Sunday, December 31, 2006

Correct job title of the person in charge of locomotive Machine Shop

From: "Hans-Jörg Siepert"
Subject: Name of Machine Shop

I have visited [your] nice homepage and would have another two questions which they can maybe answer.

I search the name with the railroads of the USA for "Bahnbetriebswerk" (Germany) or "Railway centre" (Great Britian).

I found on the web page of the UPRR the name " Machine of shop ", is in order.

In addition, which official name the boss of such an arrangement. In Germany these persons "Lokomotivbetriebsinspektor" were called.

How is this person called with the Railroads of the USA ?

I have liked their web page with many photos very well and I drop by with pleasure once again. ...

—Hans-J. Siepert