Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CPRR California/Nevada Tours

From: "Chris Graves" caliron@cwnet.com

My telephone has been busy with folks asking for information on tours of the old CPRR grade – since many of those questions are from readers of the blog, here are some answers to the common questions:

1. There is a block of ice as large as a VW Beetle smack in the middle of Tunnel 6; and a sheet of 12 inch thick ice from the center of Tunnel 6 to the East Portal. The snow sheds are full of ice and snow, and most likely will be a hazardous walk until June 1 or so.

2. I don't charge for tours, however I do ask you pay my expenses: gas and lunch.

3. Tours start at NewCastle, then to NewCastle Cut, Bloomer Cut, Cape Horn, the pristine grade a few miles East of Cape Horn, Old Cisco (after about July 1 the road to Lookout Peak is open – this is a tough, dirty, and dangerous road; I really have to be provoked to go up there again. Tough on tires, as well as me) then on day #2, Summit Tunnel and the snow sheds. Additionally, there is some nice old grade East of Reno some 30 miles or so.

WarningWe WILL NOT trespass on UPRR property – the Railroad Police are nice folks, but the ticket, should you be caught on UPRR property starts at $600. This takes all the fun out of the day. ...

For those that have an interest, I do have some CPRR original construction rail that I sell for $35 or so, this for a desk top ornament. I am sold out of original spikes, but do have some 1871 spikes, should that be of interest.

Motels are available in Auburn, running from Motel 6 to the Holiday Inn.

You are welcome to call me at (916) 663-3742 should you have further questions.

Suggested reading is The Old Iron Road by David H. Bain – he went on this tour, and writes of it in that book.

—Chris Graves, NewCastle, Cal.