Thursday, May 08, 2008

Need old redwood

From: "Judy Ashby"

In Carbondale, Illinois, we are working to restore the one geodesic dome in which R. Buckminster Fuller and his wife actually lived. One componenet of this restoration project is repair of the redwood fence; Bucky's unique design to maintain privacy while allowing air flow. In order to retain national historical monumnent status, we must use aged redwood like the original as much as possible.

Some early railroad water towers were made of redwood. In fact, we were able to obtain some wood from just such a tower, but we need more. Does anyone know of an existing redwood water tower, upright or fallen, that we could access for wood to continue restoration of Bucky's fence?

Thank you for any help.

Bucky Board Member

Judy Ashby, MS, LCPC
Executive Director
LifeSavers Training Corp.
LifeSavers = a peer-support, suicide and crisis-prevention program for high schools.

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