Union Pacific Railroad

Western Union

November 1863

UPRR Crew - 

Congratulations! You've just signed on to the best railroad company in the country. Even though President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act last year, it has been very difficult to raise money with the Civil War going on. I finally sold $2,000,000 worth of railroad stock. Now, at last, we have the money to begin laying track. Meet me in Omaha, Nebraska, so we can get going. Check out the map of the Union Pacific route. The Union Pacific Railroad wants to lay more track and make more money than the Central Pacific Railroad, so we must hurry.

Your crew will have to work hard to answer questions and solve problems. The better the job your crew does, the more miles you will earn for the Union Pacific Railroad. Do a good job because we want to beat the Big Four of the Central Pacific to Nevada or Utah.

We have over a thousand miles to go, so let's get going.

Dr. Thomas C. Durant
Vice-President of the Union Pacific Railroad

Carbutt Stereoview 224
T. C. Durant Esq. and Heads of Depts. UPRR
(Carbutt Stereoview #224.)
Dr. Durant is the second man from the left.
Courtesy Barry A. Swackhamer Collection.
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