The Great 

Railroad Race

 The Transcontinental Railroad

The Transcontinental Railroad Quiz

1. The two railroad companies that built the transcontinental railroad were:

a. The Union Atlantic and the Central Pacific

b. The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific***

c. The Santa Fe and Burlington Northern

d. United Freight and American Freight

2. The Big Four were:

a. money, money, money, money

b. Yale, Harvard, Cornell, and Princeton

c. Stanford, Huntington, Crocker, and Hopkins *** 

d. Durant, Casement, Dodge, and Judah

3. Most of the workers on Central Pacific were:

a. Irish

b. Japanese

c. Spanish

d. Chinese ***

4. The Union Pacific had trouble finding this as they built their railroad 

across Nebraska: 

a. water for their crews

b. trees for the railroad ties ***

c. flat land

d. food for their crews

5. Which of these happened while the railroads were being built?

a. Civil War began and President Lincoln came into office

b. Revolutionary War ended and President Washington died

c. Gold Rush began and the Chinese came to California

d. Civil War ended and President Lincoln died ***

6. The Union Pacific workers were mainly:

a. German

b. Irish ***

c. Chinese

d. Japanese

7. Which of these was not a problem on the Central Pacific?

a. Indians ***

b. avalanches

c. steep mountains

d. long tunnels through hard granite

8. The Plains Indians were angry with the white settlers, the government,

and the railroad because:

a. they were being forced into reservations

b. their culture and way of life was changing

c. they signed treaties and were made promises that were broken

d. all of the above ***

9. The supplies for the Central Pacific mainly came by what route?

a. wagon train across Kansas

b. boat around Africa

c. ship around South America ***

d. all of the above

10. Select the correct statement.

a. The two railroads met at Salt Lake City, Utah.

b. Leland Stanford hit the Last Spike at Promontory Summit, Utah, on May 10, 1869. ***

c. The two railroads were joined by a golden spike in Nevada.

d. The Last Golden Spike joined the rails on October 10, 1969.

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