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The Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress

The Pacific Railroad

Abraham Lincoln Funeral Train

"LINCOLN'S FUNERAL TRAIN. The train that bore Abraham Lincoln's body from Washington to his tomb at Springfield, Illinois, in April and May, 1865, consisted of seven black coaches pulled by an American-type engine. At every division point on the long, roundabout route, a fresh locomotive was coupled to the train. The engines were draped with black crepe, flags and wreaths. The Nashville, pictured here, with a framed portrait of Lincoln under the headlight, ran on the Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati Railroad. The train slowed down as it passed every station, no matter how small, and always the engine bell tolled. Each crossing had its armed guard with a flag and lantern. Bonfires lit up the night. Cannons boomed. In many cities the train ran under arches of flowers and evergreen. It stopped often to let people view the open casket. At many stops, 36 young ladies, representing the 36 states, sang or recited tributes."

Abraham Lincoln Signature. Courtesy of The History Attic.

Courtesy Library of Congress, American Memory Collection, Abraham Lincoln Papers.
Funeral train image and caption from an anonymous postcard, Courtesy CPRR.org Collection.
Abraham Lincoln signature courtesy of The History Attic.

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