Friday, December 01, 2006

Student Questions - National History Day Interview

I am doing a project on the Transcontinental Railroad for National History Day. One of our requirements is that we need an interview. So I was wondering if there was someone I could email questions to or contact to ask questions. ...

The theme of our history fair is triumph and tragedy. Just answer as many questions as you can the best you can and then send them back as soon as possible. ...

Here are our questions:

1. What were the economic benefits that came from the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad?

2. What were some engineering successes of the Transcontinental Railroad?

3. Do you know approximately how many Native Americans were killed? or how many survived?

4. Do you think the building of the Transcontinental Railroad was the biggest transportation breakthrough up until this time? of the 19th century?

5. How did the railroads effect trade in the U.S. and internationally?

6. What do you think was the greatest achievement of the Transcontinental Railroad?

7. Do you think the Transcontinental Railroad was more of a triumph or more of a tragedy? or equal parts both?