Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888.


20. THE ROYAL GORGE. The Royal Gorge, " D. & R. G. Railroad," is the climax of the sublimity of the Grand Canon of the Arkansas, through which the river makes its way to the plains.
The Gorge lies midway in this wonderful chasm, and the best view can be obtained from the famous hanging bridge; here the walls of the Canon rise 2600 feet above the track.

21 & 22. THE YOSEMITE FALLS. Yosemite Valley, consist of a series of three falls, the total height of which is 2600 feet. The water commences its descent with a leap of 1500 feet; it then makes its way in a series of cascades equal to 670 feet perpendicular, the distance thus traversed being about one-third of a mile ; it then takes a final plunge of 430 feet. The swaying to and fro of the water in its first fall has a most beautiful effect.

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