Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888.


29. CASTLE ROCKS. (On the Shasta Route.) This castellated ridge of granite is a spur of the Trinity Mountains, which attains an elevation of 4000 feet above the river, and 6000 feet above sea level. Perhaps the best view to be had of Castle Rocks from the railroad is at Castle Creek, although their spires, minarets, and domes are visible occasionally through the forest for several miles. Their place in scenic interest hereabouts is next to Mount Shasta.

30. CARMEL MISSION. This mission church, prior to its restoration, was the most picturesque ruin in California. It was built by Father Lunipero Serra, in 1770, the pioneer apostle in California, whose dust lies in its quiet churchyard. It is located, as such buildings all are, in the most commanding, beautiful, and fruitful spots in the country. The walls are of adobe ; the original timbers were hewn from the solid log; strips of raw hide were interlaced with the rafters, and upon them were laid the curious-looking red tiles— a cumbersome yet most excellent roof. The interest that once clustered around this building is in some measure gone since it has been repaired and modernized.

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