Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Walt Whitman PBS documentary - research assistance

From: "Sierra Pettengill" sierra@hhpgroup.com

My name is Sierra Pettengill, and I am currently working on a PBS documentary on Walt Whitman for the "American Experience" history series.

Whitman lived in Camden from 1873 until his death in 1892. He wrote about the Camden and Amboy Railroad:

"The trains of the Camden & Amboy are going by on the track about 50 or 60 rods from here, puffing & blowing – often train after train, following each other – following each other – & locomotives singly, whisking & squealing, up the track & then down again – I often sit and watch them long ... "

We are trying to find some images to illustrate the Camden part of our documentary, and would love to include some Camden & Amboy photographs – either of the Camden station, or the train yards, or the trains themselves. I was hoping that you might have some photographs that would be helpful, or could suggest some possible resources I should contact. ...

Sierra Pettengill
Associate Producer

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