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Central Pacific Railroad Land Map, 1924.
Land Grants in a Checkerboard Pattern (shaded portions are railroad land in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and in Nevada).

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Central Pacific Railroad Land Map, 1924.Central Pacific Railroad Land Map, 1924.Central Pacific Railroad Land Map, 1924.

Central Pacific Railroad Land Map, 1924, detail.
Composite Land Grant Map
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This 1924 Central Pacific Land Company map of CPRR land grants in California and Nevada is divided into 36 square mile (six miles on a side) “townships” which in turn are subdivided into thirty-six numbered grid squares of one mile on a side which each contined 640 acres. The 23,040 acres in each six mile square “township” were evaluated by surveyors who then produced a hand drawn and colored map of their findings on a company grid form. Click here to see the map for “Township 12 North, Range 9 East” located in El Dorado County, California, which was prepared in the field sometime in or shortly after 1898 (form dated 8-5-98). This township is bordered on the north by the Middle Fork of the American River just a couple of miles south of the CPRR main line at Clipper Gap. (The graphic on the left indicates where this township is located the 1924 map.) -BCC

Courtesy Bruce C. Cooper Collection.

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