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Memorandum in Regard to Conference to be Held in Connection with the President and Directors of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad Company for Discussion of Matters Pertaining to Cancellation of Lease by Maine Central Railroad Company.

This conference has been suggested by this Company for the purpose of calling attention of the President and Directors of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad Company to matters which should be given attention prior to the effective date of the cancellation of the lease of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad to the Maine Central Railroad, January 1, 1926.

The President and Directors of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad are no doubt familiar with all the requirements of the Interstate Commerce Commission and other regulating bodies, in matters of this nature.

This Company wishes to cooperate in every way in bringing to a close its operation of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad, with as little trouble to all concerned as possible. The following matters are suggested as basis for this conference;

1. Form of notice to be issued to all concerned regarding cancellation of lease and withdrawal of the Maine Central Railroad from the operation of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad.

2. Cancellation of leases now held by various parties for side tracks and other privileges along the line of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad.

3. Status of employes on the Belfast Branch after January 1, 1926.

4. Matters in connection with cancellation or adoption of freight tariffs. In case of cancellation of freight tariffs, cancellation notice must be filed with regulating bodies at least thirty days prior to effective date. In case of adoption the notice may be at once. Early decision should be made on the above as to whether tariffs are to be canceled or adopted in order that the officials of other railroads may be promptly notified. Then will come the question of division of through freight rates as between the Company operating the Belfast Branch and the Maine Central.

5. Matters pertaining to passenger tariffs are similar to those pertaining to freight tariffs, the divisions on passenger fares being based on the local fare to and from Burnham Jct. The situation here is not complex as in the freight.

6. In connection with maintenance of way and structures, including all station buildings, some decision should be arrived at promptly as to what disposition should be made of tools, hand cars and other working equipment on the Belfast Branch, valued at about $1,500.00, and of material and supplies, including scrap not applied, valued at about $4,000.00. In addition to this, consideration should be given to the question of station equipment, value not known.

7. In connection with equipment for the operation of the railroad, including locomotives and cars, the entire equipment being the property of the Maine Central Railroad Company, this matter should be given consideration prior to termination of the lease, as to what the wishes of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad will be with respect to acquiring any of this equipment.

8. In connection with the various rules of the American Railway Association including the Code of Per Diem Rules, Code of Switching Reclaim Rules, Code of Car Service Rules, National Car Demurrage Rules and Charges, Code of Rules Governing the Condition of, and Repairs to Freight and Passenger Cars for the Interchange of Traffic and Regulations and Instructions Governing the Application and Handling of Embargoes, including assignment of Short Line Railroads. Consideration should be given by the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad to applying for membership in the American Railway Association and to subscribing to its various rules.

9. Consideration should be given to changing the date of the expiration of the Maine Central lease from January 1, 1926 to midnight of December 31, 1925.

10. Consideration should be given to arrangement for use of tracks and station facilities, including water supply, etc., at Burnham Jct.

11. It is suggested that to facilitate the working out of the details in connection with this matter, that the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad designate some individual who would have authorlty, and could confer with the various departments of the Maine Central Railroad with respect to all such matters of interest to both Companies.

Courtesy Bruce C. Cooper Collection.

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