Thursday, November 19, 2009

Found an interesting Edison 1890's RR video on Youtube of the SP's Overland Mail

From: "Michael Van Tosh"

I was looking through Youtube the other day, and I was looking for a certain silent film. I thought I had seen most of [Thomas Alva] Edison's silent films of RR's recorded in the 1890's, but I came across the following one of the SP's "Overland Mail" (which I guess could be any train), capturing a double-headed train around a corner. The film details the number of each locomotive (although I didn't realize that until after), so I looked closely at the tenders and was able to write down the numbers. I remember being told that switching locomotive tenders around was a famous practice of the CP/SP, but I decided to look them up on the roster anyway:

No. 1360: 4-4-0, originally: ?

No. 1779: 4-6-0. originally: ?

Unfortuneately, when I tried to look them up on the rosters, I couldn't find either of them. I saw locomotives numbered 1362-1368, and locomotives numbered 1770-1776, but no engines with these numbers. Does anyone happen to know if they engines were even SP/CP, or were they from another RR, or did I miss something entirely?

The other question I had was about an SP locomotive I saw in a book once, numbered 1008.

However, it is very different from the one listed. The engine is a 4-4-0T, with no tender, a crane attached to the smokebox/pilot, and a small collection of tanks and cylinders under the cab. I own a copy of the book, so I can scan it if you'd like. The engine is simply described as a works pilot, but I have never seen any of pictures of it before. Does the museum have any other resources about it?