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"The Last Spike is Driven."
Utah Historical Quarterly, 37(1), Winter 1969.

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"Copyright Utah State Historical Society, used by permission."

Courtesy Stan Layton, Utah State Historical Society.

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The entire journal issue is online as a searchable pdf file. (Note that details in photographs included in these articles can be best seen by zooming your pdf viewer to 300% magnification.) The contents are below; two of the articles are also reproduced as web pages:

WARNING!  Language included reflects the prejudices typical of the 19th century.


The Transcontinental Railroad and the Development of the West.
By Leonard J. Arrington ..... 3

Contracting for the Union Pacific.
By Robert G. Athearn ..... 16

Chinese Laborers and the Construction of the Central Pacific.
By George Kraus ..... 41

Golden Spike National Historic Site: Development of an Historical Reconstruction.
By F. A. Ketterson, Jr ..... 58

Rendezvous at Promontory: The "Jupiter" and No. 119.
By Gerald M. Best ..... 69

Driving The Last Spike at Promontory, 1869.
By J. N. Bowman ..... 76

Corinne, the Fair: Gateway to Montana Mines.
By Brigham D. and Betty M. Madsen ..... 102

The Undriving of the Golden Spike.
By David H. Mann ..... 124

Mid-Century Crossing by Rail.
By Jack Goodman ..... 135

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