Friday, February 15, 2008

Quadrapod Copy Stand

We're always interested in novel and well made photo gadgets and accessories. The attractive four leg copy stand holding a camera that is shown repeatedly in the laboratory on the TV program CSI Miami looks like it might be useful for photographing documents, photo's, railroad collectibles, etc., although it apparently was intended especially for crime scene investigators and firefighter photography. It was hard to find information, so we though it might help someone to provide links.

There are two models, the original Quadra-PodTM Copy Stand (US Patent #5993077, trademark), and the more adjustable Quadrapod EliteTM Copy Stand (Patent Pending, trademark) shown below. The only licensed reseller is Richard McEvoy at Forensic Imaging, Inc., (585) 924-9410, or they can also be ordered directly from the inventor, Steven P. Jones, 5507 Moultrie Road, Springfield, Virginia 22151, (703) 321-8106,

Quadrapod Elite Photographic Copy Stand
Quadrapod Elite Photographic Copy Stand
Image courtesy of Steven P. Jones.