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Locomotive Falcon at Argenta, Nevada
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CPRR's Lewis Metzler Clement (right) and UPRR's Jacob Blickensderfer (left)
on the pilot of the C.P.R.R. locomotive, "Falcon" #113, with a buffalo robe at Argenta, Nevada, March 1, 1869, inspecting the line as members of the U.S. Special Pacific Railroad Commission.  Pictured is Lewis Metzler Clement's personal copy of this photograph.
Courtesy Bruce Clement Cooper Collection.

The Southern Pacific Railroad collection has a reproduction of another copy of this photograph owned by "Mrs. G. C. Waldan of San Francisco, daughter of Mr. Kendall" with a caption that credits the image to photographer "Silvis of Reno," lists the date as "February 9, 1869,"[sic] (see note below) and states that "W. B. Kendall, one of the first conductors of the Central Pacific, is standing by the locomotive with orders in his hand."
SPRR Caption information courtesy Barry A. Swackhamer and Don D. Snoddy.

NOTE:  The date of February 9, 1869, for this photograph could not be correct.  L.M. Clement was not appointed to the Commission until February 13th and did not join up with the other three members until February 25th at Truckee, California.  According to the Commission's final report (see page 6), they arrived at Argenta, Nevada Territory, on the evening of February 27th.  It appears, therefore, that the photograph was taken on the morning of March 1st, 1869, as the party was preparing to leave Argenta heading East to continue its examination of the CPRR track. —BCC

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