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Missouri Pacific Railway Map and Timetable, 1883.

Missouri Pacific Railway Map, 1883.

"May 1st, 1883 Missouri Pacific Railway Map and Timetable. One side is a color map with ads and information and the other side has the many timetables of their departures and connections. The title of the map is 'Map of the South West Railway System. Missouri Pacific Ry. Central Branch U.P. R.R. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. Texas and Pacific Ry. St. Louis, Iron Mount'n [mountain] and Southern Ry. International and Great Northern Ry. and their connections.' When unfolded the map measures 28 3/8" x 16 1/4", and is 8 panels over two panels. The map consists of four different colors and covers the entire Old West as well as most of the United States. The left hand of the map side is an advertisement for 'The Countess and the Duchess are the names of the new Buffet Parlor Cars Just Completed by the Pullman Car Co. for the Missouri Pacific Railway, Only Cars of the Kind in the United States.' It goes on the describe the cars in detail, such as being 65 feet long and 9 feet 8 inches wide, 27 large comfortable chairs, toilet rooms, smoking room, satin curtains, large plate glass windows, and 'Each car will be in charge of a conductor, and provisions will be served by colored attendants.' Some of the perks will be coffee, tea, light lunches, cigars, etc. At the bottom left it boasts 'Missouri Pacific Railway is the Best and Most Completely Equipped Line to the West'. It reads as though this was the best railroad one could possibly travel to the west on, even to California. North and South Dakota are just one territory, and Oklahoma is called Indian Territory. On the other side of the map are divided panels of timetables for the various routes. Some of the other Railways mentioned are the Fort Scott & Wichita R.R., the Union Pacific Railway, Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific and A., T. & S.F. R.R, Fort Scott and Gulf R.R., plus many others."

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