Pacific Coast Souvenir, 1888.


9. POMPOMPASUS. (Yosemite Valley. Elevation, 8000 ft.) Waw-hawke (the falling rocks), sometimes called Pompompasus (leaping-frog rocks), but now popularly known as the Three Brothers group, rises at its highest point to an elevation of 3830 feet above the valley, or nearly 8000 feet above sea level. The most familiar view of this group is to be had a short distance above El Capitan, where its colossal heights (or depths!) are beautifully mirrored in the clear waters of Merced River. Pompompasus, like every other feature of Yosemite, has a peculiar beauty and interest of its own; and though it exhibits a frowning, unapproachable wall from the floor of the valley, it may be reached from the high land above.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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