Sunday, December 31, 2006

National History Day Questions

From: "Sophie Su"

... Here are a few questions ...

1. Did the Chinese workers who immigrated benefit from their time in America despite the dangers of working on the railroad as well as from the animosity they faced from the public?

2. What types of tasks were Chinese workers assigned to do and what was their typical work day? (as in breaks, treatment by supervisors, hours, wages)

3. After the potential of Chinese workers were realized (despite their small build) were they generally forced to work on the railroad, or was there a type of contract enacted? (if so, could the workers dissolve them as they wished, or were they generally violated by their employers)

4. Did the Railroad at all help the U.S. during the mini-economic depression of the Reconstruction Era?

5. How beneficial was the Railroad as a whole? (considering the overproduction of goods in the late 19th Century that led to extreme deflation and the smaller farmers who could not afford the price of transporting their goods by Rail)

Thank you so much for your time and effort in contributing to our project! We are extremely grateful! ...

—Jennifer Li, Kelly Sharpless, Sophie Soo