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"A Sketch of the Life of Theodore D. Judah"
by Carl I. Wheat
California Historical Society Quarterly,
Vol. IV, No. 3, Sept., 1925.

Copyrighted, 1925, by the California Historical Society.  Personal educational web viewing only.  The California Historical Society does not assume responsibility for statements of fact or opinion made by contributors.


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Courtesy Salvador A. Ramirez and the California Historical Society.

Also see:

Judah and Co.
Advertisement for T.D. Judah & Co.
Placer Herald, July 14, 1860.

Courtesy G.J. Graves.

Civil Engineers & Railroad Contractors.

Are prepared to execute and furnish Surveys, Plans and Estimates, to contract for, and to build and equip Railroads in the State of California, on the most favorable terms. Also to furnish Iron Rails of the best quality of American manufacture, from the works of the Rensaler [Rensselaer] Iron Company, Troy, New York.


Railroad Chains, Spikes, &c., manufactured by the Albany Iron Works of Corning, Windsor & Co.


Are agents for the sale of Locomotive Engines of the most approved modern style, with all the latest improvements manufactured by Danforth, Cook & Co., of Paterson, New Jersey.

Will Also Furnish

Passenger Baggage and Mail Cars, Box and Platform Freight Cars, of the best quality and of the most approved modern style, of the manufacture of T. W. Wason & Co., of Springfield, Mass.

Also Are Prepared

To furnish Locomotives for Mountain Railroads, which can be operated safely, and will draw loads of from 50 to 70 tons over grades of 300 to 350 feet per mile.

T.D. JUDAH & CO., Sacramento

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