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Images from the Ken and Bonnie Williams Collection
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Hart 355
Hart Stereograph 355.  "The Last Rail - The Invocation. Fixing the [Telegraph] Wire, May 10, 1869."

Savage. Niagara Inside Show Shed
Savage & Ottinger Stereoview, "Inside Snow Shed,CPRR" with locomotive "Niagara" and two men inside the snowshed.

Savage.  Humbolt House
Charles R. Savage Stereoview.  Untitled view showing a train in front of the Humbolt House.
(See the next image, also at Humboldt Station.)

Savage.  Indians at Humboldt Station
Charles R. Savage Stereoview.  "Group of Indians at Humbolt Station."

Savage. Ogden and Utah Central Railroad Bridge
Savage & Ottinger Stereoview. "Ogden & Utah Central RR Bridge" with a locomotive on the bridge.

Courtesy Ken and Bonnie Williams Collection.


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