Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lightfoot Collection Postcards

From: "Mike Lapham" ptimike@gmail.com

I have a complete set of the 50 postcards by Lightfoot. They belonged to my father and I would like to know how to establish a date for them. I believe my father purchased them in the 1940's. Each card has a number and description in the upper left corner, a place for a stamp in the right corner, The words "Post Card" on the right side and the words "Published by LIGHTFOOT COLLECTION, Huntington Sta., N.Y." Also each card has a unique number in the lower left corner. The 50th card has the number "49655-C" as an example.

The postcards are a little yellow with age but don't have any folds or imperfections.

I would really appreciate anything you can tell me about them as I am about to pass them on to my 16 year old grandson because of his interest in railroads.

—Mike Lapham, Vancouver, WA