Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad
MEC Belfast Yard
The Maine Central Railroad "Belfast Branch" Train Yard - Belfast, ME. c1900
The B&ML was operated under lease by the MEC as its "Belfast Branch" from the time it opened in early 1871 until December 31, 1925. This view of the MEC's main yard in Belfast dates from early in the 20th century. Note the the area to the left of the main line heading out of the yard has not been filled in and is occupied by tidal waters from Belfast Bay and the original shoreline. The old Lower Bridge was replaced by a new concrete structure in 1921 and within a few years began to carry U.S. Rt. 1 across the Bay. (That structure became a foot bridge when the Rt. 1 bypass and new high bridge were opened a few hundred yards further up the river in 1964.) The railroad freight house was located along the Bay shore just out of frame to the right.

Photograph courtesy of Mack Page, Sr., City Point Central Railroad Museum

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