Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hello Friends and Solano Ferry Fans ...

From: "Thomas Rubarth"

Not many of you know that my brother Bill and I are TV stars. Need proof? ... Huell Howser (California's Gold) has posted a few FREE Podcasts on his Website, and our 2005 Solano Ferry segment is included (were we that bad?)! This show is periodically broadcast on PBS stations all over California but apparently never anywhere else. Normally offered for around $19.95 as a DVD, as a Podcast this show is simply free for those who download it. I am not sure how long Huell plans to keep this particular show as a Podcast so you may want to download this soon. 

This is not exactly a "ferry foamer's" tape, but it is a nicely done "everyman's introduction to the Solano ferry. One cool part of this video (at least for Bill and I) is that the second half of this half-hour taping takes place on the "water side" of the Solano wreck in Antioch, not easily accessible to most since you need a boat to see these views.  

Not familiar with Podcasts? You'll probably need high speed Internet. And you'll also need Apple's "iTunes" software and also "QuickTime Player" on you Mac or Windows computer. Most of you may already have these components on your computer. If not, you can get the latest versions of these for FREE at... 

iTunes Download and Apple's Quicktime.

(Note: you DO NOT need "QuickTime Pro", just the "QuickTime Player" located just "behind" the "Free Download" button.) 

Now go to Huell Howser's California's Gold website ... and click on their Podcast advertisement in the upper right side of the page. You should get a list of about eight free Podcasts from Huell within your iTunes Podcast list. Just press the "Get" button next to the Solano title, then wait for it to download. Once complete, go ahead and play it like a movie on your computer (or video iPod). BTW, you can enlarge the video by going to iTunes "View" menu and selecting larger size options. 

BTW, I'm the handsome one. Enjoy. 

—Thomas Rubarth