Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boston to Los Angeles by Rail in 1886?

From: "Benjamin Marcus"

... I am writing a book about Malibu history and at this point I am detailing the life and movements of Frederick Hastings Rindge, who inherited $3 million in 1883 and came west, with his wife, to settle in Santa Monica.

I am pretty sure he took the train, and pretty sure he caught the Central Pacific from Omaha to Sacramento, where he caught the Southern Pacific to Los Angeles.

What I wonder is, what railway lines would he have taken from Boston to Omaha?

I have a Central Pacific map which shows a couple of railway lines going into Omaha from Chicago.

I wonder which line he would have been most likely to take from Chicago to Omaha, and also which line from Boston?

He was very wealthy, if that could have effected his decision.

For all I know he had his own private car, because $3 million in 1883 was the equivalent of $60 million now. ...

—Ben Marcus