powell Streets - San Francisco, Carmel Mission, Mt Shasta, Mission San Xavier - Tucson, Wawona, Temple Block - Salt Lake City, The Loop - Railroad, Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, Virginia City Nevada, Portland Oregon, Lake Tahoe, Rogue River Valley, Mission Santa Barbara, Moss Brae Falls ... Description after A Page From The Past.

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