To the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad Company, Belfast, Maine

WHEREAS, by an agreement in writing dated April 27, 1871, the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad Company leased to the Maine Central Railroad Company for and during the term of fifty years from the tenth day of May, 1871, its railroad as then constructed from the City of Belfast in the County of Waldo to the point of intersection with the Maine Central Railroad Company, near Burnham Station, in the County of Waldo, all in the State of Maine, including all its property, and rights of property, with all power and authority, under its charter and in its name to extend said road and to operate said extension, to establish and collect tolls and to do and perform all acts and things necessary, to protect said property from injury and to secure the safe, convenient and efficient working of the same; and

WHEREAS, said agreement was extended and continued in effect by an agreement between said parties dated May 10, 1921; and

WHEREAS, it is provided in said agreement of May 10, 1921, that either party thereto may terminate said agreement of April 27, 1871, as therein extended by giving to the other party thereto a six months' notice in writing of its desire so to do;

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to a resolution of its Board of Directors made and passed this day, you are hereby notified that it is the desire of the Maine Central Railroad Company to terminate said agreement of April 27, 1871, as so extended, at 12 o'clock midnight on the first day of January A.D. 1926, in accordance with the terms of said agreement dated May 10, 1921.

Dated at Portland, Maine, this 30th day of June, A.D. 1925.

Morris McDonald, President

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